'Dream Team'

  • I watched only the beginning of the video and already at the start a strong impression, while Barbolini talked about the teams that "dominated" this decade, he mentioned first of all Italy and Russia, he also mentioned Germany and Serbia, which broke through at that time, but he did not mention Poland - the two-time European champion in that decade - I believe he just forgot and corrected that mistake in the video. I'm not saying that they were better than Russia and Italy, but I definitely think it was worth mentioning Poland, that team left a big mark in that decade.

  • they totally forgot Gamova in the nominees :down::mad:

  • I think that what makes reallyhard its that ECZ changes their foreigners a lot and in Turkish League they can not play with the "main" squad.

    This is a point. ECZ starts better than Vakif and in the end Vakif its better.

    This Season They had Milena, Gabi, Maja and Isabelle. Milena its already adjusted with Maja and with a lot of her team mates. Gabi, Maja and Isabelle had a lot of time do play together. In the end Bartsch came and she fits well in a already adjusted team who were playind really good.

    But ECZ won turkish super cup and was playing bad lately.

    Barbolini had at that season an amount of 6 foreigners with 2 MB, 1 OH and a setter coming recently to the team.

    He was allowed to play with full power only in CEV competition after WWCC.

    I think that this was the main reason.

    Ps. I know that ECZ suffers with injuries more than Vakif either.

  • Safronova was in the list of opposites but Gamova is not? Very strange.