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    Neslihan can leave Turkey too for living in Spain holiday resort. She has a daughter with a Spanish name, isn't it? So, she can start to live her dream next year.

    ErolGarip, what this woman did to you? If she wanna come to Brazil, we accept her. :win:

    What does this mean ? lol

    Well, you know, sometimes they forget that there's a golden set. So, this time, they decide to invent a golden set even it doesn't happens :rolll: :rolll: :rolll:

    I only wonder if with this victory by Fenerbahçe in Golden set they will forget to broadcast the final match next week. :aww:

    Well, let's see! I really don't know nothing about italian players performance this season. Here in Brazil, only one TV is able to broadcast Italian League and I have almost no time to watch when it happens. Catarina Bosetti is the italian player I liked to see this season the few matches I watched. She's amazing!!! Lo Bianco and Gioli are important in my opinion. They played well in World Cup, the last championship Italy wins.

    GS Caltex's performance is going down! :down:
    Suwon Hyundai's team work improved! :thumbsup:
    I really supported GS Caltex in this match cause I wanna see a Hi-pass Zenith X Suwon Hyundai competitive match in this leg. Now, I think is almost impossible to Hi-pass take the third place. Otherwise, will be a good match GS Caltex against Hyundai in the play-offs.

    Are Pisani, Guiggi, Signorile and Ferretti performing better than Gioli and Lo Bianco? Sorry, I'm not watching Italian League.
    If not, c'mon guys, next World Championship will be in your own home. :sos:

    Me? Not excited about winning Ecz at all, lol. 4 times in CL matches, 4 wins against them. (okay, for a classical Vakif fan, beating Ecz again again again is definitely a joy, but, not for me - for not being able to make good money at betting as the odds for winning against Ecz have become lower and lower:)

    Me too. I am really thinking Rabita can beat Vakif and I may bet on Rabita this time. Rabita passed through harder route than Vakif already and their wins are clear wins against harder opponents. But, if Vakif wins, we'll be unstoppable and will win 3 cups this year, CL, Turkey league and cup. But, if Vakif loses against Rabita, then, there will be no cup, just like last year, after unhappiness of losing to Cannes. Btw, before Rabita, Yamamay and GS too can make some surprises as those both teams too have fighting spirits. So, chances of winning cups are Vakif and Rabita are 65% equal and chances of Yamamay and GS are equal, 35%. Rabita will be more determined this year, while Vakif has home advantage. But, I give Rabita a slight advantage for winning cup as they will be determined more this year after 3 years of failure. So, my favorite this year is Rabita.

    Yes, Rabita is a dangerous team. I think will be the best match of this competition...:dance6: