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    This season started really bad for ŁKS. I think their best game was against Chemik Police, which surprisingly they beat 0-3.

    I guess Cuccarini will be fired soon, but who can replace him?

    13 cases of Covid-19 in Pałac Bydgoszcz today.

    That means at least 3 games of round 8 will be postponed: Joker Świecie vs. Chemik Police, #VolleyWrocław - Pałac Bydgoszcz and Legionovia - Bielsko-Biała.

    PTPS Piła is such a joke. Hope they will be finally relegated. As for now, I don't see any opponent they can beat in this league. They might beat Joker in round 9, as the girls from Świecie will play their first game after Covid.

    Updated schedule for next week, as there are some Covid cases in Joker Świecie and Legionovia.

    30 Oct Budowlani Łódź - PTPS Piła 20:30 TV (Round 16)

    1 Nov MKS Kalisz - #VolleyWrocław 20:30 TV (Round 7)

    2 Nov ŁKS Łódź - Budowlani Łódź 17:30 TV (Round 7)

    2 Nov BKS Bielsko-Biała - Developres 20:30 TV (Round 7)

    5 Nov Budowlani Łódź - Radomka 17:30 TV (Round 4)

    Schedule for the next week

    27-Oct #VolleyWrocław - MKS Kalisz 20:30 TV (Round 18)

    30-Oct ŁKS Łódź - Budowlani Łódź 20:30 TV (Round 7)

    31-Oct Legionovia - PTPS Piła 19:00 (Round 7)

    1-Nov MKS Kalisz - #VolleyWrocław 20:30 TV (Round 7)

    2-Nov Radomka - Joker Świecie 17:30 TV (Round 7)

    2-Nov Pałac Bydgoszcz - Chemik Police 20:30 TV (Round 7)

    Standings after 6 rounds

    1. Developres Rzeszów 15 points*

    2. Radomka Radom 11**

    3. MKS Kalisz 10*

    4. ŁKS Łódź 10*

    5. BKS Bielsko-Biała 8*

    6. Legionovia 8+

    7. Pałac Bydgoszcz 8

    8. Budowlani Łódź 6*

    9. Joker Świecie 6

    10. Chemik Police 5**

    11. #VolleyWrocław 0***

    12. PTPS Piła 0***

    + one game more due to Covid situation

    * one game less due to Covid situation

    ** two games less due to Covid situation

    *** three games less due to Covid situation

    Only 3 games will be played in round 6.

    The game between below teams were postoponed due to Covid.

    Chemik - Kalisz (9 cases in Chemik)

    #VolleyWrocław - ŁKS (3 cases in ŁKS)

    Developres - Piła (4 cases in Developres)

    Standings after 5 rounds:

    1. Developres Rzeszów 15 pts

    2. MKS Kalisz 10

    3. ŁKS Łódź 10

    4. Radomka 8**

    5. BKS Bielsko-Biała 8*

    6. Legionovia 8+

    7. Joker Świecie 6

    8. Chemik Police 5*

    9. Pałac Bydgoszcz 5

    10. Budowlani Łódź 3*

    11. #VolleyWrocław 0**

    12. PTPS Piła 0**

    * one game less

    ** two games less

    + one game more

    Quite good game between Budowlani and Piła so far. I didn't expect PTPS will play so good after covid break.

    Gawlak is another middle who spent too many years in second division.

    Edit: And now Piła lost 6 points in a row :D

    I'm curious what Chemik's management is going to do. Definitely, they need another OH.

    In case Chemik will lose this game, it would be their 3rd loss out of 4 games. It's probably not easy time for Akbas.

    Joker <3

    Jurczyk played really good game. I can't believe she and Janiuk spent so many years in second division. They're both pretty decent middle blockers.

    Yes, Oliveira Souza did surprisingly really well today, but the other girls couldn't help the team.

    Only country which numbers are not wilding and they didn't have any lockdowns. Because they are not idiots.

    3 main factors:

    1. They are pretty rich country which can afford 'a loss' 6,000 people. Each death, hospital treatment is a cost for a country. (Please read what is 'value of life' in economics).

    2. They have pretty good medical care, so their system was able to handle that without any lockdowns.

    3. Country's density is 25 people/km2, so the virus doesn't spread so fast.

    I think they got the national championships confused with the league since the former got so much attention this year LOL

    Not really. It was not only WoV. This topic was really popular in polish media because some agents had players in chinese men and women leagues.

    Some foreigners were already in China and they had to go back because of the new rule that foreigners won't be allowed. The volleyball agents immediatly contacted FIVB and claimed chinese league board. FIVB forced them to change their decision.