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    i dont know where to post these but you will be left amused here guys ..

    Once upon a italian league here is the starting lineup of this one team:

    Poljak Glinka Mifkova Paggi Togut Fiorin

    Who among them was played as the setter ? Hahahaha

    Poljak if I remember right.

    I listened the interview with Glinka about that team two years ago :D And If I'm right, one of the middles played as setter (Poljak if I'm right).

    Santarelli was doing very well with the Croatian team. It would be pity to leave the team for dutchies. It would be a similar case of gui left them for Turkish by😶

    Yes, exactly. Dutch players were really disappointed when Guidetti left their team. Some of them were really mad. If Santarelii is federation pick for new coach, croatian girls should be dissapointed 😁

    Actually he was the first one crossing my mind, leastwise as a lifesaver in such a short period.

    That would be so funny to watch 😁 but I'm not sure if players would be happy with this choice.

    She said that she gained more experience last season as a full starter in every match than in Legionovia during 3 years, so that's great that she decided to stay and be starter once again. She reminds me a bit of Bociek, but she has bigger potential / power. Hopefully, it will be her breakout season, because I don't see Zaroślińska as a sub, she's past her prime and we have to move one.

    Yes, she was really good 4 years ago as junior. I thought she will play a lot because there wasn't so many good OH, but eventually she was converted to opposite and spent that time on bench :(

    The league starts next week. (SuperCup tournament is tomorrow) so I've decided to post my predictions for starting-six and standigs here.

    1. Chemik

    Pleśnierowicz - Salas - Truskhina - Silva - Mędrzyk - Chojnacka - Maj (L)

    I think they're the main contender for the championships however I'm not sure how Ferhat will do. Looks like he will be the drama queen of the next season :D He was mad because some teams used their back-up players during the pre-season matches and he basically did the same mixing some players positions back and forth. Trushkina plays sometimes as MB sometimes as Opp. Łukasik/Silva sometimes as Opp sometimes as OH :D

    2. Rzeszów

    Valentin - Frantti - Efimienko - Zaroślińska - Blagojević - Witkowska - Krzos (L)

    They have solid 14. Hard to precict who will be starting-six because they also have Mlejnkova, Polańska, Kaczmar, Hawryła plus coach Stephane Antiga :D

    3. Budowlani

    Nowicka - Twardowska - Pencova - Kraiduba - Leys - Lewandowska - Stenzel (L)

    There is no Jovana this season so they have to change the system of play. Still they're strong team though.

    4. ŁKS

    Mori - Lazović - Alagierska - Bociek - Wójcik - Pacak - Strasz (L)

    They lost Efimienko, Bidias, Lucie and coach Masek. It wil be hard for them to stay the champion but who knows :)

    5. Kalisz

    Budzoń - Kecman - Jasek - Helić - Reynolds - Ptak - Łysiak (L)

    They have pretty good chance to be better than last season. Kalisz is like mix of experienced and very young players.

    6. Radomka

    Szpak - Jerkov - Lazcano - Azizova - Mucha - Bałucka - Witkowska (L)

    This team is full of decent experienced players like Lazcano, Jerkov, Witkowska, Szpak. They should be in the middle of the pack.

    7. Bydgoszcz

    Mazurek - Polak - Stencel - Vanzurova - Krzywicka - Ziółkowska - Jagła (L)

    A lot of players decided to stay in the team. The starting-six didn't change that much. New face is Stencel who's decent MB and Vanzurova. She's the biggest question mark for me. Also the back-up opposite - Izzy Rapacz is question mark because she never played in first division.

    8. Legionovia

    Grabka - Strantzali - Tokarska - Souza - Fidon - Łukasik - Lemańczyk (L)

    Solid team with good coach (Chiappini). Souza is not dominant opposite and the back-up player is not experienced at all so I think they might changed their roster a little bit. Damaske played really good during the friendly games so I would put her in starting six as OH and Strantzali as opposite.

