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    You are foxy telling let's throw away two best teams and we get a parity between the rest weak ones :D So your example about Nordeca is not valid. I can agree with that parity is not ALWAYS a sign of quality. But it IS in our case. We are already too far from starting point of discussion and I also can go on, but not interested in that. There is another thread about 3 foreigners rule. Just give you two fast points. 1) Polish teams perform better in ECL. 2) There is a parity in Polish league, which means that other teams are very strong too. These points let me put Poland above Turkey in my top leagues list. That's all.

    I won't be talking here about Russia because I feel that I'm as subjective about Russia as you about Turkey. I'm just curious, if somebody not from Turkey can put Turkish league over Polish and insist on that with solid arguments? :whistle:

    Parity is the sign of quality. Most countries have a couple of strong teams which can easily beat others. But we don't make references on them when talking about strong leagues. I prefer the language of numbers. Two Polish teams and one Turkish got to playoffs 12. Poland has at least FIVE equal teams in the championship. This is quite similar to Italy and Russia. The more equal teams can make a greater show for the supporters. The better show finally means faster progressing championship.

    It is always easier to buy good foreign player than to train your own one. Canceling the limit on foreigners is a good way to make national players sitting on a bench and watching how better players perform. They will definitely get better by doing this. It's very difficult to resist a temptation to full teams with foreign stars. And I respect Poland for the thorough way they've chosen. Barańska, Dziękiewicz, Godos, Skorupa, Kosmatka, Sadurek, Gajgał, Zenik. Enough stars? They all from national league!

    I joined this discussion a little bit to late so I can't add anything new, cause I would repeat Nastjaand Lightmaster, who I totally agree with. As I said before I also consider Polish league stronger than Turkish - level is more equal, when Turkey has big stars in some teams, but the rest is weak. Nad yes, money is important, as Nastja said. There is a lot of money in Polish men league and we have stars there (not only Polish) and Polish national players even come back home from stronger leagues (Italy, Russia).

    Polish women league is one or two years behind Russian in its development. Last year Russia had finished returning all our stars back home. Also bought some inernational superstars - Zhukova, Tom, Liktoras. It won't be too long waiting for Skowronska&Co get back to Poland ;)

    Nastja is absolutely right. The lack of international stars helps to raise great Polish players and we will hear about them soon. Turkey NT won't beat Poland now and I think ever, because Polish NT is getting stronger too fast. After the rule of no more than 3 foreign players be accepted, Italian league will lose the first place for the 2nd or 3rd, Russia become 1st. But where Spanish and Turkish leagues will find theirselves?

    1 - Italy
    2 - Russia
    3 - Brasil
    4 - Spain

    The best two teams from Brazil's Superliga can win any National League in the World. It's a pity that the majority of Brazil's NT players are playing in Italy and Spain. Were these players in the Brazil's Superliga, we would have a much stronger League, maybe the strongest in the world. It's a pity we have only two strong sponsors!

    Two strongest Netherlands teams can win almost all leagues in the world. But it doesn't put Netherlands on a third place.


    You are making things even more obscured for me than Barazzo already did. We need to define (and agree with) some basic conceptions. And then use them as a starting point in the farther discussion of that interesting topic. That is why I asked these questions. I think that answers on them can be that particular point. Having read your thoughts, I'm adding one more question:

    How to determine, is the league of the specified country strong or not??

    Looking at the A2 serie best scorers. 1st Jovana Brakocevic, hehe. Then five more non-italians. First ITA player Lucia Bacchi on the 7th place having almost 100 poins less than Brakocevic.

    Who was the first, hen or egg? Do great foreign players make league strong? Or maybe already made strong league attracts great foreign players?

    Who are the main faces, the brightest players of the best Italian teams, Pesaro, Bergamo, Novara? Will that teams keep their level if they let these players go? Will the Italian league retain its level in that case?

    Don't be so sceptical about Dutch method. For their men's team it took more than 8 years to win OG. But eight years - it's only two Olympics. So they won the SECOND OG since the creation of the team. Who else can proud of such achievement? Now its only 3 years to their women's team. They already won World GP! Beated all world top-teams! They are on the way to Olympics...


    Can't really get your idea.

    Does the higher amount of foreign players make league stronger or weaker?

    Does the higher amount of foreign players make NT stronger or weaker?

    Why the Italian championship is so strong?

    Why the Russian championship is so strong?

    Why the Polish championship is not so strong, even if Poland is the country where volleyball is more popular than anywhere in the world?

    What do you think about the Netherlands's method of creating the NT? Having the weak league and not spending much money, they have a very strong women's NT now. And men's team had won the OG'96.