'Dream Team'

  • My current squad:




    De Gennaro

  • To make it more difficult (as if it needs any more of that!), try to construct 14 player current squad with the limitation of only 1 player per country. Its more tricky than you might think because some of the best players right now in the world are in countries with more than 1 world-class players, and you have to think not just who are the best players in the best teams in the world, but which of the national players from the top countries are the most indispensable on their respective positions vis-a-vis the rest of the world. Here's my try:

    Setters: Joanna Wolosz, Nootsara Tomkom

    OH: Zhu Ting, KYK, Gabi, Samantha Bricio

    OPP: Tijana Boskovic, Isabelle Haak

    MB: Robin de Kruijf, Eda Erdem Dundar, Irina Fetisova, Chiaka Ogbogu

    LIB: De Gennaro, Brenda Castillo

  • So it should be with players playing right now?

  • Wolosz/Boskovic



    De Gennaro

  • Really difficult to develop a squad of 14 players! I like the middle blocker position the most, so I want the best players possible at that position. In this way I came to the conclusion that all the middle blockers come from the best volleyball countries in the world:/ Next to that I dind't want the same team as you, so this would be my squad:

    Setters: Wolosz and Macris

    Opposite: Egonu and Haak

    Outside hitters: Hill, Herbots, Bricio and Kim Yeon-Koung

    Middle blockers: de Kruijf, Zehra, Veljkovic and Yuan.

    Libero: Castillo and Inoue

    Such a shame I had to leave Ognjenovic, Thaisa and Zhu Ting out of my team?(

  • For me it would be:

    S: Wołosz, Ognjenović

    OPP: Boškowic, Egonu

    OH: Zhu Ting, Robinson, Gabi, Herbots

    MB: Eda, Veljković, Ogbogu, de Kruijf

    L: de Gennaro, Stenzel

    All the time:

    S: Wołosz

    OPP: Hooker

    OH: Zhu Ting, Sokolova

    MB: Eda, Gioli

    L: Fabi

  • Current players and current form

    S: Ognjenovic, Wolosz

    OPP: Boskovic, Egonu

    OH: Zhu, Robinson, Gabi, Parubets

    MB: Thaisa, Eda, Yuan, de Kruijf

    Lb: De Gennaro, Akoz

    Current players and current form (1 player per country)

    S: Ognjenovic, Wolosz

    OPP: Haak, Lippmann

    OH: Robinson, Parubets, Ishikawa, Herbots

    MB: Thaisa, Eda, Yuan, de Kruijf

    Lb: De Gennaro, Castillo

  • So it should be with players playing right now?

    Yes, and in current form (otherwise I would have put Akinradewo instead of Ogbogu).

    See, unlike you, I sacrificed MB position, in that it was the last position to be put together, which forced me to, besides de Kruijf and Eda, pick players I don't consider among the Top 8 (or even 10) MBs in the world.:P

  • This makes it so much more difficult. At least you are giving us something to do during quarentine ;)

    I'd agree with your roster mostly, some changes:

    De Gennaro <==> Kotoe Inoue

    Boskovic <==> Egonu

    Tomkom <==> Maja

    but idk, i was mostly focused on replacing tomkom with a taller setter (for blocking) and Maja was the first one that came to my mind. So then I had to replace Boskovic and then led to a bunch of replacements.

  • 1 per country:

    S: Ognjenovic, Wolosz

    OPP: Egonu, Haak

    OH: Zhu, KYK, Robinson, Bricio

    MB: Eda, Thaisa, Fetisova, de Kruijf

    L: Castillo, Inoue

  • Will make a 14-player roster one based on just my personal favorites of all time.

    my absolute all-time dream team:

    S: Fofão, Ognjenovic

    Opp: Gamova, Sloëtjes

    OH: Zhu Ting, KYK, Mireya Luis, Logan Tom

    MB: Sachiko Sugiyama, Eda Erdem, Fabiana, Yan Ni

    L: Castillo, Fabi

  • Starting 6+1

    S: Maja Ognjenovic

    Opp: Lonneke Sloetjes

    OH: Kim Yeon Koung, Zhu Ting

    MB: Thaisa, Robin de Kruijf

    L: Fabi


    S: Nootsara Tomkom

    Opp: Paola Egonu

    OH: Kelsey Robinson, Natilia Zilio Pereira

    MB: Milena Rasic, Eda Erdem

    L: Monica De Gennaro

  • S: Antoine Brizard (Micah Christenson)

    Opp: Krisztian Padar (Viktor Poletaev, Jean Patry)

    OH: Trevor Clevenot, Taylor Sander (Thibault Rossard, Timothee Carle, Yacine Louati)

    MB: Bart Chinenyeze, Flavio Gualberto (Ilia Vlasov)

    L: Jenia Grebennikov

  • Since this topic has been evolving for a while, I come up with another challenge:

    Make a dream team of best servers and best blockers among active players!

    I am huge fan of strong jump serves thus my team consists of only jump servers but feel free to include good float servers to your team:win:

    Best serving team:



    Carillo-Eda Erdem

    Best blocking team:

    Naz Aydemir-Boskoviç

    Zhu Ting-KYK


  • Best serving team




    Best blocking team




    I will ad Best defence team with same rule



    De Gennaro

  • I think most of us had neglected the most important player in our dream teams list. In my opinion, the head coach is the mvp of the dream team. You can have the best players in the world in your dream team. But if you don't have a decent coach, the team goes nowhere.

    For me the best coaches for any dream teams are Lang Ping, Nicolay Karpol and Z Roberto Guimaraze. They had all very different style of coaching. But the reason why I choose them as the best coaches for the dream team is because they are able to bring some randoms young players together and nurturing them to become the world class champion.

  • Best serving team

    Hancock - Brakocevic

    Larson - Bartsch

    Thaisa - Lohuis

    CC McGraw (I add a libero because in NCAA the liberos are able to serve8o)

    Best blocking team

    Naz - Goncharova

    Michajlovic - Natalia

    Carol - Rasic

    Best defensive team

    Tomkom - Shinnabe

    Balkestein-Grothues- Jacqueline


    Best coach

    For sure Guidetti. He can build a really good team chemistry. Even if they don't have te best players, they will always fight for each other, no matter what!