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    Russian NT will gather on the 15th of September to prepare for WGP 2013 qualification tournament which will be held in Turkey from the 25th till the 30th of September. Apart from Russia, Turkey, Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Serbia will participate in the tournament. Best 2 teams will qualify.
    Coach and roster of the team is yet unknown.

    Yep, each of OG gold medal winner was given Audi A8 and money. There were rumors that Putin presented flats as add on to the car and money but only to dzudo winners, because he is fan of dzudo and has a belt. Maybe that's why Sokolova still wants to participate in OG 2016)))

    :white: :obey: :obey: :obey: :obey: :obey: :obey: :obey: :obey: :obey: :obey: :obey: WOW
    At least, we won Olympic Games. I have no words... Congrats to our guys :dance6: :dance6: :dance6: 0-2 19-22 Without reception, etc, etc..... What a comeback. Our guys took revenge for our girls. Well done! I'm very happy for Alekno and Tetukhin. BRAVO guys, you showed character and will :win: :cup: :olympia:

    I want to congratulate Brazilian team, it's a big achievement to win two consecutive OG. I think this title is more precious for Brazil, because in Beijing they were in much more better shape than the other teams, Beijing women's volleyball tournament was not interesting at all, IMHO because teams other than Brazil were not performing well. London 2012 was contrary - lot of drama and intrigue. Brazil team could go home after prelimenary round won the tournament - wow! It's really great that Brazilian girls could raise their level after they were given the chance by USA ( who could intetntionally lose the game to Turkey 0-3 and send Brazil home making the biggest sensation in women's volleyball).Brazil could save 6! matchballs vs Russia (still so painfull for me whenever I mention this particular match). Great attitude, will and desire, very hard path for gold! I really applause to Brazilian girls, no matter what they think about our girls, whether they hate, despise us and want our girls to be very sad etc. Who cares about what they think? Gamova? Sokolova? Other girls? I beg of you, guys, they simply laugh and make jokes about such statatements and behaviour.Ii don't really understand your discussions considering who is shitty and ugly inside. No matter, again, congrats for Brazil, they are not only WGP team now!

    Gamova and Sokolova told about their plans considering NT:
    Gamova: "I'm VERY tired and I want to take a break in NT. I think I'll come back but it's hard to say smth definitely."
    Sokolova: "I have a desire to play as long as I can. I have 2-year contract with Turkish club. If I am healthy I will play in clubs and in NT with great pleasure. Next Olympic Games? It's hard to make plans. 4 years ahead and it's quite a long period of time."
    Frankly speaking I have mixed feelings and don't know what to think. I think both of them won't be very athletic and powerful in 4 years, however I wish both of them to be healthy and to maintain their level and play very good. From the other hand, I wish Russia to raise some new talents within these 4 years but unfortunately it's almost impossible. I want Gamova and Sokolova to be healthy but I don't want to watch Russian team relying on 39 year old Sokolova and 36 year Gamova in OG 2016.

    Today is one of the most sad days for me. I haven't seen the match but I learned the result right after the match ended.
    I'm very sorry for our girls. It's really hard to be objective right now, because I feel devastated. I have been told that our star Gamova didn't play at all and we were in match thanks to Sokolova, we were trailing 10-13 in the 5th set and again we made it 13-13 and even 14-13 and had 6 matchballs (like Brazil had in Athens 2004 24-19 and 14-13 in the 5th) but not this time. Gamova, what happened to you, all of sudden? I know that since WCH2010 final match Gamova never showed her real game but this your last chance to make your dream come true, why? You can beat Brazil alone, scoring 35-40 points, why only 7 points after 28 atacks after first 2 sets (I have been told so, dunno whether it's true or not). I can't and don't want ot understand that.
    I feel so sorry for all our veterans - Artamonova, Sokolova and Gamova, you girls made the history and made carees that many can only dream of, it's really painful that your ultimate dream will never come true. It's really sad that their NT careers ended that way, losing 19-21 in the 5th set in the quarterfinal match of OG amd losing their dream.
    I agree with Canter that from now on new era awaits Russian NT and this era won't bring victories, I think Russia will be quite average team, and it will be a success if we qualify for OG 2016 in Rio because we have no young talents at all. I didn't want to write that much, sorry if you still read this.

    I have to give a credit to Brazil NT, it seems that could raise their level in play-off. Congrats, another OG final awaits them. And at last they won a dramatic match versus Russia and won the 5th set.

    Gamova:"I was called in Turkey, and back to Moscow, but I decided not to look good from the good."

    what did She mean by that?

    It's a proverb which is translated in English like :" Let well alone."
    She wanted to say that why looking for smth else when everything is good in Kazan.

    Gosh, Grun scored her first point in attack only in the second set after 12-15 attempts.
    Gamova's attitude towards Goncharova is too much I think. Her behaviour is even worse than in that match with Azerrail. That's sad to watch. It's first year I see Katya acts that way. After Goncharova spiked block out of Gamova's hands, Gamova called her a bitch, lol. I wonder what's her problem with Goncharova.

    Hey be careful with ur remark pls!!!

    Or what? lol. Hey, don't tell me what to do and I won't say you where you're supposed to go,ok?Just mind your own reactions considering other people statements. They're too fierce each time smb says smth you don't like considering Turkey, its fans, behaviour, culture etc.

    Vakif leading 14-11 in the golden set and lost it. I think Arkas was enough for Turkey today. Well done Cannes! This game was not held in barbaric environment like in today's Loko-Arkas match and Turkish club lost it. However, I'd prefer Kazan to play vs Villa than FBU.

    Russian torture finished, can't remeber last time I saw Russia playing that bad, even ECH 2009 was way better. I see no obstacles for Holland to win tomorrow match, just serve and don't make simple mistakes and Russia is finished off. Painful to watch world champions playing like that.

    Russia - Spain 19-25. Russia can't receive at all...omg, I have never seen such reception on NT level. I think Spain made around 10 aces already and it's second set only. What the heck they were doing after WGP...??? Our girls play like amateurs today... I'm confused ?(

    This question with Sokolova keeps discussing in press for all day long. Some write she will play, some write she won't play. On Russian volleyball federation site Sokolova is not among 14 players. I think Luyba won't play, beacuse month ago she said she is not in shape and doesn't want to perform badly, so what's the point to join the team the day before championship. She didn't train with the team etc. I think those are rumours only.

    Kosheleva will go to ECH but as a spectator. Tatiana will train with the team but won't play because our coaches don't want to risk her health and think that ECH is not that important competition to risk. Our coaches think that Tatiana will be very helpful for NT morale)))
    I don't know why our federation consider ECH to be not so important competition...Two best teams qualify for WC and participation in WC gives ranking points (the same as for OG), Russia already missed two last WC and will miss this one if won't qualify for ECH final. I seriously doubt Russia will play in ECH final according to their performance recently. I understand that Russia already won ECH 17 times but last time we won it was 10 years ago, in 2001. I want our officials to change their mind considering ECH tournament.