'Dream Team'

  • Setter: Eleonora Lo Bianco
    Opposite: Rosir Calderon
    Outside Hitter : YK Kim, Tatiana Kosheleva
    Middle-Blocker : Thaisa Menezes, Rosanna Giel
    Libero: Brenda Castillo

  • my dream team


    mb maja poljak and thaisa menesez

    hitters kyk, destinee hooker and logan tom ( i need reception)

    setter yoshie takeshita

    libero brenda castillo


    ekaterina gamova

    sheila castro

    christiane furst

    jacqueline carvalho

    camila brait

    naz aydemir

    :super: :super: :super:

  • Hi! I thought I'd share here a good exchange of views about the best team of all time, including the greatest players ever of this sport in your opinion :D I apologize if there is already a topic like this, but I did not find it.

    I state that I am a volleball's fan since 15 years, here my team:
    Grbic - Miljkovic
    Giba - Juantorena
    Simon - Fei

    Because of I wanted to know a perspective from a guy who follows this sport longer than me, I made the same question to my dad (who he's in love with volleyball since the 70s).

    Here his team:
    Kim Ho-Chul - Despaigne
    Bernardi - Kiraly
    Savin - Van De Goor

    (He was heartbroken because of the exclusion of Giani and Renan)

    The survey is open :D and of course you can write about females as well, I've only wrote about males because I'm no expert about females

    Per un pir, un pam un persec per na brogna e na rumleina, nuetr'a sam d'la Ghirlandeina nuetr'a sam da rispeter

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  • S: Alisha Glass
    OPP: Destinee Hooker
    MB: Maja Poljak, Thaisa
    OH: Zhu Thing, Jordan Larson
    L:Brensa Castillo

  • My dream team;

    OPP: Gamova and Sheilla
    OH: Kim, Kosheleva, Gozde Sonsirma and Larson
    MB: Thaisa, Poljak and Rasic
    S: Ognjenovic and Tomkom
    L: Sano and Castillo

  • Of Course not! Thank you :D

    We have such a thread, so I merged the last post within. I hope you don't mind :)

    Per un pir, un pam un persec per na brogna e na rumleina, nuetr'a sam d'la Ghirlandeina nuetr'a sam da rispeter

  • Male:

    Zagumny Depestelle
    Schmitt Zaytsev
    Muserskiy Seyed Simon
    Dante Ngapeth Juantorena Giba


    Feng Antonijevic
    Glinka Calderon
    Scott Ravva Gioli
    Tom Werblinska Kosheleva Yeon-Koung

  • Since I was bored😅 I watched some highlight videos from my favorite players. Than I thought: what would be my dream team?:/ So here I am sharing my all-time favourite dream team. I couldn't choose starting players only, so I also added substitute players for every position:D

    Starting team:

    Ognjenovic - Sheilla

    Zhu Ting - Tom

    de Kruijf - Thaisa

    De Gennaro

    Substitute team:

    Naz - Sloëtjes

    Kim Yeon-Koung - Jaqueline

    Rasic - Walewska


  • Yoshie Takeshita - Tandara

    Gabi - Britt Herbots

    Veljkovic - Yuan

    Kotoe Inoue

    I get Takeshita since you picked Fabi and Tom

  • Now



    Zhu-KYK (Sub Robinson for balance in reception)

    De Gennaro

    All time (Peak of players performance)




    De Gennaro

  • All time at their peak (based on what I watched)





  • fofao/ Sheilla

    Zhu Ting / Kim Yeoung Kong

    Fabiana / Thaisa


  • current active:

    starting 7:




    de gennaro



    zhang/sylla/mihajlovic (2 of 3, can't decide)

    yan/koroleva/danesi (again 2 of 3)

    gizem orge (from vakif, not a NT player)

  • yan/koroleva/danesi (again 2 of 3)

    Oops, I was actually thinking of Yan Ni when I wrote Yuan. Doesn't matter though, they're both dreamy. I love China Blockers. I'd bring Xu Yunli as backup :)