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    The host will take a good advantage. Challenge system should be a top priority for the bidding procces. It's the only thing to care about.

    In fact, looking at the pools, Europe will qualify 4 teams for the Olympics as they ever do. ;) Despite London, when we had 5 european squads cause of the Great Britain, there will be the same 4 spots and, in case Turkey or Germany surprisingly wins pool B, Tokyo may have 5 european squads. The new formula actually increases the chances for european teams. It's up to Turkey and Germany to beat China and take one place. It's up to Bulgaria to win over USA and get another one. It's up to Azerbaijan to beat Brazil and be the 6th european to qualify. There's european teams spread all over the 6 pools, which gives CEV the oportunity to qualify 7 teams to the Olympic Games. One confederation out of 5 can get 7 spots in the 11 given.

    I don't get the complaints.

    Campeonato Paulista, our best state league, started few weeks ago. I'm not creating a new thread this time. Today, Sportv will broadcast Hinode Barueri vs E.C. Pinheiros at 9.30 pm.


    1. Osasco Audax 6

    2. Sesi Vôlei Bauru 6

    3. Hinode Barueri 6

    4. São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano 3

    5. Valinhos Vôlei 0

    6. E.C. Pinheiros 0

    By the way, E.C. Pinheiros won 2018 São Paulo Cup over Sesi Vôlei Bauru (27-25, 22-25, 25-19, 25-19). :cup: I'm not sure someone has posted it before.

    Yeah, this year batch is very promising and they are all fairly tall too (all of the Round 1 picks are all +180cm tall). Last year some in Korea were even suggesting that it would have been a great opportunity to start up a 7th women team like when IBK Altos was started up because there were so many good young players in this batch.

    I was however surprised that Heungkuk selected Lee Yu-Ah with their 1st pick. I was most certain that Park Eun-Jin would be 1st pick whilst Yu-Ah would be 2nd based on what I saw online. Great MBs are a premium commodities in the V-League, you can see why this is the case when look at the top earners in the leagues are mostly MBs (eg, Yang Hyo-Jin, Kim Hee-Jin, Han Soo-ji are all earning the max of 300K KRW, Bae Yoo-Na and Kim Su-Ji are +200K KRW). That why both of Ju-Ah and Eun-Jin are so highly rated. KGC Ginseng really went after this new batch of rookies and it was genius of them to trade with other teams for their 2nd round picks :teach:.

    Yang Hyo-Jin and Kim Hee-Jin have been good assets for their teams with the opposites alongside. It seems teams prefer to move tall players for the middle-blocker position instead of trying them out as opposites because of the foreign players.

    Sorry! Didn't realise that. Thank you! :drink:

    Some players look promising. This is going to be fun.

    Brazil is travelling to Japan with 15 players:

    Opp: Tandara and Rosamaria (OH also)

    S: Dani Lins and Roberta

    OH: Natália, Fernanda Garay, Gabi, Drussyla and Amanda

    MB: Adenízia, Thaisa, Bia and Carol

    L: Suelen and Gabiru

    Natalia (c) is still recovering. In case she bounces back, she'll play and one of the girls will leave. Otherwise, she's the one to be cut.

    The bright side of Volleyball Nations League compared with the World Grand Prix it's been teams playing each other just one time on the preliminary round. The old formula was really unfair for some teams who played strong teams 2 or 3 times while others were getting easier matchups . However, 15 matches are way too much and the number of teams could be reduced for 12 in my opinion.

    Teams are showing a lot of issues which makes it hard to forecast the winner. The best teams in the world are still fighting hard to find their best volleyball. Looking forward to Brazil vs USA! :super:

    Did anybody watch Icarus on Netflix? It discloses the 2016 Summer Olympics behind scenes about doping in Russia from the point of view of Grigory Rodchenkov, former director of Anti-Doping Centre in Moscow. What do you think?

    Icarus (2017)
    Runtime: 121'
    Genre: Documentary
    Director: Bryan Fogel
    Country: USA

    Have a go!

    2017 CBV Super Cup
    21.30 - SESC-RJ vs Camponesa/Minas (Sportv2)

    Great warming-up for Superliga! :super:

    18.00 - Vôlei Nestlé vs Hinode Barueri (Sportv2)

    If Vôlei Nestlé wins, they are the champs. If Hinode Barueri wins, there'll be a golden set.

    And Stefano Lavarini's portoguese is already so fluent

    Indeed. :thumbsup:

    Congratulations to Camponesa/Minas!!! :cup: One of the greatest teams in Brazil right now.

    Sad news
    Rio do Sul has given up playing Superliga due to financial issues. Renata Valinhos/Country will play instead.