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    I'm so sad what Brazil do.... :down:

    Team that want to be a CHAMPION of the WORLD must have WIN ALL other Nations! :thumbup:

    And other.. Brazil NT OPEN your eyes.. because for lose to Chech Republic and Germany... HAPPENS! :huh:

    I think that Brazil is +-

    I watched Brazil NT since 1990 and I´m step back... i want more confidence! More heel! This Group (Brazil/Poland/Bulgaria) very very HARD!

    Bulgaria is far of stay out of championship! Brazil have PLAY in HIGH LEVEL or GO HOME! :what:

    Bulgaria always have good opposites. Now we have Nikolov, Tsvetan Sokolov, Boyan Yordanov, Danail Milushev, Nikolai Uchikov (207 cm, 87 kg, extremely powerfull, he is now in A2), But I have a lot of respect for Robert Horstnik - he has 60% attack efficiency now in A1 ! Judging by our two games, when you showed very good mentality I think that even with perfect tactic (we have the best block in Europe, proven in the ECH) every match with Netherlands will be extremely tough. I think that we can get 7 pts of 12 in these 4 games, but I doubt to get much more (3 wins against Netherlands will be surprise for me honeslty).

    Against Brazil - our first games are with Brazil and we will prepare in Cuba two weeks before them, playing friendly matches with monsters like Leon and Simon, so we will start on high level. Brazil probably won't be in perfect shape, so it is totally possible to beat them twice and to get 5 or 6 pts from the first two games. If we take 12 pts from Korea, the games with Brazil in Varna won't be important, but if not - everything will be on the edge for best second team in the League. If we beat Brazil there, they will want revenge here, so I doubt to beat them 3 from 4 times (like we did against Yugoslavia in 2003, Italy in 2005 and USA in 2008 ). .

    I think tahr Bulgaria should be danger for lost 4 games against Brazil! :lol:

    I do not understand why when I say that Brazil is no longer invincible someone gets this as disrespect. Brazil team is the best team in the world - and probably will be for a long time ahead (until USA develops national league in volleyball or Cuba changes its policy for the players to be able to play in foreign leagues AND play for the NT) for number of reasons. How disrespectful is that opinion? :)

    I agree with the post.. only I don´´t think thar americans and Cubans are better... Brazil is more Tecnical NT of the world.. the others (some) wins in force e phisical!

    Don't listen to them. Contrary to them I watch volleyball often and I see why Brazil should be respected. In every tournament Brazilians all play like it's their final game in the career, ofcourse since 2007-2008 there is lack of motivation, which was shown in the Olympics I think. And what is good Brazil is showing how to make from game real game, not next achievement in career. They play for fun more and less for money. In Cuba, Brazil and all southern countries just everybody plays volleyball -this is their national sport, it is part of the people. And what Brazil does now is that every team like France, Poland, Argentina even Egypt improves in defence very well. What about USA - for 2 years from 10th in 2006 in 2008 became Olympic Champions. USA played not for themselves, they just have done it. Great fighting spirit, great team.

    Great post Superbobo! :thumbsup:

    I agree 100%! :win:

    Konrad, Brazil is also not very strong even with Visotto the team is not like before. If you had at least Zagumny and one more powerful spiker, you would beat them. Sorry,that this didn't happen. Only Bulgaria should beat Poland from now on, no one else ;)

    I think that Brazilian NT deserve more RESPECT! The best team of the HISTORY of VOLLEYBALL! Win EVERYTHING (2000´s)

    WON ALL TOURNMENTS Since WL 2001 (only TWO WL 2002 and 2008) And OG 2008 (silver medal) So??! :tzz:

    My sympathies are with Cuba, not because I don't like Brazil or Poland, but because Cuba should be the constant volleyball dominator in the world - they have the natural talents for the sport. The only reason why Cuba does not win every year every gold is because they have the worst communist regime in history and they play without dozens of A+ class players - like Angel Dennis, Leonel Marshall, Huantorena and so on and so on. Their people suffer under the satanistic rule of Castro family and they deserve to get more titles.

    However - I wish Poland to grab some medals and individual award for Mozdzonek of course :super:

    The Cubans have the natural talent.. I don ´t think so.. Brazillian have.. techinical.. finesse.. Cuban are STRONG - Jump HIGH!

    Brazilian is Techinic.. simple! :win:

    Bulgaria has never beaten this Brazilian team in any big tournments... I would hardly call beating us at the World League at some not important match an achievement. Actually I think Brazil might even qualify in second or third in the OG groups. The elimination matches... now that is a different story!
    If you look closer, you will see that in World Cup 2003, OG 2004, WCH 2006, and World Cup 2007 Brazil did not even have to play TIE BREAKS in ANY of the decisive/eliminatory matches....

    You might not respect Brazil's achievements as much as you should. But Bulgarian players certainly do, and that my friend is all that matters. And that DOES count a lot when it is time to take home an important achievement.

    And I never said Bulgaria was a joke... you assumed that by yourself....

    I Agree 100% with Brazilian Guy! :thumbsup:

    Cool Gottlib, "Canha" André Nascimento is great guy. I don´t meet in person but everybody says that he´s "Gente boa" ! hehehe!

    The Brazilian National team all guys are GREAT.. Ricardinho is a arrogant.. so he´s left of the GROUP!

    Do u know others players of NT of Brazil??

    André "CANHA" Nascimento with a GREAT GAME (31 POINTS) :thumbsup:

    Murilo with 15 points!

    I believe that Modena win the Cup! I hope! :D

    But Russians teams always dangeours!!! Always have respect! :thumbup:

    Gottlib, even the team Lokomotic playing BAD this year arrived to FINAL!

    Like Brazilian I respect so much countries that have TRADICION in volleyball!

    again.. Gottlib, What u think about André Nascimento?