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    This is to me asian style

    Look at Japan, everyone's attacking. 3:00 minute is the best example.

    Thanks for the video! :obey:

    It's been a while since I saw the combo played at minute 3.00. Just beautiful! Last time I saw this kind of game it was at the 2008 euro qualification for Olympics done by team Romania (!!!) with all of its stars, which almost beat Serbia and Russia.

    Yeah Japan 1985 was the true Asian school I agree. But Korean are using some of these combos and Thailand too. Obviously everybody plays a more modern version of the Asian school. The games nowadays are much quicker.

    i dont know what Korea will do against Usa team at the SF but i liked their game based on variations in attacking.They are different from China and even Japan.....China plays more like an European team..Japan's game based mainly on Saori and Ebata but Korea makes a difference with its style standing out.

    I totally agree! In fact Korea (and Thailand) play the true Asian style. China has to return to the style it had in 2004 IMO. Playing more European way was proved to not be working (WCH10 and this Olympics).
    China has to return to the wonders of RuiRui-Yanan Liu-Suhong basing their game with MBs and OPP combo attacks. Quick game with OHs. Emergency balls to wang Yimei. Reception should be stable and defence should be much better.
    China should use a lot her MB and false OPP

    2011 and 2012 were disastrous year for Italian NT (except the World Cup in november) :white:

    Not winning a medal at WGP (after doing it from 2004 till 2010 - except 2009 when Italy wasn't present) and this year not even acceding at the Final Six (when was this happening last time? In the 90s?) and not winning a medal at Euros were serious indicators of the bad form Italian team have, which Barbolini didn't take too seriously.

    After this Olympics it is time to build a young team. Italy did this in the 1997-2000 period and results came.
    I think it is time to replace the players of that generation: Lo Bianco, Cardullo, Croce, Gioli, Barazza, Anzanello, Guiggi, Del Core, Piccinini, Costagrande. Unfortunately things should have been done more gradually.
    A new team should be built around Ortolani, Arrighetti, Bosetti's sisters adding Diouf, Gennari, Pisani, Barcellini, Folie, Bechis

    And hopefully a new coach - Luciano Pedulla

    Its going to be a tough match for the Brazilians. In Brazil's game vs Russia, the serves were easy floaters Jacque, Fabi and even Garay had no problems receiving. Dani Lins ran a good offense which led to some very good attacks. Ofcourse, Gamova was not in her usual self so all the breaks just went in favor for Brazil.

    But Japan is a tough-serving team... Brazil will really be tested. And also, just like how they succumbed to Korea and USA, Brazil is prone to losing to teams who plays fast volleyball.

    Japan can beat down Brazil but I want a rematch of Beijing..this time with a different result. :box:

    In 2006 Godina, Sokolova and Gamova's jump serves smashed Brazil's reception.
    In 2010 Japan and Russia's long serves were the key!!

    Today the serves were too easy by Russians.

    Imagine if there was Thailand there. They would have won against some teams.

    Congrats to Asian school! Congrats to Korea, Japan and Thailand. I hope China can find the Asian school again with better defence and reception

    However I want to thank Italian girls, for whose I cheered from 2005!! A BIG BIG THANK YOU for all your victories and big achievements. I'm proud of you. Now is time to have a new NT.
    Let's see if I will still support it the way I did 'till today.

    For me a cycle (opened in 2001/2002) had definitely come to an end. ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

    About European teams, it's true. They never come perfectly prepared for OG. Italy 4 years ago was unlucky to lose Del Core short before the tournament, but I still consider it a very bad move to let Aguero play OH back then instead.

    Barbolini's error back then was to not call Rinieri instead, who had the last great season in Serie A1

    Italy :wavy: They MUST change their roster and find new faces. Bosetti sisters aren't enough I think. They don't have any strong OH-OPP that they can trust in decive moments. I am curious if Gioli, Lo Bianco, Piccinini will retire or play in WCH 2014.

    Bosetti's sisters are clearly not enough, but Gioli, Barazza, Del Core, Costagrande, Picci, Croce, Cardullo, Anzanello should definitely leave their places to younger players. Some of them should have left the team earlier IMO, but Barbolini :whistling:

    Italy had all the time in the world to prepare for this (as well as the last time in Beijing). They had qualified last November already, but they never got anything going.

    It's true about now but not in Beijing. Barbolini and the team are to blame for this Olympics' debacle. But in Beijing two big problems (Del Core and Aguero) plus Barazza's injury undermined their performance.

    Wow...this is a shock eventually, but Korea totally and absolutely deserved to win today! Italy totally gave up in 4th set, and while they certainly did not look pleased after the defeat, they did not look nearly as devastated as the Chinese players (I haven't seen the Russians yet...).

    In the end, what I predicted for Italy before the tournament came true. They lost again in QF, but I really did not expect it to be against Korea. This was a much better opportunity to reach semis than in 2004 vs Cuba or 2008 vs USA. As I expected, the old ladies were not hungry enough for success and that became obvious today in the end. I hope for Italy's future that they can build a new strong team around Arrighetti, Ortolani and the Bosetti sisters, I expect that most of the others retire now, at least I hope so even though Italy hosts the next WCH. They will not succeed there either with the old ladies...

    IMO 2008 was the only year Italy had the opportunity to win the gold. They just won every match 3-0 until Del Core and Aguero problems. This year they had many problems and were lucky to be in easier pool.

    And I agree they should retire!!

    What a terrible match by the Italian team. Congrats to Korea, they played really well and exploited all the italian weaknesses that Barbolini just ignored in the last months. Now Italy has to move on and play with younger players and definitely a new coach.