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    Polish NT needs Sliwa.

    but as a coach not as a player!

    And I hope that Glinkaand Baranska will never play in NT. Niemczyk showed that in team don't have to play the best players but this players who can make a team. Glinka and Baranska thinks that they are stars and NT didn't deserveed for them. I won't have them representing me! We have Podolec and Fratczak. Don't need them!!
    I'm wonder why Boniotta decided to left Maj in Poland....

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    Could you upload them? I'd be grateful :) especially if you have some with Olsztyn, Mostostal, Czestochowa or Jastrzebski :)

    I'll check what i got on DVD when i back from holiday (maybe tomorrow) and i'll upload.

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    I found Very Happy Friend send me this match on dvd, so when I get it I'll upload.

    You're the great!!

    heh. yes. and he gets it always when Lozano is close (for example he started to have it few days before Lozano's back to poland and finished few days after he back to Argentina).
    Unfortunatelly Wlazy is in 19 on WL :/ but i hope Szymanski will play!! this season he plays much better that mr Sodówka

    All our player are very tired after las year season. Wlazly has problems with muscles (he get very often cramps in leg). Lozano decided to give all palyers one week free during World League and some time, about two weeks (i don't remember exactly) after it.
    In spite of health problems, Wlazly plays in all Skra's matches, even in PLS. And he complains that he is so tired and he can't play all the time. So he got interview in one of the biggest newaspaper in Polad (Gazeta Wyborcza) and he said thai if Loazno won't give him holliday (he didn't want to play in World LEague - 60 days) he will resign of playing in national team (during WL but nobody knows it becouse he changes his mind very often). As he said he will be tired in May. He also wrote to PZPS (polish volleybal federation) that he resign for play in World League this year.
    Lozano backed to Poland and wanted to talk with him about it but he didn't want (he got training). Wlazly also demanded another interpreter(usually Swiderek - second coach- translates).
    When Swiderek and Boruch(man from NT) called him he didn't answer.
    (and many strange things happened by the time)
    In this situation Lozano decided to don't take Wlazly to NT in 2007 year.

    Last year FIVB decided that finla of World League 2007 will be in Rome. But Itally has problems with get all needed money so probably (for 98%) this year final will be in Poland, in Katowice.