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    Mari and Pequeno are going to Fenerbache? .... Mari's play leading up to the Olympics was below par, and Paula has spent a fair portion of it benched due to inconsistent play.
    Fenerbache might have some chinks in their armor

    does anyone know where hooker went? Fenerbache too?

    This means Li Juan won't be starting line I hope... She's pretty garbage on... all fronts. Either that or she will be moved back to OH... But I see no point after Hui Ruoqi returns from her injury. No doubt China's success would have been greatly increased in the passed WGP in games against the US and Brazil had she been playing in the matches. Maybe Hui is being moved to the non receiving OH and Li Juan is becoming the 2nd receiving OH.

    Having Zhou Suhong back is ... incredible. She played such a large part in China's success over the past two olympics. I am interested to see the new starting lineups.

    Wonder who is getting cut too.

    I remember Yawen Lai as a player and as an assistant coach. I think it might be good for players having a former player with them. But I truly dislike Hu Jin. I don't think he's a good coach at all and in my opinion China did poorly, back to the time he was a coach. I'm glad to see Zhou back though. It was always a pleasure to watch her play so I hope she's in good shape. I just wonder how chinese fans are feeling about her because I remember back to the time when she was leaving there were many chinese fans claiming she wasn't strong enough for China NT team.

    Hey thanks for the upload! Ive now tried to DL Set 2 twice (both parts) and both parts appear to be corrupt. Maybe its just me...

    Hey, thx a lot, great quality! :) Would you perhaps have the rest of this game? Or others in same quality? Thanks a lot

    I would also REALLY like this final. Seeing the new CHN NT w/o Cai bin... WOOO

    Cai Bin... that was a mistake off the bat.
    New team looks strong from Montreux. Wang Yimei, although a very dynamic player to watch, has continuously regressed under the coaching of Cai Bin. He took an amazing attacker and made her.... well, bad.
    Now if only they'd ditch Xunli for .. you know.. someone who doesn't choke. Li Juan is the closest thing China has to replace Zhou Suhong in terms of defense and offence. Having Li Juan play opposite is the only way they can afford to put players like Wang Yimei as OH. It's funny - in one showing China's new coach did better then Cai Bing did since he took over. Also, starting Wang Qian over Zhang ... THANK GOODNESS. Zhang is perhaps the most overrated Li Bero in China. Even on paper she does not stack up to other NT Liberos. Her serve receive is iffy at best for her position. Teams served to her on purpose... haha

    Just out of curiosity
    I have not seen Thaisa as a part of the starting lineup for quite some time. Reasons? She is clearly the better MB then Carol and Adenezia. She's a very disciplined MB and one of the best in the world.

    Can Gioli even hit a C ball? .... I agree, her attack success is could easily average 70%, but Italian NT has always had a strong C ball hitter including Aguero and Ortolani.
    Rondon is still a mistake for NT. She runs a fast offence but she is inaccurate at best.. and can't defend. Feretti over Rondon anyday.
    And why not Costagrande? Her serve reception and attack are already better then Marcon, Bosetti, and Barcellini...
    I am confused by this Italian NT. The starters are obvious, but it looks like the rest of the players would make up a C team, not a Backup team. I feel like there is too much pride at play here.

    I officially love you.
    Finding CIMED games in non-youtube quality has been a failure so far. NOW.... wooooooooooooooo
    backrow attack rule makes middle hitting almost non existant. middles should be known as 'blocking specialists' if this rule stays... yikes

    But seriously, I can't decide who to cheer for. Persaro w/ Furst, Feretti, Kasia, and Elke or Novara with... everyone except Barcillini. Watching Novara is almost like watching Chinese NT... something that may not be seen in a long time outisde of the Chinese professional leagues.

    Rondon is an interesting choice.... shes slow and inaccurate. But shes tall.. i guess? Better able to reach those overpasses?
    I'd also like to know why not Feretti. She has great court vision and better defense then Lo Bianco. Shes quick on the court and doesn't typically have 'off' days. I can understand if he is looking for alternative setting styles for different blocking options .... but Rondon is already on that list. Also, having Guiggi and Feretti on a line running e-quicks is pretty unstoppable... theres clearly a well established relationship between the two players and a fairly developed sense of trust.
    But seriously.. Rondon over Feretti? Well at least Rineri is back. She will probably end up starting along with Picci as OHs. That makes a pretty solid 2 or 3 passing lineup... its even possibly to put Aguero into the mix.
    Good to see Gioli on the roster.

    There are alot of up and coming NCAA stars that have better defensive capabilities then Glass and Namani. Look to see Destinee Hooker in the near future. Plus the US team needs more then just Logan Tom to run the pipe - that is one of the advantages of the Brazillian team that pays large dividens. Having Shiella, Mari, Paula, and Jacquelin all able to hit a deadly pipe attack at such a fast speed makes it impossible to defend.

    Pavan has been a full Italian citizen for about 18 months now. It has already been more than 2 years since she last represented Canada in a national team. She can represent either nation at this point. The only people who have talked of Pavan representing the USA are wishful thinking Americans! :D

    I can't imagine Pavan representing Canada ever again. The Canadian national team program is in bad shape and showing no signs of being able to improve itself.

    I don't think Pavan is considered a naturalized citizen by Italian law. She accepted Italian citizenship that is her right by "jus sanguinis" (parent is a citizen). She only had to claim Italian citizenship by a certain age. I don't know if the FIVB would consider her a naturalized player because she previously represented Canada, or if the FIVB would not because by Italian law she is not naturalized.

    Canadian NT womens and mens team are one of the few programs without well... any sponsorship.Its a wonder it exists at all when a fair portion of their practice time is funded through fundraising.

    Thats good news. The US women's team has suffered from poor reception in their 2nd OH position. Despite being under Lang Ping, one of the best technical coaches out there, both Glass and Namani still struggled passing at a NT level. I don't know if either Karch or Hugh can fix this problem... both Glass and Namani seem to be meant to play as attackers before passers. If Tom leaves, this problem will become a major issue (no idea if this is happening). Hooker and various other NCAA talents do have better passing then Glass though. Anyways, she got torn apart during the 08 Beijing games. Brazil's tactical serving solely targeted Glass that game.
    Karch is also a hothead... I don't often see assistant coaches getting carded, but it will probably happen soon with Karch as assistant head coach haha :whistle: