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    I just came home from Canada vs Belgium, and I gotta say it was quite disappointing of a match (Belgium barely put up a fight). Watch it be an epic 5-setter tomorrow when I'm too busy to attend :p

    My Team Canada plays today against Finland, a little sick of seeing Finland so much in the last few years. :D

    In two weeks, I have a chance to see them LIVE against Belgium. Is this worth paying $$ to go watch in person? I was thrilled to find out that the World League would make a stop in my hometown finally, but disappointed to see it's against Belgium. Tell me about this team? Will it be somewhat competitive between Canada and Belgium?

    Proud of my Canadian team, but still very disappointed. I thought they didn't play their best game yesterday, despite beating Russia, and they played even worse today. It was a cruel fate that they ended up in the same pool as the two juggernauts - I think they would've had a good chance at coming out of the other pool if they had switched places with Argentina.

    To you non-Canadians: Based on what you saw of us, how do you like our chances of qualifying for Rio 2016?

    Not that the rest of the team's performance was much better, but Schneider is just horrible.
    His choices and location of sets are bad enough, but he even mis-handles the ball for a double-hit regularly. :wall:
    Olivier Faucher is even a better option, and Howatson is obviously a MUCH better option.

    I like Blair Bann, I think he'll get better and better as he gains experience. He pretty much dominated the Libero position for all 5 years in Canadian University league.
    There's no one better than him for the foreseeable future as Dan Lewis winds down his career.

    How good is Der Horst for the Dutch team usually? There was a night and day difference for him between the 1st and 2nd games of the weekend.
    Extremely impressed with the Dutch setter; fantastic setting, choices, attack, serve.

    Congrats to Serbia (especially Terzic haha)! Was Zaytsev really playing so poorly to justify keeping Parodi in for that long? I thought Parodi was the "goat" of this match, the one who will get most of the blame from the Italians, aside from Berutto.

    So many great moments and rallies this match. Loved the sequence when Nikic did pushups after an ace, and then a few rallies later, Savani absolutely crushes an ace of his own into the corner.

    It really was strange that the referee overruled the two linesmen that called that ball in. Is the Brazilian coach going to face any penalty for his criticism of the referee and why "they used a Korean referee if the tournament is in Japan"?? :wall:

    In other site in handball, basketball or football there are time limits. In volleyball should be too.

    Well, Volleyball shouldn't be compared to those sports, the time duration should be compared to Tennis. In Tennis, a match can be over in a hurry, or be a several-hour marathon that could go on for WAY longer than a Volleyball match. It would be a sad, sad day when Volleyball changes to timed matches.

    The rest, sorry. Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Cuba. Those are all very good teams, but not good enough to beat Brazil. Not when it counts, at least.

    Agreed, except that I thought Russia was better than Brazil at Beijing. Nowadays, it really is only Cuba (and Russia IMO) that can challenge Brazil, that's why everyone was expecting a great final and why everyone is disappointed with the lopsided Final.