Ranking List for European Cup Competitions

  • Season 2009/2010

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    haha Spain 2 places in ICHL?? Turkey only 1? who is making this list :what:

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

  • the main problem is that ranking system is based on the previous european cups performance of each country.so because of bad performance of turkish teams in 2005-2008.but after 2010 turkey willshare the top with italy in this ranking table :win:
    besides, cev is not close any country.they know this system doesn t show clubs real power each season.so they utilize their wild card for creating more balanced european cups... one day if an unsuccessful country's clubs would make a good roster,CEV would choose these clubs for participating the european cups ;)

  • I think the correct ranking. Because 2 will cards came to Turkey last year. And success could not be obtained. Received bad results at the European Championship. This year the Turkish team had to get a good degree. Or desperate situation for Turkey. :(

  • Anyone knows how the pointings are added?

    Cause if they dont count for next season the results from 2010/2011 season..I dont understand why Italy lost first place, since Bergamo was the champion from champions league in 2009/2010. :huh:

    I think the real secret is what does Bonus Points mean?

  • I think the real secret is what does Bonus Points mean?

    It is not very easy to summarize how the ranking list is made, however I can answer a few points, that I suspect you might have questions about.

    1) These are the points gained by federations. There are no points awarded to teams, rather points awarded to federations via teams participating.
    2) Only one team per federation per competition gains points for that federation. (max 3 teams if that federation has teams playing in all competitions)
    3) Bonus points are awarded when teams reach a certain level in competition. for example at CEV CL finalists win 58 points, semi finalists 50 points for their federation.
    4) Comp related points are awarded according to the results of individual games. for example a win in play off round awards the federation 2 points, a loss 1 point. a win in groups results in fewer points gained, for a 4 team group 4/6 points to be exact.
    5) the points gained by 3 teams of the same federation with the highest points gained in each competition make up the total points for that federation in a given year.
    6) points gained in 3 consecutive years by a federation is the total points for that federation in the ranking list for the following second year.

    don't know if it makes sense.
    I can answer if you have any more questions.

  • Thanks for trying to explain...but even if they just consider the results of one club for federation....it dont make sence for me.

    Since they are considering the seasons 2007/2008, 2008/2009 and 2009/2010, in the three seasons the Champions of Champions League (witch I beleive it should give more points for each federation) were Italians!!!!So Really it dont make sence in my head...

    if they were considering this last season, maybe I could understand (though also Russia didnt go very well, like Italians....but ok.

    But they consider three seasons where Italy were the Champion of the main tournament! :S Beside in this three sesons, not only they were champions as they had two teams always playing Final Four.

    Also in 2009/2010 - Busto won CEV Cup, and in 2008/2009 Novara won CEV Cup and Jesi won Challange Cup ,and in 2007/2008 Pesaro won CEV Cup!!!!

    so I cant imagine, It really dont make sence in my head, why Russia was able to make more points then Italy. :S

    Resuming champions:

    2007/2008 -
    Champions League - Sirio Perugia (ITA)
    CEV Cup - Scavolini Pesro (ITA)
    Challange Cup - Vakifbank Istanbul (TUR)

    2008/2009 -
    Champions League - Foppapedretti Bergamo (ITA)
    CEV CUP - Asystel Novara (ITA)
    Challange Cup - Monte Schiavo Jesi (ITA)

    2009/2010 -
    Champions League - Foppapedretti Bergamo (ITA)
    CEV Cup - Yamamay Busto Arsizio (ITA)
    Challange Cup - Dresden SC (GER)

    So how can make sence Russia has more points then Italy? :huh:

  • .....
    So how can make sence Russia has more points then Italy? :huh:

    Champions only tell one part of the story.
    Actually it is possible for a runner up to accumulate more points than the champion. They both get the same bonus point, The champion team wins only one more point because of the last win.
    Take for example 2009/2010 season Fenerbahce won every single game till the final, bergamo have lost a few games until reaching the title, if I remember correctly. Thus Turkey should have accumulated more points than Italy for that year and competition, despite not winning the competition.

