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    I'm totally okay with Camera, but why Caracuta? She doesn't have a talent to be a great setter and plays a very inconsistent volleyball. I don't like Signorile either, but at least she's young and it can be reason why she was called...

    Big pity for Francy Ferretti...and Ludovica Dalia as well. I've always thought Dalia is a great setter but never got a chance to be on the list. Is that Leo's influenceas well?

    yes,leo is real boss!she controled ex-coach barbolini and made the list of NT.Now,she done again! not only chose the new coach ,but dicided who should involve Italian NT.

    Magri,Barbolini,Mencarelli and FIPAV all are leo's puppet. :obey: What's a ridiculous :aww:

    that's a best excuse for losing Olympics,right? :drink:

    Well, it explains why Piacenza transfered Robin de Kruijf ;) I'm not so happy about Martina heading to China because I can't watch chinese volleyball league...but some players (Brakocevic and Skowronska for example) became stronger after playing in China, so I believe it's a good sign for herself.

    kasia played so terrible......

    what i meant is that Manon Flier could have the best potetnial but during these last years she lost her shape and she haven't grown up..
    so she's not right now a top level player to play for Rabita!!!! i was simply talking about what a waste of potential she is!!!
    even if i still hope she can find her way and stll becom a true star!

    manno filier? r u sure?
    she lost her shape many years,in fact,does she show her a super star in any league?
    her terrible remenber in italy...

    She's not realy needed, in NT can be any of these instead her: Merlo, De Gennaro, Sirressi, Croce, Cardullo, Arcangeli, Carocci. Not too many? And others from league aren't so worse than these.

    luna carocci?are you sure? :rolll:

    I love how Italian fans never give a chance to Leonardi in NT :lol: Such a luxury in libero position for Italy :) But I still think Leonardi is the best one :)

    I like leonardi,she looks like a cute angel,and vivacious girl!!!
    I dont know why italian could not share their libero to other country :kiss:

    Bonetti, Foppapedretti Bergamo's president, also broke the silence and came to the press to defend Piccinini. He said:

    "I think Piccinini had first to talk about the problem she had: she was accused as traitor cause she didnt go to NT, but the truth, WE CAN CONFIRM, she had serious problems that the national team tried to hide, not only from us but alsofrom the athlete. This to me is immoral, when Lo Bianco had her problem, Piccinini and everyone was close to her, I dont understand why she had to be criticized. She is for sure a great girl, that used to represent volleyball's image, and you ladies must know, a bit jealousy happens, and so Gioli, Del Core and Lo Bianco had a bit of jealousy. I can speak freely cause Piccinini is no longer our player, so Im not defending our player, but Im defending and amazing person".

    president forgot something.....
    leo had her health problem,however,she played all the matches of World Champion 2010.
    Picci chose to refuse the World Cup 2011.
    It is not right or wrong between two choices,but themselves rights.
    In my opinion,leo could not use her own choice as a standard to appraise other players.however,that's why I like her because leo never say no to Italian NT...Paradox

    Congratulations Busto...and most o all Congratulations Cate!!!What a match for her indeed.

    I think Ville suffered with the lack of experience, but I was quite impress with both teams level of game...I think they can grow a lot during season.

    however,villa lost again...i hope cate could get a championship,they lost too much...

    how about vigano played as libero?

    Please tell me who are the most important players for Italy?

    No reception means no set to the MBs. No reception means Lo Bianco even worse than usually and we saw it in the olympics... Who's more important than Piccinini and Cardullo? Del Core? Bosetti? Costagrande? Come on, explaine what you mean.

    you make a joke...

    how about foppa's reception?so terrible,yes,piccinini+del core=setter running always,dont tell me you could not watch matches.

    how about ferretti played last season without good reception...

    if you watched enough italian NT matches, you could find a truth del core is key of team reception, not piccinini,that's why Italian NT could not get the championship of 2008 OG.

    BTW,it is a group,it means all teammates are heros.
    i hope girls could be tolerant each other.
    in my opinion,leo picci gioli del core,all of them should be out of new italian NT list,to make sure new coach have real power . new coach could choose the players himself,and remove other effects

    does Negrini have a girl or boy?i look at the family picture,the baby is beautiful.

    btw,the next maybe del core or piccinini, then contradiction of italian NT will blow over,haha

    Serena Ortolani anouced she will miss next season cause she is pregnant. It was not something planed as she had a responsability with Pesaro, being their capitan. But it happened.

    The father, from what I've read is Davide, her ex coach in Bergamo.

    Congratulations Serena!

    papa is Davide Mazzanti
    in my opinion,sere ,herself,is still a little girl,and far away from the name of mamma...
    the link…-lascia-pesaro-e-incinta/ year,lucia bosetti would be always the opposto of italian NT in EC...