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    I agree, Brazil need a psychologist.

    In my opinion, Akulova is better than Sheshenina. Akulova is faster and more innovative. Anyway if Akulova and Sheshenina want to improve their setting skills, they have to go playing in non-Russian clubs. However Russia with Gamova, Sokolova and Godina can win even with mediocre setting.

    How are Belarus, Slovakia, Czech Republic and France? I don't know them yet. Which good players do these teams have?

    Do you think that Bulgaria and Croatia will be the surprise teams? I think yes, especially Croatia with Poljak, Osmokrovic, Barun and Popovic. Will Marinova and Petkhova play in Bulgarian NT?

    What about Belgium with the fantastic De Carne? Will the Spanish NT become stronger now that Spanish players play in the League with and against Sokolova, Glinka, Mroz, Tom, Demir, Rosner ... I think it is a good training for Spanish players.

    My fav teams are
    BRAZIL = they have a fantastic game, with good combo, a great setter. I like a lot of the players. And also their joy and their team spirit.
    ITALY = It's my country, but I like the team a lot. When they are on, they are fantastic.
    JAPAN = Great combo game and great defence, tricky serves. It's great when they win against tall players.
    POLAND = Beautiful players. :oops: A part from this, I liked the team that last year won the European Championships.

    My fav players are (they are a lot, I'll say just some)
    FOFAO = The best setter in the world. A player of two decades.
    WALEWSKA = I like her attacks and blocks. With Fabiana she is the tower of Brazil.
    JAQUELINE = Not just one of the most beautiful but also a great spiker, receiver and digger. She has great charisma too.
    SOKOLOVA = The name says all. Great great player. She seems also very nice.
    TOGUT = She is a great opposite. She is determinant for Italian team. When she is on is fantastic.
    CARDULLO = Cute "Pally" is the best libero in the world.
    GODINA = I like her serve. When she does an ace is gorgeous.
    TAKESHITA = She is 159 cm, but she plays in a NT team.
    DE CARNE = It's a pity that we can't enjoy her in major Intl. competitions. She'll be very appreciated, if she'll be known more.

    It's interesting that Brazilians and Cubans are always involved in fights on court! :lol:
    Remember the fight between Fabiana and Merkulova at WCH? Or between Ramirez and Piccinini at WGP Final also this year?