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    It was really nice today to have the possibility to watch Turkey vs Serbia live in Trieste. I wanted Turkey to win since I just returned a few days ago from a beautiful working experience in Turkey and so I have a special feeling with this country now. And it's really nice that here too there were enthusiastic Turkish fans cheering for the team. :super:

    Unfortunately Turkish girls didn't defend well today. Some spikes could really be digged and they could have tried to take the match to the tie-break.

    I don't think that Serbia can be a scare for Brazil.

    I don't agree with you samba player. Playing Asian style is not necessarily good strategy for a team having strong and tall players. The reason why Japan or Thailand are playing fast volley is that they simply have no other choice since they don't have almost any player over even 1.80, thus fast Asian style is a must for them. However, China have athletic, tall and strong spikers such as Wang, Ting and Rui. That's why a solid European style volleyball with a bit more variation is more than enough for CHN. I believe their problem is absence of a decent setter on contrary of Thailand and Japan. Besides, Rui is not a Molnar-like decent receiver who can cover Zhu on the court. From my perspective, with a solid receiver such as Esra Gümüş, Molnar- or anybody who can cover all court with libero- CHN can be as competitive as they were before :whistle:

    In my opinion you can run many combinations and play a fast game, even if you have tall players. It would be even an advantage!
    I agree with the problems you have listed, but these are exactly the features that China had when they played Asian school (a solid reception and a witty setter enable one's team to play a fast game and run combinations). Now they have problems in reception and also in defence (the setter is still young - this could be a mere physiological problem), due to their obsession with tall and physically strong players, which are slower in defence and not solid in reception. I mean you can find these kind of players (tall and strong), but they should not weaken those two features. As I've said before it could even be an advantage, if fully adapted to Asian/Chinese style. I hope it is understandable what I have in mind.

    China should look at the period when they dominated (80s) and should ask themselves why they dominated. Imitating Russia would not lead them anywhere. I know that volleyball has changed a lot from that period, but sometimes looking at one's traditions and adapting them to our times helps a lot. Lang Ping played in that fantastic team, so I have hope in her.

    About the real and false opposite position: did Chinese clubs change it or do they continue playing with the "false" opposite? Because there is no use to play with the real opposite in the NT, if first they don't introduce this feature in clubs. Chinese players should first get accostumed to it.

    I don't think it is a legitimate excuse :what: If team needs it you have to attack even from zone 3 :aww: It is always easier to attack from zone 2 for taller player by comparing to shorter ones as Zhang Lei :wall: Anyway, I hope CHN would give up this old school tradition as Cuba did for 4+2 :whistle:

    Hmm, I think that China's drop in level is due to its copying the more Western style. In my opinion if they give up even this feature will be even worse. China should continue playing fast with three MBs (with the one playing opposite the setter being an universal). That one is the key position for China! In fact in Asia they are losing against teams that play more Asian style than them. Having physically stronger players that are clumsy in defense is not necessarly a good team for an Asian team.

    Cuba giving up her old tradition is bad too. If all the players that escaped from Cuba had remained and had continued using the 6+2 they would have been still on top, probably even upsetting Brasil in some final match too. ;)

    Let them cheer how they want, I don't see the problem as long as they don't disrespect opponents or spectators. In case of Aelbrecht I find it quite entertaining to be honest (she even forgot to pay attention to her own medal awards because she was too busy with 'partying' :D :pinch: )

    In following interview, taken after pool matches, Aelbrecht and Rousseaux talk about the cheering and other things themselves (in English):

    I don't have problems with Freya or Maren or Kozuch, if they aren't disrespectful. Shouting is acceptable to me.

    What I find unacceptable is when players shout bad words in the face of opponents. Did Thaisa really said something that gross and foul in a match or it is the work of a fan? :thumbdown: A red card should have been given to her, if she really said that. It's not difficult for an Italian to understand the meaning of that words.

    Sa-Nee Kim didn't retire from NT, she just wasn't selected ^^

    Yes, I have just read in the first page of this new thread. :mad: C'mon, it is better to have older setters. It is the position, where experience really really counts! In fact when people criticize young setters, I always say: wait some years!
    I remember when people criticized Lo Bianco, Ferretti and Weiss when they were young. :roll:

    Well done!! I would like to know if Kim Sa Nee retired from NT? I hope not, because she is a good setter. Korea impressed me last year when they won against Brazil and Italy. Unfortunately it seems that their federation is a little bit like the Croatian one. :whistle:
    Looking forward to seeing them at World Championships and I hope for good results by them. Yeon Koung Kim rocks!! :heart: I'm happy that FIVB took the right decision.

    P.S. I have just read that Kim Sa Nee didn't retire, but she wasn't selected because of her age. That's silly, 'cause old setters are generally better than younger ones.

    What a pity that India and Indonesia with million peoples and rising economies can't make competitive teams. Vietnam was promising last year beating South Korea. Let's see what will happen here. What happened to Thailand. It seems they dropped in level. They weren't good in WGP either. 8| 8| Tiresome season in Azerbaijan??

    I wonder if the participants will be Brazil, Russia, China, Japan, USA and wild card. Flavours of the past, since those are the historical teams of women volleyball + Cuba. So in this case FIVB would give Cuba the wild card to make it a more retro competition. :D We never know with FIVB