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    Sesi-SP is qualified for the Superliga 2017/2018 after defeating Renata Valinhos Country yesterday on Taça de Ouro.

    Besides Sesi-SP, SESC-RJ, Vôlei Nestlé (SP), Dentil/Praia Clube (MG), Camponesa/Minas (MG), Vôlei Bauru (SP), Fluminense (RJ), BRB/Brasília (DF), E C Pinheiros (SP), São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano (SP), Rio do Sul (SC) e Hinode Barueri (SP) will play the competition.

    Dani Lins will probably take the setter position when she is back even though Roberta played a great Grand Prix. Thaísa, Garay and Gabi will be good adds too.

    We need to find a reliable libero right away. I know Brazil just won a competition but it won't be enough for the World Championship next year.

    On the youngers, I agree they should have more playing time on Superliga before they make it to the National Team.

    Congratulations to the staff and the girls! :cup: :woohoo:

    Underdogs for the first time in so many years and they pulled it through. Our staff was decisive throughout the entire match. Well done! We'll need even more in bigger competitions since we don't have the best roster anymore.

    I liked Tandara's pipes and Bia slide atacks, considering we must solve our passing and hitting issues. Also blocking and defense worked pretty well and I cannot forget our passion and fighting-spirit. It's like 'if the favourites don't want to win, we do'. :P

    I totally disagree on the thank-you-Zhu-Ting-thing. What should we expect from the Olympic champions playing on home turf in front of 11,000 fans? Should they rest their best players in a F6? Should they tank? It would be a shame to say the least. 'Ok. There are 11,000 people supporting us out there. Let's rest our best players and play to lose'. Besides, why should you rest your best players in the finals since you had all the competition to do it unless they are injured? How many times did Brazil play 5 matches in a row against 5 different opponents in 5 days with its best line-up? The staff must care to make the team reach the finals physically strong and ready for intense and long matches in a couple of days just because it's like this in all volleyball competitions. I'm wondering what kind of winning teams really do it. China defeated Netherlands because they are better and Zhu Ting saved so many match points because she is capable for. In case the match was scheduled first in the pool, they should've won against Netherlands the same way and nobody would say something on this matter.

    Congratulations to Italy! They've beaten the Olympic champions at home and showed a great teamwork. Egonu is such a good prospect. The same goes to the middles. Bosetti sisters were way better than I was expecting they would be. Malinov had some brilliant plays and is a great prospect too. De Gennaro was totally outstanding. Until the 4th set she was almost perfect. In my opinion, the best italian player today.

    Jaque retired? Mari Paraíba declined?

    We will miss Garay, Dani Lins and Thaísa really bad. On the other hand, we'll watch other players showing what they got. Let's see.

    Congratulations to Vakifbank! :drink:

    Rexona's defensive system worked pretty well. The block was touching many spikes and our diggers had a good time. Unfortunately, the passing was a big issue and also Zhu Ting made the difference in the counter-attacks.

    The float serve is getting really hard to control in women volleyball. I don't see a team with a good passing anymore. Until women players fix it, teams with great pin hitters will take a large advantage.

    Mari Paraíba seems to have improved her floating also. I liked it!

    Drussyla got blocked a lot, that is true, she could have been a bit smarter soemtimes, but I admire her courage..and her attitude inside the court.

    Go easy on her - Drussyla hasn't been playing against european teams over her career. It takes time until she realizes how to play a different kind of game. We just have few tall blockers in Brazil. We will know in the future.

    WIth the new format of this tournament (with 8 teams including 4 wild cards), which has been used in the past 3 or 4 years, there is no Brazilian team that can win the gold medal. I even think it will be unlikely that any Brazilian team ever reaches the final in the next few years.

    I think it has nothing to do with the competition but with the brazilian ranking system. Our teams cannot build a strong roster even with a large budget. Besides Fabi, Rio doesn't have any brazilian player on the international level. Osasco isn't that different.

    Sady news for Rio!!! It's getting harder and harder to stand a volleyball team... :sos:

    Superliga will experience a new ranking system next season. Teams can sign with two foreign players and two 7-point players. No limit for the others.
    7-point players: Thaísa, Sheilla, Dani Lins, Fernanda Garay, Natália, Fabiana, Gabi, Tandara and Jaqueline.

    I don't think experience is such a problem to a team. Talent is. Players with no experience will get on this quad. China is a good example. Tell me how much experience they had before the olympic cycle? And they managed to win the Olympic Games. It really doesn't matter. They are good and that's enough.

    In my opinion, last olympic cycle showed some new issues that makes me wonder if we'll be able to solve them. First and most important, teams had improved their float serve. Teams tecnically better like Japan, Brazil and USA that depends on passing to play their fast and overall game are having problems to come to grips with their passing. It makes the game more physical and teams with strong pin hitters like Serbia and China can take advantage of it. Until our passing line aren't able to control the opponent's float serve it will be hard to us because we won't be able to play with our middles like we used to and also the setter won't play so fast. The main problem is that our best wing-spikers right now (Gabi and Natália) aren't that good at passing. Besides, we don't have a libero like Fabi anymore. I guess Camila would be the best choice if she wanted to but Fabi is just out of her league. Last quad showed to us that no matter whether Camila or Leia we won't be that consistent like we used to when Fabi was there. While Fabi played Brazil went through the final in every competition for 8 years. Without her we lost our first semi-final in so many years at the World Championship. Camila was playing a good championship individually but we couldn't count on her to put our passing on safe. Jaque was in trouble and she didnd't cover her. Fabi was always throwing herself in front of the wing-spikers on these situations, leading our passing line and so on. Camila is very good but she isn't that kind of a player. Leia did her best at the Olympics and maybe deserved the spot but it's also not the same.
    We must understand that our new players are good but we cannot expect from them the same performance of Fofão, Sheilla, Fabi, Fabiana, Thaísa, Jaqueline, Paula Pequeno, Mari, Walewska, etc. ;) It has nothing to do with experience. Zé could have given all the experience for them, what we would have taken from it aside not winning many tournaments as we did, being eliminated sooner from big competitions and so on?


    San Martin (PER) 3X0 Boca Juniores (ARG) (25:22, 25:18, 25:22)
    Dentil Praia Clube (BRA) 3X0 Club Olympic (BOL) (25:2, 25:6, 25:6) :what: Guinness World Records? Where are our specialists in volleyball history? Never saw something like that. :gone:

    Villa Dora (ARG) 3X0 Club Olympic (25:6, 25:17, 25:19)
    Rexona (BRA) 3X0 Boca Juniores (25:17, 25:8, 25:8)

    Standings (Pts. W L)
    Pool A
    Villa Dora (ARG) 3 1 0
    Club Olympic (BOL) 0 0 1
    Dentil Praia (BRA) 0 0 0

    Pool B
    Rexona (BRA) 3 1 0
    Boca Juniores (ARG) 0 0 1
    San Martin (PER) 0 0 0

    Too soon to figure it out. I, for one, suppose Dentil vs Villa Dora and Rexona vs San Martin are better matches for assessments.

    As for TV, Sportv is just broadcasting the Final, I guess.


    14 February 2017
    1. 19:30 - Uberlândia - Villa Dora (ARG) vs Club Olympic (BOL)
    2. 19:00 - Uberaba - Rexona (BRA) vs Boca Juniores (ARG)

    15 February 2017
    3. 19:00 - Uberaba - San Martin (PER) vs Boca Juniores (ARG)
    4. 19:30 - Uberlândia - Dentil Praia (BRA) vs Club Olympic (BOL)

    16 February 2017
    5. 19:00 - Uberaba - Rexona (BRA) vs San Martin (PER)
    6. 19:30 - Uberlândia - Dentil Praia (BRA) vs Villa Dora (ARG)

    17 February 2017
    7. 18:30 - Uberaba - (1º) Pool B vs (2º) Pool A
    8. 20:30 - Uberaba - (1º) Pool A vs (1º) Pool B

    18 February 2017
    9. 15:00 - Uberlândia - (3º) Pool A vs (3º) Pool B - 5th Place
    10. 18:00 - Uberlândia - Loser of match 7 vs Loser of match 8 - 3rd Place
    11. 21:30 - Uberlândia - Winner of match 7 vs Winner of match 8 - FINAL

    The South American Women's Club Championship will be held in Uberaba and Uberlândia (Brasil) from 12 to 19 February.

    The competition features 6 teams.

    Dentil/Praia Clube (Brasil/host)
    Rexona-Sesc (Brasil)
    Universidad San Martín de Porres (Peru)
    Club Atlético Villa Dora (Argentina)
    Boca Juniores (Argentina)
    Club Olympic (Bolivia)

    Pool A
    Dentil/Praia Clube (BRA)
    Villa Dora (ARG)
    Club Olympic (BOL)

    Pool B
    Rexona-Sesc (BRA)
    Universidad San Martín de Porres (PER)
    Boca Juniores (ARG)

    Congratulations to Netherlands, USA and Serbia!

    Zé always says it's better to be on the strongest pool. You know the level of the competition before the playoffs.
    3-0 pool B so far.
    Hope the experience of our players gives them the exactly comprehension on how good they should be today to go through the semifinals.

    Go Brazil! :super: