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    Wtf why they don't do serogical testing ? Maybe they already had it.

    In Poland the whole team needs to go under quarantine even if only one team member is tested positive.

    Almost the whole team went through covid last month, so the players should be healthy now and were allowed to go to Novara.

    So, the players and team scout will fly to Novara.

    I have to say Fidon play quite solid game today. She started playing at the end of second set but received 23 balls. Also her spiking % (53%) were really good.

    I hope Anna Stencel will work a little bit more on her slide attack. She made few unforced errors today.

    Wiktoria Kubryn was born in 2002 and Oliwia in 2003. They're both middles. They both play for Laskovia. Unfortunatately, they're not tall. They're more like Ewa Kwiatkowska.

    Here you can find their stats from junior championships.



    Wiktoria has been chosen the best clocker of this competition.

    I'm not sure whether they will play in TauronLiga next season. I've heard both of them would like to go to play in USA, like Aleksandra Gryka.

    As for this statement, I get your point, but IMO Bongaerts clearly is a better setter than Mori! I had my doubts about her transfer to LKS Lodz and my doubts turned out to be right... Bongaerts just doesn't fit the playing style of LKS Lodz. She is a great setter when they are in system, but when they are out of sytsem she has some difficulties. LKS Lodz is barely in system because of the bad reception. Next to that all players have a slow arm swing, so the connection isn't optimal because Bongaerts gives fast sets.

    Yeah, I agree with you. For sure Britt is better setter than Eva. I have no doubts about that. And as you said she didn't fit into the system. Their reception isn't great and I don't know what the management expected from Britt. She likes to play fast sets, but it all starts with reception. With Wójcik, Strasz and Lazović she's not able to show all her skills. I think ŁKS really miss defensive OH. I know a lot people would hate me for that, but even Kaczorowska returning from Greece wouldn't be the bad option. She could replace Lazović/Wójcik in backrow if needed. Plus, Kaczorowska had better stats in Greece than offensive Kalandadze. (I know Kalandadze played in worse team).

    So, also few thoughts from my side:

    - I don't really understand the way of Chemik's tactic. Ferhat wants to play the same system, but he has completly different players. Cuban players (Silva, Salas) had really good conection with Marlena and fit really well in the system. Both of them could play as opposite or OH. Both of them played really well from zone 6. Brakocević is totally different kind of player. I'm surprised Ferhat doesn't see it.

    - Baijens is wasting her time in Chemik. She won't be all-around player like Trushkina. Irina played MB, Opposite and OH on some games. I don't think Indy is capable of doing so. I know she was practising as opposite during some friendly game, and she even played as OH during game against ŁKS...

    - Fedusio is that kind of girl who worked a lot to be in this spot and didn't waste any season on bench. She's 21 and it's her 5th season in the league. WOW

    - I really like Krajewska and think she knows Antiga trusts in her. She signed 3 years contract with Developres and I hope she will develop her skill.

    - I got to say Polańska and Krajewska really improved their serving skills. I really like that.

    - Mucha and Twardowska are done as NT member and I would say even as decent league players.

    - I don't think there will be spot on bench for Mucha once Balmas is back from maternity leave.

    - For me Murek is also done as NT player. I know she's still young but she doesn't make any progress. She's the opposite of Fedusio

    - Centka is great. I hope she will go to better team next season. I wouldn't like to see her in Chemik because she will end up like Baijens.

    - I'm waiting for Kubryn sisters (Wiktoria and Oliwia). They're both really offensive middle blockers.

    - I don't like the new ŁKS at all. Britt isn't much better than Mori. Lazović is playing worse and worse and Zaroślińska. Hmm, she needs backup. I liked the duo of Bociek-Kowalińska more than those two.

    - I think Jagła is the worse starting-six libero in the whole league. Seriously. She's not good receiver, neither defender. Drabek imporved a lot, also Pawłowska is great defender.

    - I'm not an expert but I'm afraid Mędrzyk's recovery was too soon. If I remember correctly, they were rumors she might return to volleyball on November/December. As we all know, because of Salas' injury she plays all the time.

    - I pray Bałuk won't be a NT member. I know Nawrocki praise her. He thinks she's like the better version of Grajber, but she's not. Szperlak is way better than her.

    - Jurczyk is solid middle blocker. I think she could replace Lewandowska/Moska in Budowlani next season. She would fit perfect there with her block skills.

    - As Tyler mentioned, Szlagowska is really interesting player. I'm also happy for Kazała. Looks like she feels really well in Bielsko. Her reception is better than I expected.

    - Speaking of middles, I think Martyna Świrad and Kinga Różyńska are pretty solid players. Both are 22 and still can improve a lot.

    Standings after 9 rounds

    1. Developres Rzeszów 27 points

    2. Radomka 17**

    3. Budowlani Łódź 17

    4. MKS Kalisz 13**

    5. ŁKS Łódź 13*

    6. BKS Bielsko-Biała 12*

    7. Chemik Police 11***

    8. Legionovia 8*

    9. Pałac Bydgoszcz 8**

    10. Joker Świecie 6**

    11. #VolleyWrocław 3**

    12. PTPS Piła 3

    * one game less

    ** two games less

    *** three games less

    Schedule for next week:

    18 Nov 17:30 Radomka - Developres Rzeszów Ipla [Free]

    18 Nov 18:00 #VolleyWrocław - ŁKS Łódź Ipla [Free]

    20 Nov 20:30 Budowlani Łódź - Chemik Police TV

    21 Nov 18:00 Legionovia - MKS Kalisz

    22 Nov 15:00 Developres - Pałac Bydgoszcz Ipla [Free]

    23 Nov 17:30 PTPS Piła - BKS Bielsko-Biała TV

    23 Nov 20:30 Joker Świecie - #VolleyWrocław TV

    18 Nov 20:00 Legionovia - Beziers TV (CEV Cup)

    Standings after 8 rounds

    1. Developres Rzeszów 21 points *

    2. Radomka 15 **

    3. Budowlani Łódź 14

    4. MKS Kalisz 13 *

    5. BKS Bielsko-Biała 11*

    6. ŁKS Łódź 10 *

    7. Legionovia 8 *

    8. Chemik Police 8 ***

    9. Pałac Bydgoszcz 8 **

    10. Joker Świecie 6 **

    11. #VolleyWrocław 3 **

    12. PTPS Piła 0 **

    * one game less due to Covid

    ** two games less due to Covid

    *** three games less due to Covid

    Schedule for the next week:

    Nov 12, Developres - PTPS Piła, 17:00 (Round 6)

    Nov 13, PTPS Piła - Developres, 14:30 TV (Round 17)

    Nov 13, BKS Bielsko-Biała - Radomka, 18:00 (Round 9; It's not listed as TV game on official webstie, however I see it on Ipla's schedule)

    Nov 13, Chemik Police - #VolleyWrocław 18:00 (Round 9)

    Nov 15, ŁKS Łódź - Legionovia, 14:45 TV (Round 9)

    Nov 16, Pałac Bydgoszcz - Budowlani Łódź, 17:30 TV (Round 9)

    Nov 16, PTPS Piła - Joker Świecie, 20:30 TV (Round 9)

    Nov 17, Chemik Police - MKS Kalisz (Round 6; might be postponed once again because of Covid in Kalisz)

    Smerzek doesn't deserve her big salary... Her contribution is very low:down:

    I'm really surprised she played the last game. She was tested positive for Covid on Oct 30th and played almost the whole game on Nov 8th.

    What are the rules in Italy to leave the isolation? One negative result is enough to leave quarantine or something else?