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    Pool A
    15.12.2010 Zarechie ODINTSOVO 2-3 VakifGunesTTelekom ISTANBUL
    16.12.2010 Bank BPS Fakro MUSZYNA 3-1 Crvena Zvezda BEOGRAD

    Pool C
    15.12.2010 CV Jamper Aguere LA LAGUNA 3-1 Voléro ZÜRICH
    16.12.2010 ASPTT MULHOUSE 0-3 Eczacibasi VitrA ISTANBUL

    Pool D
    15.12.2010 MC-Carnaghi VILLA CORTESE 3-2 RC CANNES

    Pool E
    16.12.2010 Rabita BAKU 3-1 Aluprof BIELSKO-BIALA

    Pool A
    23.11.2010 17:00 Crvena Zvezda BEOGRAD 0-3 VakifGunesTTelekom ISTANBUL
    25.11.2010 18:00 Bank BPS Fakro MUSZYNA 0-3 Zarechie ODINTSOVO

    Pool B
    25.11.2010 18:30 Dinamo MOSCOW 3-0 ZOK SPLIT 1700
    25.11.2010 19:30 FenerbahceAcibadem ISTANBUL 3-1 Norda Foppapedretti BERGAMO

    Pool C
    24.11.2010 17:00 Eczacibasi VitrA ISTANBUL 3-0 Voléro ZÜRICH
    23.11.2010 20:00 ASPTT MULHOUSE 2-3 CV Jamper Aguere LA LAGUNA

    Pool D
    25.11.2010 18:00 VK Modranska PROSTEJOV 0-3 RC CANNES
    23.11.2010 20:30 Organika Budowlani LODZ 0-3 MC-Carnaghi VILLA CORTESE

    Pool E
    24.11.2010 20:30 Scavolini PESARO 3-1 Aluprof BIELSKO-BIALA
    24.11.2010 17:00 Dinamo Romprest BUCHAREST 0-3 Rabita BAKU

    fucking blind referees, ball on floor big time for 11-11 in front of ref, they dont see it, also in 2nd set clear block out given to espana

    i'm so angry, poorer team go in 2nd round, i would kill them if i would be in hall idiots :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :wall: :wall: :wall:

    give me smileys with machine gun

    Spain also suffered arbitral mistakes against Poland and Holland. We lost both games and did not complain. If we lose we do it with dignity and accepting our mistakes. We know perfectly that our selection is limited in comparison with other. You should have a bit of humility and to accept the defeat, because Spain demonstrated to be a better team that Croatia. Spain had an evil percentage in assault and a bad receipt, but though it won. Also there were blockouts of Croatia that they were a point for Spain but they were given to the croatians.

    Beauty Poljak looks like to me a good player, but she does not have humility.Ultimately I am going to end up by thinking that in Croatia they lack humility.

    The revenge is served in cold plate. :dance4: :dance4:

    GO SPAIN!! :woohoo:

    Though Spain has a difficult group, I believe that they can give the surprise. Only it is necessary that they believe in her possibilities.

    If France in the masculine championship gave the surprise (in my opinion), Spain also can do it in the feminine championship.

    I am dreaming hahaha :lol:

    The game between Aguere and Albacete will be free for those who want to come to see it, because Aguere needs the victory obligatorily to qualify in the play off.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Very interesting! ;)

    Yasmina Hernández is the offensive referent of Tenerife team. Neslihan Darnel not play at the highest level.

    In the Spanish League 08/09, Tenerife is the favourite and best team, but there are other teams with chances to win titles.

    Sorry for my bad english