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    BRAZIL FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In search of penta, Rexona beats Pines and goes to the 4 th final followed
    Do UOL Sport
    In Sao Paulo
    Top winner of the women's Superliga, volleyball, Rexona-Ades confirmed the favouritism before the Pinheiros / Blausiegel and ensured the presence in its fourth consecutive final. In search of the fifth title, the Rio team won by 3 sets to 0, partial, 25-21, 25-21 and 25-18, and closed this Friday the series best-of-three semifinal in the 2 to 0.

    The triumph tonight eliminated the need to dispute the third departure. The other finalist leaves the confrontation between Finasa / Osasco and Brasil Telecom. The team Paulista won the first game of the semifinal and is a victory for re decisions of the last three seasons, against Rexona.

    Owner of the best campaign, the Rexona suffered only two defeats in the first round and none in the playoffs. The Pines is the Superliga Dismissal without winning the Rexona, all four were duelos with four wins Rio.

    With good public in the gym Tijuca, the Rexona dominated the match from the start. The proper positioning of the defence and performance of the attack were decisive for the victory of the sacramentar Rio.

    At the start of the game, to open the Rexona advantage in partial 8-5. Without record many points in the blockade (only two in the first set), the team led by Bernardinho managed to hamper the pass and saw the opponent errarem more, which led to the end of the partial at 25-21.

    Even without the usual achieve good performance in the block, one of the main foundations of the team, the Rexona dominated the second partial practically tip the tip and closed again at 25-21.

    After a good start of the third set, the donas of the house facilitated the passing of the Pines, who managed to stay ahead of scores (12-10). But the controlled, Bernardinho again compose well the defensive sector and ensured the first wave in the final to win the partial by 25-18, with attack of Renatinha, voted the best player departure.

    With the Brazilian team's technical Jose Roberto Guimaraes in the audience, the Osasco, who came to lose by 2 sets to 0, turned the match against Brazil Telecom in Barueri by 3 sets to 2 (19-25, 18-25, 25 -- 19, 25-22 and 15-12) and won the vacancy in the Superliga women's final for the seventh consecutive time.

    The team of technical Luizomar de Moura(osasco), now, closed the series best-of-three in 2 to 0, and returns to face once again in a final, Rexona Superliga as the Rexona passed by Pines in the other semifinal. The decisive confrontation happen in the next Saturday, in Maracanãzinho.

    Brasil Telecom and Pines, in turn, disputarão the confrontation that define the third and fourth placed in the competition. The confrontation between the two teams will be this Tuesday, with the command of the Pines.

    The final will be disputed between the two teams that were protagonists of the whole competition. Each of the teams won two tournaments (the Osasco took the first and third, while the Rexona won the second and fourth). The team of technical Bernardinho, but preceded the end of the first tournament, while the Osasco been in every final.

    The confrontation this Saturday has been extremely balanced. Chaired by veterana Érika, Brazil Telecom is not imported into play outside the home and monitored the actions of the departure. Nervous, the Osasco errava much, which allowed the rival conquistasse first two sets: 25-19 and 25-18.

    Asked after the end of the second set, the technical Zé Roberto, who promised to announce the convening of the female selection for the Olympics after the end of the Superliga, underscored the balance of the confrontation, and predicted what was to come.

    "Brazil Telecom is winning, but not ended. It is always a very balanced duel between the two teams," said the TV Globo.

    And Zé Roberto was right. Supported by the crowd and the great performance of Paula Small, who ended the game with 21 points, the Osasco won the two sets: 25-19 and 25-22.

    In the fifth and decisive set, the Brasil Telecom started in front, giving shows that define the game, postponing the decision of the semifinal for the third game - the visitors came to open 9 to 4. But in a reaction more impressive, the Osasco again turn the game and closing the match in 3 sets to 2 and the series in two matches to zero.

    in soul america venezuela won the tournaument. they fighted with peru and won 3-2 (22-25, 27-25, 22-25, 25-22 e 15-12). the block and the attack was the principal guns to win. the tournaument was disputed in lima, peru.

    in men the winner was venezuela too. the team of coach ricardo navajas(brasilian) face the argentina and won by 3-1 (22-25, 25-23, 25-20 e 25-16). the service was crucial for win, say the coacf of argentina. the tournaument was diputed in argentina.

