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    Egonu only really played in 2018 WCh though, in 2016 she was 16/17 so I don't think anyone really expected results from her

    whereas Boskovic played in 2015, 16, 18. (and also 2014, but again, she was 17)

    Boskovic was pretty young in Rio also (just 19) and a silver medallist which is quite impressive. Besides, she's is 23 right now and already a world champion and two-times an european champion. Egonu is 22.

    I'm not saying she cannot win the same things with Italy. What I wanted to express is that Guidetti said Egonu can do what Boskovic, Zhu Ting cannot in a context about Italy winning the Olympic Games. However, reality in the national team season is being different until now.

    Boskovic was silver at the Olympics (2016), gold in Europe (2017), gold at the World Championship (2018), gold again in Europe (2019) while Italy was always behind them.

    Enjoyable match yesterday. Barueri's strategy was great and also individual performances. Hope they keep going and improving like this! :drink:

    There are some players popping up this year finally. It's the best part of the league in this season. Mid level teams are showing some good performances.

    By the way, I didn't know Lorena could hit that hard. :lol: She had some killing ones. :white:

    who is their Opp this season? Huge gap to fill Tandara’s shoes.

    Yes, it is. However, given the budget's cut they had and Brazilian Real record low against Dollar, Lorenne is a good option. The same goes to Ana Cristina. At the current situation, it's worth to give her a try. She's a very good prospect and the oportunity to work with Flamengo's staff will be really good to her, Flamengo and our National Team.

    Pinheiros was very decent in the last two sets! I can imagine how hard it's to compete at a similar level with such a diference in the budget. :drink:

    Bad referees and no fair play from Sesi/Bauru. :down:

    Hope São Paulo/Barueri can give Osasco some hard time also!

    If I'm not wrong, she played alongside with Gabi and Rosamaria, that youth WC Brazil lost to Zhu Ting's China.

    Talking on youth categories, one of the best prospects we have right now is a girl from Santa Catarina, Helena Wenk Hoengen. She's 16 and 1,97. Hope she develops as a great player!

    By the way, congrats for both teams! There's a lot of room to step up still.

    Congratulations to GS Caltex!!! :drink:

    The team showed an awesome defensive job at digging. Lee So-Young played pretty well, alongside with Merete Lutz.

    Pink Spiders seemed to rely mostly on attack and were out of balance. Good for the league that this wasn't enough.

    All teams may use their best line-up and their best players at some point, especially when playing on home turf. I doubt they'll prepare for Olympics just training.

    Anyway, using a B team doesn't change the fact that this formula isn't good, but we all know FIVB won't change it anyway.

    Brazil gets any luck in the pool phase one more time. Very bad pool again. :sos: Quaterfinals will be tough like hell, facing a top team, coming from a strong pool and probably reaching their peak performance. At least, our male squad got a good pool. Hard matches since the very beginning. :super:

    In 2012, I remember looking after some videos on Youtube of Kim playing V-League back then and I came up with some matches from previous years (2008-2010). One of the line-ups was Kim and Hwang You-Joo and they used to play that fast balls with the pin hitters coming to spike in the middle (in my opion, the best ball from Kim).

    After that, I followed V-League for years. It's nice to be able to see her back and some these players again. Hwang Youn-Joo was very enjoyable watching also. The same goes for Han Yoo-Mi, Han Song-Yi, Kim Sa Nee, Yang Hyo-Jin, Kim Rae-Ran and all the South Korea's line-up for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the best Korea ever had.

    Altough these players aren't at their prime anymore and some of them had already retired, this season is gonna be worthwhile.

    I thought the World Championship would boost the will of coming back and playing for the NT. Hope they miss playing volleyball and decide to be there!

    The idea of travelling overseas is good indeed, specially the idea of coming to Brazil :drink: (in a better moment, of course!).