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    yeah i wrote in google search and there are some gay volleyball sites saying the same thing and even mentioning she started dating ana bjelica which is crazy and laughable cause ana bjelica is stevanovics godmother rofl i can t be 100% sure that carly and jole are not dating but i just think they are 2 very close friends nothing more for some reason gay people think to overthink things that are just not there most of the time that is why it gets them in trouble loads of time from what i v seen and heared

    seems to me even thought serbia took it easy against japan they did bring their a game against china,no amount of serbian help can bring japan to finals thought,usa is getting recked by brasil,atm future of usa volleyball doesnt look bright just by looking at this new usa squad i can t for the love of god see any good players they all look like college material to me

    i really dont want this to go into an argument but im the 1 that has been critisizing adams and when i did it people immidieatly called me an american hater and later on even a racist and i do accept other peoples opinions it is others that can t handle the critisism hence why they call people out,so people that have been called out are gonna strike back luckily for us there is this thing called stats so we actually know who is actually good and who isnt that good ,everything else then that is personal preference

    to appreciate american player and kissing american ass is totally 2 different things and rbdfabio is right loads of people on this forum are kissing american ass like he said people tend to remember only the good thing they do but when others point out the bad then u are an american hater or even worse people call u racist u gotta realize americans players are not god given luckily there are stats that show how good a player actually is everything else is a personal preference

    i do agree with u partially cause playing for first 4 places aint the same as playing for last 4 spots but still 1 player can t play for the entire team so i think it is fair to base rewards on actual stats so there are no rewards given just cause someone made it to the finals that is my take on things

    well i disagree just cause someone was last doesnt mean they werent good 1 player can t make a whole team so why should a player suffer cause others in her team suck,would u think the same if zhu or boskovic or any other top player u like played for example in those 2 japanese teams and they came last what matters are stats and i just checked their stats on official site and rasic is indeed second but that japanese setter is way ahead of others


    again all the rewards are based on stats and if m not mistaken maja was leading % of settings before last day and rasic was second on blocking stats seems they both had a bad day my individual reward team would be

    Best OH: Zhu Ting
    2nd OH: Gabi
    Best MB: Maja Poljak
    2nd MB: Milena Rasic
    Best OPP: Tijana Boskovic
    Best Setter: Maja Ognjenovic
    Best Libero: Silvija Popovic

    finally individual rewards are based on stats which was never the case before althought i m surprised by best second libero going to akman thought rasic had more blocks and thought mja ahad better % then japanese libero but if that isnt the case then they both deserved the rewards they got!

    finally volero wins something gz to them rykluh,akinradewo and kenia were on fire today in ecz only boskovic was on fire hande and kosheeleva were good larson was nowhere to be seen glad terzic,ana,bojana and silvija won medals with a club internatinally cause they surely deserve it feel bad for tijana and maja thought but i dont feel bad for that loser barbolini that man shouldnt be anywere near a top turkish club again, i hope next season ecz gets some decent blockers and gets a good receiving oh they needed it badly, i said it many times ecz depends on boskovic way to mutch nobody can keep up with her were in vakif u have few players that can step up when zhu is not playing well 90% of the time that is not the case with ecz

    i m surprised that people are surprised how well ana antonijevic is playing when she was at the peak of the form before all those injuries she was better then maja imo she definetly deserved that silver in rio more so then zivkovic to be honest,i hope she find a good cl team i would like to see her in fener,novara or modena cause everything else would be a waste of time if she wants to win something internationally in the near future

    just finished watching replay of the ecz-vakif match and reason ecz lost is due to their own stupidity and errors like allways they had 6-7 errors in first set,4-5 in second and 4-5 in fourth no wonder they lost now and in this match the kosheeleva wasnt even playing which shows u the scale of stupidity by ecz managers when they signed her,local mbs did better job then adams i m impressed by ceylan she did an awsome job considering her first time ever playing in such big tournament she had those 2-3 mistakes but that is due to her not being experienced,ecz should really invest good money into blocking mbs that is where they struggle the most,boskovic was on fire today,larson as well on vakif side loneke was really good zhu was ok and rasic did have a good game,i have to admit it was maybe one of the best games ever if we see past all the mistakes made in this match quality of volleyball was out of this world