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    Sheilla wasn't saying about this. She was simply questioning why they didn't use their main players in such an important game. Why was Zhu benching in a final match? She could have made the difference dor China! It's not about renewing... But don't worry, Brazil has noce bunch of young players who can become good in future... :D :D

    What other player out Gabi ?

    I'll find it funny when this Brazilian team is old OG ched in 2016.

    I wish all the best for Fabiola. I think this it will be a great chance to give some experience to Claudinha. She's a talented and promissing setter!

    Disagree, Ze should give to experience a really talented setter, Juliana Carrijo

    This kind of attitude is one of the reasons for me not to support Brazil NT.

    I kind of agree but at the same time kind of not. One should ignore what the mass media is saying about Rezende as clearly he is an excellent coach, perhaps most decorated among the acting NT coaches. He is definitely smart, reads the game well, keeps things under control better than e.g. Russia coaches. Also, he has a proven track of introducing young players into the NT.

    But. Volleyball is a game that one can play with the same 8-10 players coached by the same guy for many years. This approach can be successful and the Netherlands NT from 1990s is a good example. At the same time, keeping things the same way for e.g. over 5 years sounds... just boring. Secondly, is there a person ready to take over from Rezende? I mean the NT coaching experience, for which the year 2013 could have been just ideal time. Like it was for Voronkov who has definitely learned a lot from this WL.

    Bernardo never introduced new players, was at 97 as Radames own Nalbert said.

    Arrogant is not the correct word choice. She clearly stated that she had other priorities and wanted to be sure that she was able to give all of her effort and energy to the program if she was indeed going to make a push for Rio and not do it half-heartedly. To me, that's indicative of someone who is mature and considerate of others. With her taking this summer off to focus on other areas of her life, other players will get the opportunity to train and travel.

    DihArnone, if you think Larson is "extremely arrogant" I would hate to think how you would describe players from Brazil.

    I also think the immature and arrogant, why do not I support Brazil NT.