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    Yes, this game is absolutely great! And we should thank for that not only both teams but referee too :lol: He decided also to take part in the match and played for himself on the third side :D This helped to make an exciting game even more emotional :thumbsup: :lol: :lol:

    A letter from Kalisz fan club to Martinus

    Dear Martinus Amstelveen,
    > On behalf of the CALISIA Kalisz Fan Club members who travelled all the way 1000 km from Kalisz to participate in the 2nd leg of Champions League, we would like to THANK ever so much for all your hospitality towards us.
    > It was very kind of you to devote such a good place on the stands in your sporthal for our group, thank to which we were very well seen on tv and polish fans following the game on tv could watch us-we really do appreciate this.
    > We have travelled all over our country to support our team in polish volleyball league ever since, but this was our first trip abroad to support our team in Champions League and we will never forget it, despite the result of the game.
    > I would like you to pass this e-mail to all representatives to your club and we wish you good luck against Odintsovo in the next round.
    > ALL THE BEST!!Dank je wel!!
    > Michael Grenda

    And the answer

    Calisia Kalisz can be proud to have a fanclub like this! Apparently this was recognised by the team as well, judging from the time they spent with you taking pictures and giving signatures.

    It was a pleasure to have you here!

    Polish volleyball fans are the best! Watching the second game I all the time had a feeling that it was in Kalisz too :thumbsup:

    so lightmaster... we are waiting for ur smiles :D

    Only for you ;) Woo-hoo! Ja-Ja-Ja!! Yes-Yes-Yes!! Да-Да-Да!!! We did it!!! :thumbsup: :super: Opening the 1 liter bottle of vodka. It's enough here to celebrate my holiday and to wipe out your sadness! :lol: Konrad, drinking for you too, don't be upset :drink: ;)

    Seriously. Today Avital Selinger has done almost what I waited from him in the first set of the first game with Poland in Halle. He replaced Kim Staelens for Riette Fledderus and Chaine Staelens for Alice Blom. And he did it in time, not waiting while the things become too bad. In some circumstances, players which are not so good can play better than main players, just because they are less stressed. We saw it in that match and can compare the result with first game. I would also substitute Manon Flier, but for whom?! Thanks to Debby, she played today for both, for herself and for Manon. 19 serves (more than anybody in the match) and Zero errors. Yeah, this is the way she is.

    The bad "news". Next opponent is Zarechie. Can Amstelveen stop that dream team? Mission impossible. I think, only one of the Italian teams have a chance.

    weird match between Istanbul and Novara.
    Novara won the first set straightly 25:13 and lost the 2nd 17:25 :roll:
    But Novara played mainly with subs in the 2nd set from what ive seen....

    Eczacibasi Zentiva Istanbul - Asystel Novara 3:1

    Italians are foxy. Never put more strength than needed for the victory. Not very good for their supporters.

    That's your opinion, I have my own. I'm not saying it was the greatest game I have seen. But you also don't have to give me these two examples, cause I watched many games and I can make the comparison ;) :read:

    Well, these teams have one more chance to make it better in a few days :teach: :)

    It depends on, what you mean saying "a great" game. For me it's a game in which both teams(or onless one) use their skills to show good volleybal, a game with many turns of action and fantastic atmosphere in the hall. The match in Kalisz had this everything, so it was a great game in my opinion (and I watched really many games in my life). I wouldn't also say, that Winiary slept two first sets - these sets were pretty close, and Dutches was better on the endings.

    Your definition of the great game is almost right. I would add, that teams have to play with inspiration, courage, giving them all to the game. The problem is that there were no any of the features you listed. The volleyball was less than good. 2 serve errors from Debby (she never misses in normal conditions) and 5(!) from Anna Baranska. I know what atmosphere Polish supporters can create. It wasn't there. I never "sleep" watching Martinus games. But this time it was quite difficult to do. To make sure, that I'm right, you can watch, for example, Top Volley 2007 semi-final Cannes-Volero or Russia-Serbia in Halle and feel the difference.

    Kalizs x Amstelveen and Zurich x Cannes must had been great games!!!!!!!

    Well...Zurich x Cannes was a play back to the Top volley semifinal.....hehe...and will have another!!!!Can't wait to see!!!!!

    Kalizs x Amstelveen wasn't a great game. Winiary slept first two sets and had put to sleep Amstelveen by that. Then Dutch slept next two sets. The fifth set Amstelveen lost in a best tradition of Halle. They had advantage in four points 13-9 and lost 14-16 (((

    Zarechie - Piła 3:1
    Zarechie is the clear favourite. But they are not perfect and i hope Piła will be at least able to fight and show some nice match

    Nastja, thank you for giving Piła a chance to win one set :D

    serdar, what is the prize money in your prediction competition? :whistle:

    Sirio PERUGIA (ITA) vs. Spar TENERIFE Marichal (ESP) 3-0
    Dinamo MOSCOW (RUS) vs. Vini Monteschiavo JESI (ITA) 3-2
    Zarechie ODINTSOVO (RUS) vs. Farmutil PILA (POL) 3-0
    Asystel NOVARA (ITA) vs. Eczacibasi Zentiva ISTANBUL (TUR) 3-1
    RC CANNES (FRA) vs. Voléro ZÜRICH (SUI) 3-2

    Once again NORCECA gets "wild card" by FIVB. The logical choice would be Netherlands (better ranking position, WGP champions..), but "in the name of good balance" Puerto Rico gets this undeserved prize.

    Also, both Japan and Korea are a little more relieved not having such a strong team as Netherlands is, competing in Japan.
    :thumbdown: FIVB :thumbdown:

    Fully agree with you. Due to this "balance" we'll be forced to watch dull games on OG. Europe should have more free slots on every world tournament, because of the number of competitive teams here. Netherlands is not on OG. Still can't get used to that ;(

    Who watched Pesaro-Chieri on TV today? I could only follow the live timing and seems it was a real war 19-25, 32-30, 26-24, 32-30!!! If somebody was lucky to record it from local TV or internet stream, please share for us, no matter what quality is.