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    I don't think he can train the better players than the first generations' are.
    Flier, Stam, Wensink, Huurman, Visser, Blom and Stealens are all great. The problem is somewhere else.


    Thank you. This is what I wanted to learn. Avital is not going to be the club coach in other countries.
    I'm not sure if it's good for him. Let's hope, he'll return to club work after taking some rest.

    I'm really angry that Flier won MVP....of course she is a great player, but Simona Gioli was just marvellous today and even more so yesterday

    It's democracy, man. MVP is chosen by voting. Different people has different understanding of the word "valuable". For the most voters she was the most valuable on this tournament. You are not agree with that. I am, in opposite, fully agree with that. Everybody are happy! 8)

    I don't know why, but people in Russia like (love) Dutch players, Dutch team and Dutch NT coach very much. It's like there is some irrational connection between us. It became even stronger after Debby played a season in Belgorod. Everybody considers her an "our" player and cheers for the Netherlands even after they beated Russia out of the tournament. And also, I know for sure, that Russian journalists voted for Manon Flier as MVP.


    Congratulations to Italy. You're the best, guys. No doubt :cup:

    Congratulations and big thanks to Poland. Bronze medals aren't so bad, giving the current conditions. The organization of the EC 2009 is top class! I would like all big tournaments were held in Poland. The Polish audience is incredible! Especially when cheering for the Netherlands :whistle: ;)

    The Netherlands... ;(
    Seems, that Dutch girls still aren't ready to play final games. I mean, to show what they capable of and to WIN finals. More trainings are needed. More tournaments. Maybe less important competitions but reaching finals and win, win and win. Ok, I have a patience to wait as long as I have to, and one beautiful day the success will come. I'm sure.

    There will be 27 000 spectators on Poland-Brazil games in Łódź this weekend

    8| 8| 8| OMG!

    I'm wondering, why volleyball is so popular in Poland?? Is it something on genetical level, or there is a receipt, how to achieve that in other countries? :D ;)
    People on Ukrainian forum ask, what's wrong here, that there is almost no interest to volleyball? Clubs are weak, hard to make TV channels to show matches. I suppose, Poland and Ukraine can be considered as quite similar countries. And it's not all about money. So, what do you do to attract so many people to volley? :whistle:

    Have somebody tried to compose video clip or some other kind of video by yourself?
    I wanted to do something like that for ages. Finally, a couple of months ago, I've managed to make my first video. I would like to share it with everybody and know what you think :) Also, I would like to see your videos and share the experience. And maybe even to encourage you to do the first steps 8)

    I've made the video with software, called Edius. It appeared to be quite sophisticated program for the newbie. With almost no chance to do anything by intuition. So, now I try to find more user-friendly video editing tool, but also not too simple, because simple programs don't have all necessary options. Maybe somebody could give an advice.

    This video is from the TV show "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles". I like the show very much and recommend it to those who liked the Terminator and Terminator 2 movies. I think, the show is the best existent continuation of the story of T1 and T2. But you should be aware, that the show is more about relations and little religion and philosophy, than about visual effects and robot fights. (press the HD button in the player to watch in full quality)

    The clip is almost plain, without much effects. I didn't fully figured out, how to use them. I just tried to put video sequence on the words of the song.
    Sharp criticism, advices and examples of your own works are highly appreciated! :D

    Lightmaster, do you know the other players who were awarded in this edition ? Tournament home page has not updated us on this yet..

    I don't know exactly. Other nomitations look quite weird.

    "For being devoted to volleyball" - Yoshie Takeshita (Japan)

    "Miss of the Tournament" - Marina Sheshenina (Russia)

    Maybe they are going to publish more traditional nominations also...

    It's becoming a good tradition, that Dutch player gets the MVP title. Russia loves volleyball girls from Holland! ;) Last year it was Debby, this year Manon. Unfortunately, Debby couldn't play. Nikolay Karpol said in the inteview that she had broken her hand.

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! That's it, what everybody were waiting for!!! :thumbsup:

    I'm wondering, how angry the NeVoBo's and clubs' bosses could be now :lol:

    Next turn is to start The Project again :whistle: