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    France Slovenia 4-1(25-19,25-17,25-23,21-25,25-16)

    Slovenian team who traveled to france and will play first matches against Belgia

    Reprezentanca za prvo tekmo evropske lige proti Belgiji:

    setters: Dejan Vinčić (ACH Volley), Gregor Ropret (Calcit Volleyball/ACH Volley);

    libero: Sebastijan Škorc (Budvanska rivijera), Miha Plot (Lennik);

    OH: Tine Urnaut (Zaksa Kozle), Vid Jakopin (ACH Volley), Alan Komel (Lamia/ACH Volley), Jan Planinc (Calcit Volleyball);

    MB: Davor Čebron (Hypo Tyrol), Alen Pajenk (Marmi Verona), Dragan Radovič (noliko Maaseik);

    Opp: Mitja Gasparini (Jastrzebski Wegiel).
    i red an slovenian articles , and they said that slovenian team played the game as just arrived in the france,
    no much time for warming up...and in the 4th set Blaine played with the second team
    slovenian team stayed in france 2 more days and then go to antwerpen where they played first matches of this year erupoean league

    21.05.2011 Portugal - Spain 3:0

    dunno result per sets, just that for Portugal played Lopes and Teixeira. They missed first match which Spain won 3:2... also no Pinheiro for Portugal

    today was the third match and portugal again won 3-0 25-23, 25-23, 25-22

    España Inicial: 1 Hernán (0), 9 Rocamora (12), 5 Altayó (4), 10 Fernández (7), 3 Noda (10), 17 Palharini (14). Sustitutos: 23 Gámiz (líbero), 6 Delgado (0), 7 F Rodríguez (0), 14 Pérez (1), 16 Gª-Torres (1), 21 Viciana (0). No juegan:, 12 Llenas (L), 20 Sugrañes.

    Portuga: 8 Violas (1), 3 M. Silva (6), 12 Joao (14), 13 Sequeira (11), 14 Flavio Cruz (13), 15 Santos “Ruca” (10). Otros: 17 J. Fidalgo (L), 9 C. Fidalgo (0), No juegan: 1 Marcel Gil, 4 Malveiro, 5 Marco Ferreira, 11 Frederico Siqueira, 16 Gaspar, 20 Simoes.

    Who played for Croatia, I mean, Omrcenland? :wavy:

    Omrcen said that he will join the team later...the information about our volleyball team her in croatia is funny, i didnt found anything in any newspaper or other media, i read that raic scored 15 point sand galic 12 in today victory...that was in austrian official site


    Antea, did you like Henry Bell? He played smart and almost all the time was able to find holes in our block

    yes...he is most experience player in this realy young cuban team...but i think if your team played with full strength it will be 3-0,
    21-12 in first set, and stoychev saw that he could rotate his team, pull out kazo and vlado...cuba took some easy points, but I saw that in every bit of game your team have aituation in theire hands

    is it tomorow secund game or in monday?

    The tournament started today! Quite expectedly, Drean Bolivar defeated Paul Mitchell 3-1, I was surprised not to see Riley Salmon in the American team. Later there's the second game for today, tomorrow the European teams show up. Does anyone know a more famous TV package or a website broadcasting the games? Last year bet365 offered a solution online.. Also, would be great if someone knows the start times in CET, the times announced in FIVB website are local for Qatar, I think...

    Riley Silmon did not even arrived in Doha, btw broadcasting matches ;)

    CUBA!!! :cup:
    love this match really do xD
    they had such an amazing team spirit today, they really wanted to win this match and it was really first time i've seen Cuba so motivated and determinated to win a match.

    and Silva uhh you girl are amazing , your name is landing in my favourite player section right now xD such a lovely smile :love: :heart: what a cool player xD and her sream while serving-epic xD

    and of course Kenia was amazing today. her spikes are so impressive she spikes like a man xD

    amazing performance by cubans girls, apsolutly deeferent what they showing in china,
    and yes, silva is what they needed, some other girl who playing very well with kenia carcaces which was the best player of cuba in chines tournament,
    they really want that win, what are happiness when the game was over

    congrats to cuban girls

    I watched 1st tournoment and now watching first two sets turkey v. cuba, cubans girls playing really bad, i dont know what they doing on training :what:


    Brazil-Colombia 3-1 (25-17, 25-14, 24-26, 25-23)
    brazilans with young team, but already very strong and exelent players, the average height of team is 2.05

    Argentina - Dominican Republic 3-0 (25-19, 26-24, 25-22)

    argentian team also very young , lots of those players played on last youth boys WC
    dominicans have two good players, caceras and batista ,both played in europe, others are very poor,

    Puerto Rico defeated Mexico (25-20, 21-25, 25-23, 25-18

    Home squad played in their best with"Picky"Soto, both Riveras, Ivan Perez etc
    best scorer for mexico was their famous player Ivan Contreras,

    Al matches is showing here…videoplayer/?channelId=22

    you have to register

    Cheers :drink:

    The Cuban teams


    Roberlandy Simon, will be the team captain, followed by Wilfredo Leon, considered NORCECA's most valuable player. Others are Raidel Hierrezuelo, Michael Sanchez, Osmani Camejo, Yoandri Leal, Keibel Gutierrez, Rolando Cepeda, Fernando Hernandez, Odelvis Dominico, Yoandi Diaz and Henry Bell, which did not play at NORCECA.

    this is the best from them, they win norceca championship against USA, 3-1one month ago.

    Brazil- I red that vissoto arrived at japan directly from qatar, giba and rodrigao also will be in the team,
    as bruno,eder and lucas from Cimed whom also played in qatar in club champions cup.
    i dont know if murilo endres will play i asumed he will .

    Italy Poland 3-0 25-18,26-24,25-19

    ITALIA: Sala 4, Sintini 3, Martino 9, Fortunato 1, Gavotto 12, Savani
    19, Libero: Bari. Parodi. Travica, Lasko, Piscopo 2, De Togni. Ne:
    Cernic, Manià, All. Anastasi.
    POLONIA: Bakiewicz 8, Mozdzonek 8,
    Jarosz 9, Bartman 5, Nowakowski 8, Lomacz 1, Libero Ignaczak, Kurek 3,
    Ruciak, Gromadowski 2, Woicki. Ne: Kadziewicz, Grzyb. All. Castellani.
    Arbitri: Gelati e Prandi
    2100. Durata set: 24', 29', 24'. Italia: battute sbagliate 10, ace 4,
    muri 5, errori 7. Polonia: battute sbagliate 10, ace 5, muri 7, errori