Oh My God! Andressa and Natasha?? NO! A THOUSAND TIMES NO!
    The two had a disastrous performance by Amil Volleyball / Campinas in Superliga 12/13 and surely one of them will be waived because Zé Roberto has hired a great Angelica. The experienced Walewska will renew and then left one more vacancy.
    Sheilla, Fabiana and Jaqueline will not play in any official competition this year and probably not too Thaísa and Fabi.
    The perfect call with 18 players:
    Setters: Dani Lins, Ana Tiemi, Juliana Carrijo
    Opposites: Tandara,Joyce e Rosamaria
    Central: Adenízia, Juciely, Angelica,Carla and Letícia Hage
    Wing Spiker: Garay, Natalia, Dairot, Gabi and Ellen
    Liberos: Brait e Tássia