    If I have a little bit more time I can look the results of the previous years and find out why russia surpassed italy for 2012 ranking.

    just skimmed the results
    and i realized that i forgot the obvious reason why russia may have surpassed italy: Italy had no participating team at 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 Challenge Cups, so couldn't gain any points from those competitions.

    edit: oh there is a big mistake with this ranking 2012-2013. The years concerned are 2008-2009 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, not starting from 2007-1008 like it is written above

  • The Main Criteria for Drawing up the Ranking List

    1. The drawing up of the ranking list is based on the EC competition system in which
    ● there are 3 (three) EC competitions both for men and women teams
    ● a maximum of 5 (five) teams per country are eligible to participate, both in the men’s and women’s division.

    2. In each Cup there may be a maximum of 7 (seven) rounds from the first qualification up to the final. Dependent on the competition method and the number of participating teams round 1 and maybe round 2 can be left out.

    3. In each Cup only one team of a country can get points for the ranking list, namely the team which is ranked best in the respective Cup at the end of the season. That is, maximum three teams of a country can gain points for the ranking list. In case one National Federation participates with a team in a CUP COMPETITION and has to move to another CUP COMPETITION for which this same National Federation did not register at all, then the team gets only the points from the competition in which it reached the highest amount of points.

    4. There are two kinds of points:
    a) Bonus points
    b) Competition-related points.

    4.1. Bonus points are granted according to the table below. It takes into consideration the graduated importance of the particular Cup as well as of the respective round for which a team qualified.

    This means that a team increases its bonus point account in each round which it reaches by 8 (eight) or 5 (five) or 3 (three) points.

    The table is valid for Men’s and Women’s Cups.

    Each team reaching one of the rounds either by
    ● having qualified for it by the number of competition-related points gained, or
    ● being allocated to this round, or
    ● entering the competition in this round
    receives the number of points foreseen for this round.

    The bonus points gained in the previous rounds are cancelled.

    4.2. The competition-related points are granted in the following way:
    The competition-related points remain valid for a team as long as it participates in the European Cups. They are added from round to round.

    In Play-off rounds with home and away matches
    ● Winner of a match 2 points
    ● Loser of a match 1 point

    Possible number of points:
    2 wins = 4
    1 win – 1 defeat = 3
    2 defeats = 2

    In League Rounds /Double Round Robin
    ● Winner of a match 2 points
    ● Loser of a match 1 point

    To give this round the same value as the play-off rounds with home and away matches the number of points gained by a team is divided by the HALF of the number of matches it played.

    Possible number of points:

    In Play-off rounds with one match only (e.g. Semi-Final or Final of Top Four)
    ● Winner of the match 2 points
    ● Loser of the match 1 point

    Possible number of points:
    1 win = 2
    1 defeat = 1

    In a tournament /Single Round Robin (e.g. Qualif. Tournament, if played)
    ● Winner of the match 2 points
    ● Loser of the match 1 point

    To give this round the same value as the play-off rounds with only one single match the number of points gained by a team is divided by the number of matches it played.

    Possible number of points:

    4.3 A team’s total number of points for the ranking list results from adding its bonus points and its competition-related points.

    Each team gains the maximum number of competition-related points foreseen up to the round when it enters the competition (i.e. points it would have gained, if it had played
    all preceding existing rounds in this respective Cup).

    If in future for one or several EC-competitions the rule remains valid saying that the organizer of a Final Four Tournament chosen before the play-off is directly seeded for the semi-final, it should receive - according to the principles mentioned above - the maximum number of competition-related points for those play-off round(s) in which it did not have to take part.

    The same rule is valid in case a team is harmed because one of its opponents withdrew from the competition. In this case the team(s) that did not play the match(es) as its opponent withdrew will receive the maximum number of bonus points and competitionrelated points (it would have gained, if it had played and won all matches in this respective round).


  • I read somewhere 3 teams from Turkey will compete at Cev CL next year (without wild card) as Turkey ranks 1st (passed Russia) in 3-year periods, 2009 to 2012. Is this true?

    Ps: I wonder who'll be competing for runner-up position next year. (well, 1st place is reserved for Vakif again next year too:))