'Dream Team'

  • What are your subs, HelMoi?

    Who is your libero? :)

  • MY dream team

    setters: Fofao,Kun Feng
    blocker: Lena Dziękiewicz, Victoria Ravva, Ruirui
    hitters: Gosia Glinka, Tom Logan, Loubov Sokolova,Yelena Pavlova,Yumilka Ruiz,Manon Flier
    liberos:Mariola Zenik,


    Very close to mine... ;)

  • What are your subs, HelMoi?

    Who is your libero? :)

    I edited it, I added Hubert Henno. No subs, this is the best team yuo an put on court. Having subs is like not choosing.

  • I don't have subs, I have players for multiple strategies. The whole idea that subs must be weaker than the "first line" is wrong. You need different type of players, not weaker and stronger, to have bigger choice and ability to adapt to the opponent strategy :set:

  • setter: Ball

    blockers: Volkov, Simon

    outside hitters: Kaziysky, Kurek

    opposite: Miljkovic

    libero: Sérgio

    This team doesn't need any reserves, because these guys will be crushing everything :evil:

    Don't you worry, don't you worry child. See heaven's got a plan for you

  • My turn :D

    setter: Ricardo

    Opposite: Angel Dennis

    Middle-blockers: Simon, Bontje

    Outside-hitters: Kaziyski, Giba

    Libero: Sergio

  • setter: Ricardo/Zagumny

    Opposite: Milijkovic/ Visotto

    Middle-blockers: Lucas, Możdżonek/ Kuleszov

    Outside-hitters: Kaziyski, Giba/ Kurek, Winiarski

    Libero: Sergio/ Verbov

  • Setters: Zagumny, Ball
    Libero: Verbov/ Sergio
    Middle-blockers: Simon, Możdżonek, Lucas
    Opposite: Visotto, Miljković (Wlazły)
    Outside-hitters: Winiarski, Priddy, Kazijski, Giba

    I have an idea dream Team of Future: but maybe we should estabilish criteria. Which vintage should be the oldest in this range.

    Setters: Bruno, Drzyzga
    Liberos: Steuerwald, Zatorski
    Opposite: Wenno, Sokolow
    Outside-hitters: Kurek, Leon, Leal, Bartman
    Blockers: Simon, Josifow, Podrascanin

  • S - Lo bianco, Ognjenovic
    MB - Gioli, Scott-Arruda, Guiggi
    WS - Sokolova Piccinini Tom Grün
    OP - Flier kozuch
    L - Wanna

  • My team of the future is:
    Opp: Venno (est) / Sokolov / Van Walle (bel)
    OH: Conte (arg) / Kooy (ned) / Kubiak (pol) / Verhanneman (bel) / Mauricio (bra)
    S: Nicolas Uriarte (arg) / murilo (bra)
    MB: Sole (arg) ...i don't know other now...rsrs
    I think that we have a lot of good players that can be a star in the future..

  • My choise for 2007-2009 period (without Russian players coz' I'm from Russia)
    from blog http://wp.me/plCs7-24

  • Setters: Zagumny, Esko

    Libero: Sergio, Verbov

    Middle-blockers: Simon, Kadziewicz, Lucas

    Opposite: Miljković, Vissotto, Wlazły(ofc in good shape)

    Outside-hitters: Giba, Winiarski, Kaziyski, Kurek

  • Setters: Bruno, Grbic
    Opposites: Agamez, Mijlikovic, Stanley
    Spikers: Kazyiski, Zlatanov, Giba, Juantorena
    Middle-Blockers: Bjelica, JosèJoao, Heller, Podrascanin
    Lieros: Sergio, Corsano

    2001: Italian champions beach volley 4x4
    2002: Italian League Serie A2 - Italian Cup Serie A2
    2004: Italian league's runner up - Cev Cup's runner up
    2006: Top Teams Cup - Italian Cup's runner up
    2007: Italian league's runner up - Cev Cup's runner up
    2008: Champions league's runner up - Italian league's runner up
    2009: Italian League
    2009: Italian Supercup
    2010: Cev Cup's runner up
    2013: Challenge Cup
    <<We're always with you, and we will never leave you alone!>>

  • Setter: Fofao (Brazil), Kun Feng (China)

    OH: Marianne Steinbrecher (Brazil), Paula Pequeno (Brazil) Lioubov Sokolova (Russia) Yumilka Ruiz (Cuba)

    Opposite: Sheilla Castro (Brazil) Manon Flier (Netherlands)

    MB: Fabiana Claudino (Brazil) Thaisa Meneses (Brazil) Liu Yanan (China)

    Libero: Fabiana Oliviera (Brazil)

  • Lo Bianco/Gamova - Sokolova/Mari - Walewska/Gioli - Cardullo.

    Maja/Sheilla - Piccinini/Calderon - Fabiana/Carrillo - Sano

  • Setters: Ball
    Outside hitters: Kazyiski, Winiarski
    Opposite: Stanley, Wlazly
    Middle-Blockers: Teodor Teodorov, Mozdzonek
    libero: Verbov

  • Where is Yordanov in this team - his attack is better than of these two players, he used to average at 60-70% in Greece before the contusion.

    Stanley is better on serve and defense, Wlazly is better on block and defense

  • 80's

    S: Alain Fabiani
    O: Andrea zorzi
    OH: Bengt Gustafsson, Laurent Tillie
    MB: Zarko Petrovic, Ruslan Olikvher

    Fabiani: What can you say - simply the maestro. I feel blessed to have seen him play live on 2 occasions.
    Zorzi: lost his spot in the Italian line-up surprisingly fast to Giani after the 92 Olympics, but I consider him one of the all-time best opposites.
    Gustafsson: one of the most spectacular attackers ever: just watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deKNKzVBKQg&feature=fvsr
    Tillie: another star of the great equipe de France of the '80s
    Petrovic: incredible power and style combined (may he rest in peace)
    Olikvher: never seen a more impressive block in my live

    At one point, Fabiani, Zorzi and Gustafsson all played together for Santal Parma


    S: Peter Blangé
    O: Olaf Vandermeulen
    OH: Lorenzo Bernardi, Luca Cantagalli
    MB: Bas Vandergoor, Claudio Galli

    The Italians and the Dutch dominated the '90s - so they deserve to dominate this "dream team".
    Blangé was unique as a setter, because of his height (2.05), he could give incredible speed to the game. It must have been frustrating for the opposing teams, seeing him reaching for balls high above the net where every other setter would have been lost. Probably the best blocking setter ever.
    Vandermeulen: it's strange to notice he only played 2 seasons in serie A1. We remember him for his incredible performances in the '92 and '96 Olympics.
    Cantagalli: isn't he just as good as Bernardi? Why does it seem like there is some kind of hierarchy in which Bernardi always is number 1?
    Vandergoor - Galli: just wanted to add two MB's with very opposing styles, but still both excellent players.



    C'mon, I'm allowed to squeeze in a few of my compatriots as wel, right?
    Depestele: once or twice per game, he throws a set from somewhere behind the court perfectly in the hands of whoever is waiting on position 4. Have seen very few other setters ever do that.
    Always a joy to watch. Other than that he's a great setter, server, motivator for the rest of his team and he's never injured.
    I noticed how invaluable Swiderski is for the Polish team when I saw them struggling against Belgium in the qualification round for the European Championship.
    Swiderski dragged his struggling team to game victory with an incredible performance.
    Schops is simply "deadly" efficient.
    Endres and Hubner: a choice for blocking efficiency.
    Wijsmans: a unique player, reception could be a little bit better, but Swiderski and Verbov will take care of that.

    Verbov: the way he throws himself in front of those canonballs, a truely fearless libero!

    It's a little bit early to start a 2010-2020 list, but I suspect Sokolov is going to be in there.
    I saw him playing the 4th set of Roeselare-Trento, and I was impressed. Especially given his age, he's only 21?

  • Setter: Pawel Zagumny

    Middles: Aleksandr Volkov, Gustavo Endres

    Leftsides: MAtey Kaziyski, Gba

    Opposites: Ivan Miljkovic, Leandro Vissotto

    Libero: Alexi Verbov