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    Nowadays, Spain is 6th in the Fivb World Ranking... Serbia 8th, Italy 10th, France 13th (all of them with more tradition)

    I hope Spain in Olimpics Game, maybe we could see another Spain-Russia :box:

    There're some new transfers in Spanish Superliga:

    Ana Beatriz Das Chagas "Bia" in Ícaro Palma

    Mirela Delic and Kathie Olsovsky in Tenerife

    Aneta Germanova in Sanse Mepaban

    Tatiana Rodrigues in Hotel Cantur

    Edilma da Conceiçao Costa and Meika Wagner in Ibsa

    ----->>>The match between Icaro Palma and CAV Murcia will be in February, the 5nd.

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    It does work!!! It is written temporary unavailable, it means that a lot of people are downloading it and for now it is not available. Try this night or tommorrow morning. It should work.

    I download everyday and it works. But everyday, some minuts after begin the download it fails :cry2: :cry2: I don't know why... SV you are not the onlyone who has problems with this