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    Do they sell to people abroad?
    I was trying to buy some things, but I don't know where I say I'm not from Japan...

    I guess not.... the webpage says they don't accept orders by phone calls. you have to register first and follow their steps of online shopping. You can buy those goods at all the gyms for the world cup in Japan. but you said you are not from japan, so... I hope there is another way....

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    I like this doll of the mascot for the World Cup. It is cute! Anyone know where I can get one? The fivb website has a "store" link but it doesn't have anything for sale yet.[/img]

    FIVB doesn't have license for this character. It's made by Fuji-TV who has broadcasting right for the world cup in Japan. I can post a link for you to know where to get it though.…e.asp?B_ID=42&C_ID=35&a=1

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    Welcome to the forum (:

    Appreciate it!!

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    why should it bother me :wink: maybe somebody has these videos and will upload them again :) you can try

    Alright I'll try! Thanks!

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    I like you :lol:

    welcome here and have fun 8) nice to see somebody from japan here ;)

    thanks mate!! :lol: and thanks for uploading lots of nice vids for everyone here!

    by the way, would it bother you if I reply to old threads to request re-up for dead links??

    Hi all, I just found out this forum lately and it's really cool!! I've wanted to see european volleyball league for a long time but I wasn't able to from where I live. So this forum is pretty awesome to me!! Not only club team matches but also european national team's!! I only have a chance to see my national team's game. So it's really nice to see top players here like Skowronska, Glinka and ....well.... I can't think of other than Poles right now :oops: I'm from where world cup's being held now by the way. Is it too obvious?? lol