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    Respect to all users here on the forum. If having to choose only one...
    My vote goes to Joana (joanamss). She's very nice, tolerant, sensible, inspiring and addicted to volleyball. I always have a good time reading her posts. Holding my fingers crossed for Joana to win :)

    In terms of players selection Avital Selinger seems to work similarly to Nikolay Karpol. Both prefer to grow own players for their teams. Maybe, the wish to have own players somehow connected with the methods, used by these coaches to motivate their teams? But there is also a drawback in such an approach. If the player is not from the "family" she almost has no chances to get to the NT. Also, the player from the team may lose her place, if refused to follow the rules of the "family".
    Unlike these well-known coaches, Vladimir Kuziutkin uses another approach. He seems to be very good in psychology and builds the team in the way, when all players dream to play there. Not because there is the possibility to win some top tournament. But because there is an incredibly friendly, warm and kind atmosphere in his team. Gamova said, that at first she was going to take a break from NT, but when she has seen, how inspired the team was, playing in Yeltcin Cup, and how great the relations inside, she's decided to return even without being asked by the coach. Thus, having such team established, Kuziutkin has much easier time motivating his players to fight. And also, he has all the players of Russia ready anytime at his service. He got fully used this potential by returning good old Gamova, Sokolova, Merkulova and introducing new talents Startceva, Perepelkina, Ulyakina.
    The result of Russian team talks for itself. Maybe Avital Selinger could learn the Kuziutkin's experience and re-watch his relations with all great Dutch players not currently involved in NT?

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    Well done, girls!! The title is confirmed :thumbup:
    The match wasn't really spectacular, but in final the result is only matters.

    Congratualtions to Brazil with silver and Japan with bronze. I think, no other teams deserved medals this time. Everything was decided in honest way.

    Today Dutch girls were in a very good mood and put a thick dot on the final of WCH, leaving Cuba on 12th place.
    NED - CUB 3:0
    Thanks to the team for fighting till the very end. The bitter taste of this tournament has become a little sweeter.
    Looking how Netherlands play with Alice Blom instead of Chaine Staelens, I think, if Avital Selinger put her on the start list since the first day - everything could be different, way better than now.

    trully pathetic match to watch at 3 am. Poland did everything to lose this match

    I wouldn't be so cruel to Poland. The number of mistakes was high, but defense was really amazing. Holland had a hard time trying to hit the ground.
    Gameplay of Dutch gils haven't changed to better, unfortunetaly. Losing the ends of the sets and decisive moments, just like all matches before. Also, the individual levels were lower than usual. Manon, Maret and Chaine were hardly noticable on the court. Alice Blom was the best, imo, but comitted too many serve faults, which isn't typical for her. Something wrong in the Dutch kingdom...

    Btw, was Gamova crying after the game?


    Great game by Russia today. Most of all I'm glad, that girls managed to tame the nerves and continue playing at good level. Winning the spirit fight against USA is very important for tomorrow. Get ready, Brazil, we're coming for ya!!! :box:

    It's funny you say that you'll give Laura one more year to play great. And then what? What if she doesn't?

    Coach should start trying/training the new setters.

    What if she starts playing really well after 6 years? You'll still have to accept that.

    It seems, that you still haven't realized, that club-NT project is over. Better ask yourself, what team would do all these six years, while Laura were looking for the great game-play of hers? All the time being beated on every tournament? Do you really think, federation and sponsors have the 6th years long patience to wait for the victories?
    Now, when Dutch NT has returned to the traditional schedule, there is no more need to be locked on the constant team roster. Coach can try all players from inner championship. It's 8 teams, all having at least two setters. Who knows, maybe somewhere there is a brilliant hiding, which doesn't have a chance to shine because somebody is way too patient.

    ps: Tic-tac, tic-tac.... Less than eight hours remain before the Russia - USA encounter starts :)

    Sorry for getting all emphatic, but like this you may udnerstand better where I'm coming from.

    Yes, I understand what you mean. If talking about, what happens in the player's head, I think, you describe your very own vision, based on your own experience. Other individuals can see these things in other ways. For example, somebody, to show the best level of play, may need to get angry towards opponents. Others can have a trained "killer instinct". Etc. I think. creating the generalized laws, basing only on the own experience is a mistake, which may lead to the worse results.

    You see the thing is, you people (saying this in a very derogatory tone ) seem to think that consciencely changing things is the way to make things better, because you yourself have analysed that things are going wrong (this is subjective).

    - Dudes, we're falling into the deep, dark stone abyss!

    - Stop panic. Be patient. Everything is under control.

    - (flop - flop - flop)

    And he's right, you just have to see longer term and not demand results from her (Dijkema) now (which I have to say, a lot of you are doing).

    Okay, I agree to wait one more year for Laura to play great. I compare her to Eugenia Startceva, who is one year elder.

    I think we owe Selinger the same kind of patience that he extends to his players.

    Every job, which needs to be done, has a term for that. You hire a person, give a task, set a term and pay money. If you satisfied with the result, you may prolong the contract with this person. I doubt it very much, that you would listen to "be patient" if the task wasn't completed in the term you set.
    This is exactly how things work in Russian federation. They hired Caprara in 2005, gave him a task to earn medals on WCH 2006. Caprara did a job and contract was extended. Next task was to get medals on OG 2008. Caprara failed and contract ended. Simple as ABC. Why anybody has to be patient??

    Can't wait for semi-final Russia - USA already. Sometimes, waiting one year is a piece a cake. But in this case waiting just a one day kills :)
    Russian media say, that USA will be the first truly strong opponent on the way of the team. Big bosses from Federation has arrived to Japan already. Everything feels like the pressure level on the team grows hour by hour. It's getting really hot. Hope, Kuziutkin will manage to enclose the team from all this agiotage. Losing the fighting spirit in a skirmish with USA - the last thing we need.