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    Hi, thanks for the upload, great game.

    And I think that what apps06 means is that if you slip the videos per set, like a three sets games you would get 3 parts with around 350mb each so it would have a better video quality. But as it would be more files to upload i don't knwo if it would be worse for you.

    Hi everyone!

    Could any of you post the match between Volero Zurich and Pinheiros on the Basel Tournament please? It aired on tv here in Brazil but I missed because of work.

    So if anyone could post, I would really apreciate.
    Thank you
    And happy new year to everyone! :D

    The Start

    1. The singular boring question: What is your name?:
    Mariana Yegelles

    2. If you had been born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name have been?:

    3. How easy is it to make you laugh?
    Very easy

    4. Do you laugh at jokes you know you shouldn't?:
    Sometimes more than at the ones I should

    5. Do you ever dance to music when nobody's watching?:

    6. What song(s) are constantly in your head?
    right now Untill June - You do

    7. Do you agree with the idea that sequels are always worse than the original?:
    Mostly, but i liked Godfather 2 better than 1

    8. When eating, are you more concerned with taste or healthiness?:

    9. If you knew exactly what went into Chinese food, hamburger meat, etc., would you still eat it?:
    I don't mind because I don't eat that anyway

    10. Do you ever feel guilty eating meat?:
    No, but I do hate to see people wearing fur

    11. Do you find you're different talking through IMs than face-to-face or on the telephone?:

    12. Have you ever wished you could experience being the other gender?:

    13. Do you sometimes see a movie or watch a show just because a good-looking celebrity is in it?:

    14. Have people ever said you looked like a celebrity, and if so, who?:

    15. Do you think the opposite sex finds you good-looking?:

    16. What song makes/made you cry?:
    I used to cry when I listened Love by Grace, because of this really sad soap opera scene a few years ago

    Well I like pretty much everything but my favorites are

    Ladytron -

    Miss Kittin -

    Teddy Pendergrass -

    Vanessa da Mata -

    Amy Winehouse -

    I also like Portishead, The cardigans, Lily Allen, Kanye West, John Legend, Joss Stone, Nas, R kelly, Nina Simone, Flaming Lips, New Order.... And some brazilian music Natiruts, Imaginasamba, Pitty, Babado Novo...

    I was searching mininova yesterday and I found this volleyball game, it's really nice and very easy to play, it's from the 2006 season but you can use editor tool on the menu to edit the teams, it both women and many, many NTs and you can even chose the gymnasium you want to play at on the quick game mode.

    And it's in english, only the country names are in german.

    I´m so so so sorry.. i arrive too late to read this post. If Mari12 can´t translate the third one i´ll be glad to do it. I think my english isn´t so good as Mari´s, but i´m sure everybody would forgive me!


    It would be good if you could do it, because I'm really busy with shcool and work right now, so I hardly have time.


    That was from a Judo final match between Brazil and Cuba during the Pan, besides the female volleyball defeat to Cuba and the "incident" with the male NT, there were a lot of finals between Brazil and Cuba, with victories for both sides, so I guess that this increased the rivalry.

    As I'm form Rio i had the chance of meeting her, and I was impressed she was soooo nice and talked and took pictures with everyone. She said later on an interview that her and many other former great Cuban athletes, such as Teofilo Stevenson and others came to give a kind of moral support for the athletes, something like "if we could do it, than you can do it too" and they were all wearing the Cuba uniform so I guess that's what she does in Cuba now, maybe not just this but well that's what I saw, if you see the 5th seth form the final she and Teofilo are there greeting the players.

    I'll see if i can the find the link to the interview.

    Hi eveyrone my name is Mariana and I'm from Brazil, I love volleyball and I play as libero on my school.
    I LOVE the Cuban NT, and also like the Italian, Polish, Brazilian and Russian.
    My favourite players are Regla Torres, Yumilka Ruiz, Ana Moser, Joel Despaigne, Leo Lo Bianco, Fofão, André Nascimento, Giba, Ricardinho, Nancy Carrillo, Francesca Piccinini...
    The list goes on but this are the ones I like best.
    I'm also a fan of Bergamo, Rexona/RJ, Modena, Odintsovo and Novara.

    Well, I guess that's it, bye.

    Glad you guys liked it, here's second one.

    1.When and where were you born?
    In Camaguey, May 8, 1978

    2. Would you describe your city?
    Is the biggest city in Cuban territory, is one of the calmest cities, and also has the largest population, is very beautiful, it has many historical monuments, it’s very nice and I love it.

    3. When did you start playing Volleyball?
    I started when I was 8, in Camaguey, on a special area, that’s what called the area the belongs to the school but it specially for sports, I stayed there for a year and then I was called for the main school of that area, I played there for four years, and after that I went to Havana, where we have the National School for the junior, juvenile and the national team.

    4. … and then you moved to Havana
    Yes, I went there to finish school and continue my sports career in a school called ESPA School of athletic preparation, and I trained in there.

    5. In Cuba SPORT and SCHOOL are strictly connected.
    Yes, you have to study and practice sports, both things.

    6. Were you talented since the beginning?
    Actually when I was first called it because I was tall and have ability, I had a strong attack, I jumped high, and since then I they were working on me, na di remember that in 1991 the NTs of Cuba, team A and team B, they were in Camaguey the city I live, and I had the chance of training with that team, for three days, and from there I was called.

    7. What’s your feeling about the historical Cuban Volleyball team?
    For me it was great to have the chance of being on this team that dominated the scenario for so many years form 1987 to 2000, for us Cubans the volleyball is like an insignia of our sport, specially the female volleyball as Cuban women are very feminine and volleyball represents that.

    8. Would you tell me more about your career?
    I remember that in 1993 we had the chance of participating the Juvenile World Championship and I was 15, and we won, it was in Brasilia, Brazil, and for me it was a great experience, on the same years we played the Centro American Games in Puerto Rico and we won it too, and for all this time I was gaining experience, in juvenile I wasn’t on the starting line but I had the chance of playing, and then I went to cadet where we played the WC, I was already on the staring line, and he had the 5th place, and on the same year there was the national selection, and I was among the 18 best and that was great, and form there I started on the NT along with Mireya Luis, Regla Bell, Idalmis Gato, and I looked at them and it was amazing to be able to ply with those players, and then I officially entered for the NT and have been there for all this years.

    9. …and now you are leading the Cuban team.
    Well, I remember that after the 2000 many players weren’t on the NT anymore, Mireya Luis and others, around 80% of the players weren’t there anymore, and the younger athletes stayed like Zolia Barros, Martha Sanchez and me, and after that we gathered all the girls that came from the juvenile and cadet that had NT perspectives and they were moved for the NT quickly because we almost didn’t had a team, and we had very bad time, but we managed to get back on track, and it was for me to talk, and pass me experience, for them to get a notion and start playing and I believe that, that time was very important for me to because that’s when I turned captain.

    10. You said: “Volleyball is all my life…”
    yes, I said this because, it’s my passion, my life everything, is what I’ve always been doing since I was a kid, I love what I do and I enjoy it very much, and it fascinates me.

    11. How do you spend your time in Havana?
    Well, I Cuba I still study, I have classes two times I week, very important to have a career and a degree on something, and on the personal life we can do whatever we want, I have my house my family my boyfriend and my brother that lives with me.

    12. Did you like to play abroad?
    Yes, in 98,99,00 I was playing in Italy and 04, 05 in Russia, and in 95 I spent six months training in Japan

    13. Could you compare your experiences abroad?
    It was my first time there, and it was amazing because I’ve never been to a country that was so interesting and so nice, in Italy I lived probably the best years of my life, I had the chance of getting to know the culture, the people the way of life, the religion, another language, it gave me a lot of experience, in Russia it was kinda different in there the weather is so cold and the people are kind of introvert and cold like the weather, but I was also able to know the culture and the culture it was a very rich experience.

    14. Who is the your favourite player?
    It’s not because she’s Cuban but I always admired Mireya Luis, I used to watch her play on the TV and for us that’s an amazing thing, later on I got to meet her, I had the chance of playing with her in the 98 WC I looked at her and it was like Wow Mireya Luis, it was beautiful, for me she’s my idol.

    15. What about you future?
    What I want at most is every girls dream, to get married have children and live a nice life with no worries.

    16. If you could, what would you change in Cuba?
    I don’t know, because I like the weather, I like my way of life my family, what I love at most in my life is my family, and living close to them is great to me.

    17. What would you like to take from another country
    I would take the snow of Russia to Cuba, because my mother never saw it.

    18. Cuban team is still playing with 2 setters. Is it the right time to change?
    Yes we could change that but what happens is that we would need a player that was only a passer, and in Cuba all the girl like to attack, but for us it would be difficult because we are very bad on the reception and defense,

    19. That’s why no one in Cuba wants to play as Libero.
    I suppose, we are very very very bad on the defense.

    20. Aguero, your former team-mate, is playing for the Italian team. What do you
    Well, many time has passed and the image that we had from Aguero is no longer of a Cuban Aguero, but a Italian Aguero, it’s hard because she was our friend, we had our problems but it’s all on the past now.

    21. …and when do you meet the others players that left Cuba?
    Always that we had the chance of seen one of them, we talk and it1s good because in Cuba most of use know each other, but sometimes they have other culture and other thought, they live a different life from us that still live in Cuba, but we’re fine we like our life, and it’s amazing when we meet.

    22. Which is the most important victory of your career?
    The final of Sydney 00, against Russia, we were completely lost, and we won it and it was fantastic, and other one was the Pan American 07 against Brazil, it was great and also against Brazil in the 98 WC when we used to play a 15 points set, we won and it was great.

    23. …and the worst defeat?
    when we lost to EUA in Athens 04, that was the worst game of my life.

    24. How many more years will you be playing?
    I don’t know that yet, because what I want at most is to go to the Olympic Games, we will try a classification here and I really want it.

    25. Please could you say goodbye to everybody
    Thank you very much for the support to the Cuban team and we hope to present you with some good matches.