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    I think Zarechie will be able to handle the pressure. They have Sokolova, Zhukova and other experienced players this season. If they wont win this Cup than it will be cos of another "stronger" team....

    Nastja, you are reading my thoughts :) Sokolova and Zhukova are so experienced fighters that they just don't affected to the influence of any pressure. And what is more, they can lead other players making them play at maximum in the most difficult moments. The only way to beat Zarechie is to force leaders to make a mistakes. This may be achieved by absolutely precise playing on block, defense and fast attacks. For example, Sokolova serves - fast attack, earning point. Sokolova attacks - libero don't let the ball to fall. Another attack - killing block. Ten minutes of such a gameplay from the opponents can brake anybody, even Sokolova. But, as for now, I know only one team that uses this method of moral destruction - Italian NT guided by Barbolini. Just ten minutes of full concentration - and any opponent starts to ask for mercy :thumbup:

    According to the final statistics, Manon Flier is the 2nd place best scorer after Katya Gamova. Eleonora Dziekiewicz is the 2nd place blocker after Vesna Citakovic. And Anna Baranska is still the first place best server, having incredible 17 aces!!! :thumbsup:

    After Zarechie smashed Dinamo 3:0 in the inner championship, I think we all know the winner of the Champions League this year. At least, I don't see who can stop them now.

    Best Server
    1. Baranska Anna Winiary Bakalland Kalisz 5 (20) 13 0,65

    Baranska is superb! So little kitty and so powerfull serves! How does she do it?!?!?!?!?! :thumbsup:

    BTW, statistics seems not full. Teams are already played 6 games, not 5.

    Best Scorer

    6. Yaneva Eva Rc Cannes 5 (20) 89 4,45
    7. Ravva Victoria Rc Cannes 5 (20) 88 4,40
    8. Centoni Nadia Rc Cannes 5 (20) 87 4,35

    Very balanced staff Rc Cannes has.

    But it's the right of the Bulgarian Federation to decide this, maybe it's a way to send a message that Bulgarian NT is (or has to be) a team more than a collection of individuals ...

    It's like, let's add some communism to volleyball, he-he :D

    The Bulgarian Volleyball Federation decided not to award anyone for Best Volleyball Player of 2007, because they did not want to single out anybody from the national team, since everybody contributed significantly.

    Eh, it means that nobody was good enough. But anyway, it's not right, because other players, especially young, should have a reference point, an example to strive for.

    Have you got the records of these interviews? I especially interested in Voronina's ones.

    By the way, what revenge do you seek? I already forgot ECH 07 semi finals, but I still have Athens final on my mind. ;)

    I still remember. Two 0:3 defeats from Italy, not only in semi-final but in final round too. Caprara underestimated Italy (or did it purposely ;) ) and din't use the final round to prepare to the serious match. But I promise to forget if we win gold in Beijing! :drink:

    Hehe, let's go farther:

    Rus vs Pol = Rus (we already saw how it can be)
    Cub vs Bra = Bra (this one will be the real fight!)
    Italy vs China = Italy (Italy is the strongest team now. let them to eliminate the hosting country :box: ;) )
    Ser vs USA = Ser (Serbia will always beat USA!)

    Rus vs Bra = Rus (I'm mosly afraid for this one :whistle: )
    Italy vs Ser = Italy ( ;( )

    Rus vs Italy = Rus!!! (3:0) :super:

    I want this sweet revenge :D

    I really hope that it'll be the Netherlands 8) But if there's one thing we've learned about the netherlands this tournament it's that they can't deal with pressure. They've won the GP (being the underdog) but then played awful at the EC (everyone expected them to play great) and now this tournament.. ?(

    I don't think it's worth to say than NED can't play under pressure. Cos it was a PRESSURE. Just imagine, you hardly trained for 4 years for only one aim, all the volleyball resources of the whole country work for you. And everybody every day tells you, that you have to get to the OG. You know how many people are looking at you and waiting the only one acceptable result. Also, you know, that you have the only one shot and no right to make a mistake. Anybody will brake under such circumstances if he is not a robot. And they have been broken, even coach :( . Dutch are theirselves guilty in that. They didn't care about making this pressure on the team lower. They had to implement a psycological trainings for players or just don't demand impossible results.

    Lets see how team played. 1st game with Poland -pressure is high - players forgot how to play volleyball, coach forgot how to make substitutions. 2nd game with Turkey - they still have chances to qualify - No play! Manon doesn't attack, Kim doesn't set, Huurman no block. Then was first set of the 3rd game with Germany. Still there is a minimal chance, they had to win 3:0 to get to the semi-final. No play, losing first set - losing everything! AND HEY-OPA! No pressure! Just nothing to loose. Smiles on their faces. And what we see? They smash Germany! Win three sets in a row!

    In my opinion, there was a mistake of the coach. He have to feel the nervousness of his players and make substitutions in time. He HAD to change Manon Flier for Alice Blom, Kim Staelens for Riette Fledderus and Francien Huurman for Caroline Wensink. These three players were SO shaking that just couldn't play even 10% of their power. But he started thinking only at the end of the second game with Turkey... :(

    Anyway, Nederland is 10th in the word ranking right after Poland. If some weak team will refuse from taking part in OG, NED is the first candidate to replace it or to take part in the last qualification tournament.