    9. Bielsko-Biała

    Vincourova - Różański - Janicka - DeHoog - Kossanyiova - Moskwa - Drabek (L)

    They have only 12 players, two are returnings after injuries. Looks like mess for me. Some well-known names but I don't like their coach :D Plus, they lost the main sponsor and I'm not sure if they will survive to end of season with those 12-players.

    10. Wisła

    Novgorodchenko - Lipska - Szymańska - Joycincha - Nikolle del Rio - Połeć - Adamek (L)

    It's hard to predict how they will do. For now they have only 12 players. Wisła won some friendly games with this roster. Looks like the coach really likes young Lipska who plays as opposite/oh. Other players (besides Adamek) are experienced so they shouldn't have problems to stay in the league for next season.

    11. #VolleyWrocław

    Gajewska - Wers - Soter - Rasińska - Murek - Fedorek - Kuziak (L)

    Their roster is almost the same as last year.

    12. Piła

    Szubert - Kazała - Bednarek K. - Baran - Słonecka - Gawlak - Saad (L)

    For me the weakest team of the league. Only 2 players decided to stay in the team. There are 12 new players, most of them from second or third division. If I'm right they lost all friendly games against teams from first division.

    Isn't Egypt's coach the Netherlands' former coach?

    You know it's a very funny coincidence with both teams overperforming under him. Egypt probably hit a jackpot when they signed this man and even though it's temporary, seeing an african nation top the rankings is just awesome to see.

    Yes, it's him - Gido Vermeulen.

    Developres SkyRes Rzeszów –E.Leclerc Radomka Radom 3:1(28:30, 25:19, 25:13, 25:21)

    Developres: Kaczmar (3), Mlejnkova (18), Efimienko-Młotkowska (12), Zaroślińska-Król (17), Franti (16), Witkowska (6), Krzos (libero), Polańska (4), Grabka (1), Hawryła (3), Gałucha (1), Przybyła (libero)

    E.Leclerc Radomka: Szpak (3), Jerkov (12), Laskowska (1), Azizova (17), Mucha (14), Kubacka (8), Witkowska (libero), and Bałucka (3), Bałuk, Biała, Zaborowska, Szczepańska-Pogoda (7), Bodasińska (libero)

    Natalia Valentin left Developres for few weeks because she had to go to NORCECA championships.

    Mia Jerkov was chosen for captain of Radomka.

    blocking, for one...

    in women's VB, i think the tallest setters i've heard of are rondon (187 cm?, ITA NT setter), also i think DOM, GER and NED has had such tall setters (close to 189?). i'm sure lang ping will find one soon.

    in men's game, it's insane, there's been setters that were 203 cm tall (6'8). AUS has a setter that tall (dosanjh).

    Yes, Femke Stoltenborg is 189 cm tall

    Indonesia? Did they really changed their minds and are going to play? 😲

    Grot Budowlani Łódź – Grupa Azoty Chemik Police 1:3(23:25, 16:25, 25:16, 15:25)

    Budowlani: Bałdyga (1), Maciągowski (14), Lewandowska (7), Śmieszek (7), Bączyńska (5), Twardowska (8), Garstka (libero) and Nowicka (1), Kraiduba (3), Leys (4)

    Chemik : Kowalewska (2), Silva (18), Wasilewska (8), Truszkina (15), Mędrzyk (9), Salas (16), Maj-Erwardt (libero) and Grajber (1), Łukasik, Bednarek (3), Polak

    ŁKS Commercecon Łódź – Eleclerc Radomka Radomska 2:3 (22:25, 15:25, 26:24, 25:9, 9:15)

    ŁKS: Mori (7), Kowalińska (17), Pacak (14), Kwiatkowska (9), Wójcik (11), Skrzypkowska (2), Strasz (libero) and Korabiec (libero), Szczyrba, Edelman, Laszczyk, Gajewska

    Radomka: Szpak (4), Azizova (10), Laskowska (8), Kubacka (5), Jerkov (6), Mucha (16), Bodasińska (libero) and Szczepańska-Pogoda (12), Zaborowska, Bałuk (3), Bałucka (7), Biała (1)