    Quote from "Nastja"

    sorry i do not agree. she is not the one who makes the huge difference... of course its great to have a player like she is in the team, but just aguero cant win a match. It takes a great setter (ferretti is good!) and a good receiption... Italy has everything u need to build up a strong team! every position is occupied by an A-Level player. Im so not surprised that they won against Brazil... and i am happy they did.

    I agree with you. the all team of italy played very well, but the aguero make , yes, the differece. ah and cardulo too

    congractulation for italy. the italy winner was merity for them. the brazilian ashamed for me today.

    fabi was very bad in defense and reception, walewska aff, she was donkey in net. fabiana was very nervous, she wrong various attacks. jaqueline not pull neither newspaper, she inpulsion today, i prefer say nothing. until fofao began the distributed previsive balls.

    sumarize: brazil today was horrible.

    aguero destroyed the national team. she is italy, she is a differese in this team.

    Each with his each. I am not really understood all this controversy around the brazil. The truth is that the time of brazil disturbs many people and many other teams who are unable to results that the brazil consegiu. Clear, brazil lost Olympic semifinal, Olympic bronze, world. But a historic equal to the time few in the world has.

    I always am annoyed with the losses of brazil, because I know that this team has a very large weight in the back to load. Those who do not know the evolution of the Brazilian volleyball does not know of the pressure that we do press on this team. The charge for significant results is very large because the male team win.

    here in brazil, have a little frustation with this time, precisely because it "swimming, swimming and die on the beach". People do not believe in team.

    So I am very sad with the losses, especially when I see that our higher than this time adversary, as in the game against the USA. Not congractulation the USA for this victory because I thought it was not merit them, but a blackout in concentration and emotional in our time. Brazil is the team's had maintained the concentration and rimto of game and still had lost, then yes I would be humble enough to parabenizar the USA.

    The team is not unbeatable and never will be. It is the result of a hope that we lovers of volleyball and we work very[/b]

    I don't believe that brazil lose to usa today. they were play very well in first and second set. but they had a blackout in next set. haneef destroyed the nationakl team, and the brazilian ball not fall in square of usa.

    i'm very sad, but i hope that brazil can saty between 3 places, or best in first place hehehehehehe.

    now brazil have win to italy and usa lose to italy. I HOPEEEEEEEEEEE.

    WOWWWWW. Brazil and cuba played a excelente game today. very emotion. paula pequeno and ruiz not respect the block. fofao played very well, your distribuition was various, and cuba's player were crazy. jaqueline and sheilla destoyed in serves. fabiana was very quick in spike.

    3-2 brasil(25-19, 19-25,25-17,19-25,15-11)

    jacqueline come back!!

    today ze roberto the players thar will disput the wc07 ar:

    setters: fofao and fabiola
    attack: sassa, paula pequeno, nathalia e jacqueline
    midle blocker: thaisa, fabiaana, caro0l gattaz e walweska
    opposit: sheila

    good luck BrAzIl!!!!!!!!! :P :P

    I saw the game today and I like of the netherland's game. the players ingrid visser and flier desequilibrated. they were very good. the setter is very good too. the brazil played bad. the receive one more time was horrible, and setter carol can't play with fast with middle block. the netherland too defense very well.

    I think that netherland will disput the first place with russia and with big chance of win.

    off course I'll want that brazil win, but if netherland will win I will be very happy.

    I DON'T BELIEVED...... I'm :evil: :evil: . the refeeres stolen brazil. and more time brazil don't lose to russia, but to its mistakes. the receives was worst. oh my god.... where is sassa's receive?????? where is jaqueline?????????????? we need to her.

    jackie, fofão and waleska come back PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.