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    Poland's wide roster

    Setter: Wiktoria Zagumny, Aleksandra Walczak, Klaudia Czerwik, Pola Janicka

    MB: Natalia Kecher, Magda Stambrowska, Edyta Wacławczyk, Justyna Jankowska

    Opp: Olga Musiał, Zofia Brzoza, Patrycja Majos, Amelia Kowalska, Maja Gulka

    OH: Julia Lenik, Karolina Staniszewska, Oliwia Pietrzak, Patrycja Łagida, Julia Kleszcz, Natalia Bandurska, Natalia Dróźdż

    L: Magda Kubas, Klaudia Łyduch

    I mean great for LSK, great team, they would probably win easily anyway, but shame on CEV, it is not fair, we have the similar situation with Scandicci and Tent, Scandicci is not able to travel to Serbia because of quarantine period when she back in Italy from Serbia, but that is great Italian club with lot of money, i mean it is clear situation that Scandicci probably will easily win, but CEV like unique federation mustn't engage in such predictions, why they play the game at all (to pay the participation fee probably).

    Anyway Scandicci and Tent will play 2 games 22. and 23.9. in Scandicci both games, Tent in that case didn't have a choice (at the end they have, 2 games in Scandicci or disqualification).


    Agree with you, Bogdan. CEV is such a mess.

    The first version was both games will be played on Łódź. CEV and ŁKS agreed that (ŁKS was required to pay for Hapoel's accomodation, flight tickets etc).

    Yesterday afternoon, ŁKS's president said Hapoel was forced by CEV to flight to Poland with all healthy players. But apparently, CEV changed the decision once again.

    ŁKS is already in second round.

    Hapoel is not able to travel to Poland because of lockdown in Israel. Beside that, club had information about players with Covid-19 on Sep 9, but contacted CEV one week later.

    Edit: Once again Volleykovic was faster.

    I'm really surprised by Janiuk. She didn't play a lot in friendlies and was just average MB in second divison. Today, she scored 15 points in 3 sets. wow

    Ok, my predictions.

    1. Chemik - I wouldn't say they are clear favorite for the championships, but they have solid starting-six. Pleśnierowicz - Brakocević, Salas - Mędrzyk, Kąkolewska - Wasilewska and Maj (L)

    2. Rzeszów - I was surprised by the level they showed during the friendlies. Kiera van Ryk is really powerful player. I like the way the decided to built this team. A lot of players signed 2-3 years deal with them. That should be good for Developres. My prediction for starting six is: Kaczmar - van Ryk, Lazić - Blagojević, Efimienko - Stencel and Krzos (L)

    3. ŁKS - Looks like ŁKS is stronger than last season, but they don't have any decent defensive specialist. All of their OHs are better in spiking than reception. I would love to see Britt using the middles, but I'm not sure how often it will be possible with shaky reception. Starting six prediction: Bongaerts - Zaroślińska, Lazović - Wójcik, Alagierska - Ninković and Strasz (L)

    4. Radomka - I would put a big question mark here, because I'm not sure how they team will look like during the season. In the friendlies, they didn't show anything special. The starting six predition is: Skorupa - Bruna, Twardowska - Johnson, Andressa - Łukasik and Witkowska (L)

    5. Budowlani - I really like some of their transfers: Jones-Perry, Fedusio. Their weakest link is the possition of middle blockers. It's pity they didn't sign any good foreigner for this spot. Predition for starting six: Nowicka - Jones Perry, Fedusio - Górecka, Lisiak - Moskwa and Stenzel (L)

    6. Legionovia - The biggest loss for them are Strantzali and FIdon. I don't think Różański and Rivero will fully replace them. I saw that Grabka and Oliveira Souza are injured, so the start won't be easy for them. The starting six prediction: Grabka - Souza, Rivero - Różański, Stafford - Tokarska and Lemańczyk (L)

    7. Pałac - They lost three players that made the difference last year: Fedusio, Balmas and Stencel. Hope Regiane will be able to help the offensive, but I don't think they will be able to end up this season in top 4. The starting six prediction: Mazurek - Dascalu, Bidias - Żurowska, Ziółkowska - Różyńska and Jagła (L)

    8. Bielsko - There were a lot of changes in this team. I know they have smaller budget, but Ola Jagieło build pretty competitive team with small amount of money. I really don't like the setter position, tbh. Their starting six should be like: Gajewska - Orvosova, Kossanyiova - Kazała, Świrad - Witkowska and Szczygłowska (L)

    9. Kalisz - I must say I really love their middles. Ptak and Centka were pretty good during the friendlies. Polak should be better setter than Szady. Bociek and Szczurowska are solid opposites. Their weakest link is OH position. It's sad they couldn't keep Ewelina Brzezińska in the team. Their starting six should look like: Polak - Szczurowska, Damaske - Bałuk, Centka - Ptak and Łysiak (L)

    10. Wrocław - I don't really like their team, tbh. They've decided to hire some overrated names. Starting six: Szady - Rapacz, Bączyńska - Murek, Witkowska - Gancarz and Pancewicz (L)

    11. Joker - They don't have big names, but build pretty solid team in my opinion. They were playing quite good during the friendlies and the coach gave a chance to each of the girls. It's really hard for me to predict the starting six, because back-up players like Kowalska or Kukulska had good moments during the friendlies. The were able to beat Piła and Pałac, so I don't think they will end up this season with 0 points. Starting six: Wenerska - Sikorska, Marcyniuk - Urban, Jurczyk - Brzoska and Nowak (L)

    12. Piła - They have some experienced players, but will it be enough? They looked really bad during the last friendlies. Their starting six will be: Kucharska - Łyszkiewicz, Wellna - Skrzypkowska, Kubacka - Ponikowska and Pawłowska (L)

    Some girls from Hapoel were tested positive for Covid-19. They won't be able to play the games against ŁKS.

    CEV/Hapoel wanted to postponed two games for the next week, however ŁKS have game against Świecie on Monday and Kalisz on Friday. So, there is no possibility to play those game.

    Radomka looks really strony :love:

    IMO Piła > Joker, Kucharska is a good setter, they have 2 ok liberos, Skrzypkowska is also quite ok.

    I feel like we need to put our predictions here before the league starts😁

    I guess Piła and Joker will be in bottom 2, but Joker have better team in my opinion. Plus, they have some money in pocket in case they will need to hire new player.

    I can say Wenerska is good setter. She was probably the best in second divison. Sikorska was the best scorer, Jurczyk the best blocker, Nowak the best libero.