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    Here is my opinion: I think until there was Aguero she could control in some way those conflicts. After she retired everything exploded.

    Toguttt: Loca said stronger not stranger. ;)

    Brazilian players are the best and most sensual dancers!! The only one near their level is Hooker! :rose:

    BTW I recognized just Jaque, Hooker and Adenizia. Who are the others?

    We as fans want some explaination about the situation in the NT. There is no trasparency. What happened in the team? Who is the boss - the coach or some players? Why it was avoided in every way to let Ortolani play? Why Ferretti, Centoni and Guiggi were not called in the last years? Why Anzanello and Rinieri were not permitted to take part of Olympics in 2008 and Anzanello and Ortolani in 2012?

    IMO potentially this Chinese NT could be stronger and wittier than Brazil and USA in attack and setting. Their game is the most beautiful to watch with their combinations, cross plays, self fakes etc.

    What it lacks is:

    1) experience - one or two experienced players could have been preserved for London, especially in key positions such as Zhang Na, Zhou Suhong or Yang Hao. I hope they won't fall in the same error replacing 2/3 of the team again.
    2) lousy defence and reception, unforced errors and slow movements on court - these were once the strong points of the Chinese. It is clear that these problems made a difference in London, especially for the style the Chinese are employing. To link the second point with the first, Zhang Na and Zhou Suhong were very good receivers and diggers.

    I'm sad for how it ended for China at the Olympics, because in attack they have the most beautiful game in the World. A better defence and much less unforced errors could have led to different results in the pool play in London.

    A suggestion to China NT: don't change your attacking schemes and style and don't change the starting up players, because they are superb (they lacked experience, but will be experienced enough for Rio).
    Change the bench, train much more in defence (try to find a way to not have Wang in the back row - a big liability in defence as much as Takeshita was for Japan in blocking), if you really want some new players, find some quicker in movements on court.

    What do you think about the roster of the 2012 Korean team?

    They have a good setter (Kim Sa-Nee) and a great player (Kim Yeon-Koung), but what about the other positions? IMO Han Song-Ji is a good OH and the two MBs are not bad. But I think they have problems with Opp. They have to find somebody. What is the duty of Hee if she doesn't spike nor receive? Blocking and defending? Wouldn't it be better to play with Hwang?

    I'm sure the USA players knew that. It's just isn't easy too employ this tactic. But if you can you can win. Japan in the WCH semifinal tried it and almost won. Unfortunately an error in the 4th set of the Japanese, when they had the match point, changed the match. But Russia the next day tried again this tactic and won.

    Oh, I made a mistake, Japan didn't have any match point in the semifinal against Brazil in 2010. But I remember something like leading in the third or four set like 22-20 and then doing some unforced mistakes and losing the set.

    Brazil's win against Russia is a turning point in Brazil volleyball's history. They never won an important match (in or out) in an important competition (Olympics or WCH) against their arch rivals Russia and Cuba. This gave them an enourmous amount of confidence.
    Brazil is a very emotional team, they need confidence, because they do not have nerves of steel like Russia or the Asian teams.

    The only way to win Brazil is to destroy their confidence. A team should put on them enourmous pressure on their reception. Russia's serves in the quarters weren't that effective. If you watch the semifinals and finals at the 2010 Worlds Japan and Russia employed that tactic with efficacy. You may fail some serves in the first set (Russia at World Championship) to find the measures, but you need it very much.
    Brazil suffers very much the long serves. This is something tied both with their way of playing and their psychology. If the opponent team constantly serve this way it will slow down the setting for the attack, probably the middle blockers will not attack and the Oh that had to receive will be positioned too far away from the net or in a way that will not attack well. Jaqueline, Paula, Sassa, Fernanda, even Natalia need perfect sets to attack with efficiency. So the setter will have less options. This will have an impact on their nerves. The attackers targeted in reception will start to get blocked not just because of the sets, but also because of nervousness. The other attackers (MBs and Sheilla) will start to make errors too, because they will want to conquer the serve at all cost. They will start to disunite, Ze will loose patience, go crazy and start to change setters, Oh, Mb as is in his style. It's in the psychology and way of playing of the Brazilian team: exstatic when all goes well, when they control the match and can play the way they know; gone crazy when they cannot play with their usual style.

    I'm sure the USA players knew that. It's just isn't easy too employ this tactic. But if you can you can win. Japan in the WCH semifinal tried it and almost won. Unfortunately an error in the 4th set of the Japanese, when they had the match point, changed the match. But Russia the next day tried again this tactic and won.

    Well, congrats Brazil for your second Olympic gold ;)

    Pool A: Spain, Israel, Slovakia, Sweden
    Pool B: The Netherlands, Ukraine, Greece, Denmark
    Pool C: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Finland, Austria
    Pool D: Romania, Croatia, Great Britan, Portugal
    Pool E: France, Belgum, Slovenia, Montenegro
    Pool F: Czech Rep., Bulgaria, Hungary and the winner of: Latvia - Cyprus

    I don't understand why Bulgaria and Czech are in the same pool? They are stronger than the others teams of the other pools. Pool D is very interesting and I'm curious if Great Britain can come in at least second place.

    Actually I didn't get your criteria by making this groups. I mean If it depends on current rosters, much or less last OG standing speak itself.

    My criteria is subjective - it is my perception of who is the strongest team based on various matches results. As I have said everybody can create their ranking based on their own criteria. So your ranking is very well accepted. :drink:
    I'm not making prediction for the future, so as for now Russia and Italy are stronger than the 4 Asian teams. But I agree with you that Russia and Italy may fall down, but I will count the results of the next year if that happens.
    Basing the ranking just on Olympics (a single tournament) is not complete IMO, because Korea really beat 3-1 Italy and 3-0 Brazil, but for me this team still it is not stronger than Italy and Brazil. I'm not sure if in quarters Japan would have encountered Turkey and Korea Russia they would be in semifinal as it happened.

    EDIT: Now that I think better I agree with you to have USA before Brazil, because USA beat a lot of time Brazil and many other teams, while Brazil struggled more.

    Group 1 (red) = 1.Brazil, 2.Italy, 3.China, 4.USA, 5.Russia, 6.Cuba
    Group 2 (orange) = 1.Netherlands, 2.Germany, 3.Poland, 4.Serbia, 5.Turkey, 6.Japan
    Group 3 (light orange) = 1.Dominican Republic, 2.Thailand, 3.Azerbaijan, 4.South Korea, 5.Puerto Rico, 6.Czech Republic, 7.Kazakhstan, 8.Croatia, 9.Bulgaria
    Group 4 (yellow) = 1.Chinese Taipei, 2.Peru, 3.Spain, 4.Belgium, 5.Belarus, 6.Slovakia, 7.France, 8.Romania

    I think USA with the Olympic team is really strong and a serious gold medal contender, but Brazil is the real favourite.

    After two years could it be like that?

    Group 1 (red) = 1.USA, 2.Brazil, 3.Russia
    Group 2 (orange) = 1.Germany, 2.Turkey, 3.Italy, 4.China, 5.Japan, 6.South Korea, 7.Thailand, 8.Serbia
    Group 3 (light orange) = 1.Poland, 2.Netherlands, 3.Cuba, 4.Dominican Republic, 5.Czech Republic, 6.Bulgaria
    Group 4 (yellow) = 1.Croatia, 2.Azerbaijan, 3.Puerto Rico, 4.Argentina, 5.Peru

    Obviously Russia without Gamova and Sokolova will drop, but I'm basing this subjective (!!!) ranking on current roster. Do you think more or less? Which one would you exchange in position?

    Could it be that also the surprise factor plays an important role? I mean nobody thought that Serbia would play like that in 2006 so maybe the other teams didn't prepare adequately the match against it.

    About Korea, now I remember that it has raised some eyebrows when at the 2009 W.G. Champions Cup took Italy to tie break, beat China 3-0 at the 2010 WCH, took Brazil to tie break at the last year World Cup. So maybe it wasn't that unexpected about Korea, there were some clues, but still at this Olympics they surprised me very much. What Korea has absolutely to find is major continuity.

    I was astonished by these three teams that unexpectedly rose their levels.

    -Serbia didn't play well till the WCH 06. I remember them playing without stability two months before at the WGP qualification (even if a clue back then was them beating Turkey at the tie break). At WCH they beat Poland, Turkey, Cuba and twice Italy. They took a set Brazil.
    -USA wasn't really an elite team in the 2005-2008 period. I remember them losing against the top teams. They didn't qualify for the WGP 06 and 07 and fared quite badly at the 08 WGP. But they rose their level at the Olympics.
    -Korea is a real surprise. I mean: they beat China at the 2010 WCH, but at the last WC and at WGP they were quite disastrous. Now they beat Brazil 3-0, Serbia and Italy 3-1, lost just at the tie break with China and Turkey.

    It was possible in your opinion to predict that rise? Can you predict which team could possibly surprise us in the future?

    Other teams are more gradual in their rise (Thailand and Germany for example).

    Why nowadays fewer and fewer players jump serves? Sokolova, Gamova, Wang Yimei, Picci, Jacqueline all gave up. Also a lot of Cubans gave up. I'm talking about powerful jump serves not jump floats