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    Ding could really help her team out if she set a higher ball especially when the pass if off - she is always trying to push that ball as fast as she can to tall outside players, this makes China struggle more than necessary in siding out most of the times. Every one keeps signalling a higher ball but obviously its not the way she likes to play... she has a bit of the manic setting of Bruno from the Brazilian men.. It seem China don't really have a steadier alternative setter though...

    USA played solidly when they were in control of the first ball, but once the ball is out of system they had their normal struggles. They were helped by China's slow back court defence at times, but once China started making fewer errors and more touches it became a battle.... Hopefully the Dutch can bring a confident game to make things even more interesting!

    Good for Brazil to have the emotional win in the end. in the end the German loss was their undoing. I have seen different posts on here about Ze and while I think respect should be given to his impressive resume, I feel the girls could have been helped a bit better in this match by their coach.. What's the point of making all the substitutions he made in the end with Thaisa, etc, when they needed quick thinking during a critical time. Sometimes I feel Ze is also a bit conservative and not so bold in making changes quickly. It doesn't matter about the injuries, with the players he has, you cannot have such huge swings and losses of points. They may not be as 'talented' as previous generations but they are as good, if not better in many respects than other players on other teams that are beating them.

    You see Turkey, Netherlands, USA etc, constantly making quick changes, not necessarily bringing on someone more talented, but making a push for that one point. There were so many opportunities I think at that point to help the girls get that set. But I am not a coach, just a fan's observation.

    I really like Sylla and Ogonna of the remaining teams, they are offensively helping Italy a lot. Also like the general young and fearless attitude of the team. Hope they make it to the finals!

    Lube seems a bit all over the place - there doesn't seem to be any rhythm. I think Bruno's imprecise setting to the outside has a little bit to do with it. Not sure who the libero is, but he seems a bit overwhelmed...

    Modena are playing with a bit more rhythm

    Actually the crowd were supporting Brazil in their semi and pretty much all the Italians supported USA. I’m guessing the Italians will support Brazil in the final. They have decided to support the league players past and present, plus they like Bruno and Lucas. Like got a resounding response when he was interviewed after the match and did it in Italian.

    There are lots of Polish supporters also though.... hate him on r love him, Kubiak just controls these matches... I’m kinda warming up to him having seen him in these past couple of days play with such determination.

    Alekno said before this competition that Russia had no competition in this world championship and were clear favourites...He just put a lot of pressure on Shylapnikov if Russia don't even make it to the final (which of course they still can)

    One thing that Renan has done right is to have the confidence to take Bruno out and risk William with his height. I guess he feels as much as they can lose points, they can still be in control of their offensive game. I think this is one of his best decisions as a coach. Also, being able to play these big matches with quite key players missing is credit to Renan as a coach for getting them ready to compete..

    Mauricio Souza continues to disappoint - he should have been taken out after the first set. He can make spectacular blocks at times, but he can also be rather absent in matches.

    Russia's been up and down this world cup. Yes Brazil can raise their level, but still they could have won this match... It'll be interesting to see their approach to the match against USA...

    Poland without Kubiak are not quite the same.. hopefully he is fit to play the other matches.. At least they got a point from this game. Hopefully Argentina gives everyone a headache just make things more fun lol.

    Ofcourse! yes I'd forgotten about that too. Thanks:-)

    France will have to drop 3 games to play in a USA, Iran, Bulgaria pool. Is that good?

    LOL I wasnt suggesting they actually do that - just expressing some of the permutations and issues. My point was that I thought they had a better chance in Sofia. Of course I'm sure they wont be fearing anyone and will want to beat everyone. And of course the tighter the matches and match ups, the better for fans!

    Group B remains interesting for the implications for the next round. For France it might be a better idea to remain 4th and go to Sofia than to Varna... although they have played well against Poland generally..

    For Brazil winning the group potentially puts them up potentially against Slovenia and maybe Belgium?.. the European teams are playing very well at the moment, that could be tricky as well, but being second and going to face potentially Italy, and Serbia could also be a nightmare..

    World cup is surely delivering so far, makes for a very interesting second week.

    Still hoping to see USA, Russ, and Italy in the finals - not sure about that 4th ticket yet... but even that's unpredictable.

    I wouldn't say it's a matter of a Brazilian attitude. It's no coincidence the players I talked about a couple of days ago are the same over fighting across the net. Also Lipe is a garbage human being and should be far from any sports court.

    Sorry, I should have said some of Brazilian 'team' - I didn't mean to imply that its something to do with Brazilians as a whole.

    I think the coach feels he is in a difficult position, because I think it might be worth replacing that team (or' those players') with the bench players, at least to get some discipline into them. The thing is these guys will play full matches, and they know it. Lipe can troll around the court as he is doing because he knows there is no-one on the bench to replace him, and he is still living off his hero status from the France match.

    This attitude is not new either - I watched the team virtually give up against Serbia in the world league final in 2016 under Rezende and in Lille this year in the finals and other tournaments where they play with some kind of entitlement attitude, like they should win on their own terms. When other teams are playing better, they don't often seem prepared to put in the hard work to make it , unless of course they 'feel like it'. It's frustrating as a fan who often travels around the worked to see them play.

    I have to say this year I have begun hoping they don't make it to the finals in Turin - I paid a lot of money for my tickets and travel I don't want to have to deal with their depressive attitude on court at times! You can never guarantee what mental state they show up in!

    Thanks YavorD for sharing your interesting thoughts!

    I was eager to know more about Brazil defeat, and it's impressive the last time they lose vs Ned was in 1966!


    The Netherlands have been improving- but again it was a rather sub par, error prone game from Brazil. It was similar to some of the final stages of the VNL when Brazil just produced error after error and looked like they just didn't want to be there. when you contrast that with the USA first couple of matches were they were clearly not playing well. but they continued to have a mature team approach to win. Wallace was given too much respect -it was clear from the beginning that he was not very motivated (maybe the behind-the-scenes politics, or the very demanding previous match). He should have been rested or taken out early on, at least after the first set and Evandro given the opportunity to get into the match and play.

    There is something about the chemistry of the Brazilian team which is just not right. All the younger outside players who come in never seem to settle and look nervous all the time. I read a lot of Brazilian forums blaming Douglas as usual, but sometimes he appears to be the one with most passion to play (even though he can look like like he is depressed at the same time lol). Yes me made reception errors as the set wore on, but he made 13 points and Lucas made 13... they needed an opposite, and other players to show up as well!

    They also had a day of rest, and this was their only third match, so why they look so jaded who knows..

    Much as I have always supported the team, I think this generation's attitude sometimes is not great. Interestingly, should Poland win their group, Russia stays second and Brazil are 4th, then they will meet Russia and Poland in the same pool. But there can be no sympathy for them , really - it appears they came to play just the one revenge match against France!

    Its a shame Leia is not available. Suelen maybe the best they have, but when I saw her in Montreux it was clear that Brazil lacked a really dominant libero who could take over the passing. Brazilian outsides were targeted a lot from position 4, There were also quite a few hits directed at Suelen which she could't defend - obviously this is comparing her to Italian and Turkish liberos, who are both very good - and were both playing a level above her.

    side note: - I also sometimes dont understand why, in a set where she is clearly just on the bench, Thaisa doesn't come in for blocking substitutions - so many points on Gabi's side because she could hardly block. Turkey must have made half their attacking points on her side... (anyway, I am digressing now lol!). I feel this team could be used much better than they are at the moment...