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    It's a pity that Turkey has these problems, because potentially it could achieve better results. They were the team that gave most headaches to Brazil this year and it cannot be said it was by chance, since it happened twice. I saw them in Trieste and it was really frustrating how they threw the match against Brazil after leading 2-0.

    The format is really tricky and could lead to weak teams participating in Olympic Games. Let's see what can happen:

    Brazil (1) is already qualified, so Argentina (2) may take the spot for South America
    China (3) and USA (4) may win the two World Cup spots, this means two more places for Asia and North America, which could go to Japan (5) and Dominican Republic (6).
    A spot for Africa (7) and one for Europe (8.). Let's say Tunisia and Russia, just to make an example.

    Just four places left - three from one tournament and one from another. Let's say that South Korea (9), Turkey (10) and Serbia (11) take the places from the former.

    The 12th place will go to Colombia/Peru/Uruguay/Cuba/Puerto Rico/Mexico/Kenya/Algeria/Cameroon.

    Serbia and Russia should win the two World Cup spots, so three more teams from Europe can qualify. It will be really hard!

    there is no undefeated team in this tournament so far, after brasil lost the semi.

    besides, i just found one interesting match records between these four(4) teams:
    USA/China, now facing the title match, both were defeated twice by Italy/Brasil respectively in the second/third stage, but both won back in the kick-off match against Brasil and Italy, by the same score of 3-0 and 3-1 in the second stage when they were defeated for the first time.

    Remark: DO NOT meet your rivals for the 2nd time, because they will beat you as what you did.

    That's true!!
    2004 Olympics: China vs Cuba 2-3 then 3-2
    2012 Olympics: USA vs Brazil 3-1 then 1-3
    2007 Europeans: Poland vs Serbia 3-0 then 0-3

    And even if not with the same result Russia won twice Brazil in a World Championship after being defeated by Brazil in the first round (in 1998 in semifinal and in 2006 in final).


    the 3rd round introduces the unexpected and the excitement. as mens games in Poland, none believes that Russia out of Top 4.
    the Groups in the 3rd round did help China, who was struggling to survive against DOM.
    however, will italy 100% for sure win over USA in a kick-off game ?
    The semifinals are really equal to both are not drama...the results shall not be copied blindly...

    Not sure, because Italy suffered the pressure more in kick-off games, while fared better in all-around competitions like World Cup

    I give you the numbers of Italian aces, because are impressive and resemble Cuba in her old days. Only, Cuban aces were much more spectacular, for they jump served.

    6 against Croatia
    10 against Germany
    9 against Dominican Republic
    9 against Azerbaijan
    5 against Belgium
    6 against Japan
    8 against China (first match)
    8 against Russia
    10 against China (second match)

    you are right, China quit, but by taking FIVB's direction.
    i dont think any team prefers to quit a competition by losing possible FIVB ranking points and good oppotunity to prove a team.

    i was searching some articles and get some information that was not official maybe, "the TOP three teams of World Cup will directly qualified for Olympic Games next year (2005-2008 Olympic cycle), therefore, FIVB suggests the CHINA Volleyball NT of the both genders as the Host of Beijing OG shall not participate in the world cup and the CVA accepted FIVB's suggestion. During one interview, the head coach Chen Zhonghe said he has predicted the result and has made another training plan to prepare the OG instead of world cup."
    if it is true, i think sometimes FIVB made something really crazy :down: :down: :down:

    Thanks for the info! :)
    A bad decision by FIVB, since the WC in 2007 already lacked Russia which won the WCH the year before. FIVB should have encouraged China to participate instead. If China was in the top three, than simply the fourth classified should have taken the Olympic berth.

    Also today Italy totalised ten aces. Very impressive, considering Italy was in the last years one of the weakest serving team among top teams (except Bosetti Lucia, Barazza and Aguero). Bonitta did a great job, because every player is serving very well now. In fact serve was one of the key factors for Italians in this championship. In almost every match they scored from 5 to 10 aces.

    Congrats to Jenny Lang Ping!! It's the second time she surprises us with her NTs(first with USA and then with China). The last time China played the final at Wch was in 1998. 2002 was the last time China qualified for final round.
    They are young players. It may be a dangerous team in the following years.

    I'm very very sorry for la squadra...this tournament is the last performance of a great generation: Leo, Picci, Costagrande, Del Core, Cardulo, Arrighetti... :(

    Very sorry because they also didn't win an Olympic medal. I hope they'll fight for the bronze tomorrow. However, it was a very good twelve seasons for them. Thank you girls for the many great matches you gave us. :flower:

    This competition was too long and tiring. The two teams that played better in the three rounds declined in the fourth round. If the formula was like the last two editions the semifinals would have been Italy vs USA and Brazil vs China without the third round. Just like the beggining of the third round this time. I don't want to say that Italy and Brazil would have won 100%, but still the third round was not necessary.

    China finished 2nd, but Thailand who finished 3rd and South Korea who finished 4th were the teams in the World Cup as the Asian representatives. I am guessing that FIVB said their world ranking and hosting the Olympics said that they did not need to participate.

    If I remember correctly China decided not to participate, since it was already qualified as the Olympic host.

    For the first time after many years Italy has a very effective serve.
    But they lack a lot in blocking. If they will (not) block like they did with China they'll surely have problems with Russia and USA. Arrighetti is not a good blocker as were Barazza and Anza in their good days.

    Very sorry there is no Korea in this WCH. I have a feeling they could have been in top six. Nevermind!! :whistle: :whistle: