Sykora back to Italy - Altamura

  • "joanamss" wrote:

    The great american libero Sykora is going to play again in Italian league....Altamura signed with her!!!

    This is going to be great for the Lega!!!!!IS good to see her back to volleyball!!!!And not beach volleyball!!!!hehe

    I'm so haaaaaaaappy to know that! :wink2: :wink2:
    If I'm not wrong, she said in an interview that while she wasn't playing volleyball she was doing camps with children to teach them how to play, I don't know if she was at beach volleyball! :wink2:

  • Yeah....I also heard that....

    she played beach volleyball for a while...and later was doing vollyball clinics for children....

    what I that is good to know she choose to come back for the court volleyball!!!!and the beach volleyball!!!!!hehehehehe