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    Taubate V Sada

    This forum is a bit dead, but had to contribute concerning this match, which I was looking forward to.

    Was really looking forward to watch this given how Taubate played last match - but what a mess!! Castellani either failed to realise (or didn't want to) that Uriate was single handedly destroying the attackers - never seen Lucarelli losing his attacking confidence, then Douglas, and Lucao was just a shadow and in the end couldn't even block. He waited till set 3 to change Uriate - like why?????? Yes the passing was suspect at best, but even with good passes Uriate just had zero connection and virtually no consistency at all. I felt quite angry on behalf of Lucarelli and the hitters.

    Facundo played well. albeit with his few trademark really bad moments. Abuba was the real hero. As much as I am not a fan of Rapha, it was a HUGE relief to see him on court today, just for some kind of stability.

    Between Uriate's inconsistency, and Visotto who always seems to be on another planet, this team is frustrating to watch!!!

    That's all from my little rant lol

    I agree that one or two of those need to go. Maybe start with the basics and work on restoring stability in passing and attacking.

    But who would they get at this time of the season... cant imagine there are free players out there of the calibre they want.. They need someone like a Kubiak, but he's not leaving Japan to come to Lube

    So what are the likely scenarios for Lube? On one hand this is their first? loss in the league, despite having struggled throughout so it may just be chalked to a return match after the club world champs...

    On the other hand it is clear the team int working. I am not so sure its a good idea to struggle through to the end

    like this and hope things will improve?

    Ofcourse they could suppose it is the coach who cant find a way to make a 'good' team work -so new coach??

    I'm interested to hear what people in this forum think...

    lol - meant the Padova match. Just seen Lube lost in straight sets..... Something drastic is going to happen in that club I'm sure. Jantoerna doesa lot of shouting when things are not going well for him.

    Padova. is getting nervous.... match points coming and going

    Minas is the team I root for, but Fluminense comes as my second favorite this season.

    Definitely with you on that. The Bernadino formula for Sesc is not working anymore. He cant find a solution that works with the current players, but I suspect they will win enough to be in the playoffs - Between them an Osasco, one will lose out I think

    I think the american duo of Nicole Fawcett and Carli havent really been as impressive. Fawcett struggles to hit those out of system balls and they always have to try to go to Garay for offense, but she is just not tall enough... they might need to revisit those contracts.The other opposite is not great either, which makes it really difficult for them.

    Carli definitely helps in blocking because she is very athletic, but her setting has been short of awful really..

    Minas seem to have a good balance, and so they are my favourite for the league title. Praia is too inconsistent in passing. If they can improve that, then Carol and Fabiana could become more dominant - in this situation, Garay wont have so much block pressure and she can be lethal in that situation. Minas have been passing well, and this allows Macris to play really fast - and with Gabi and Natalia, that's dangerous. I've been pleasantly surprised by Fluminense - I guess Joycinha's still got it! You can never count out Osasco, but definitely Minas are strong favourites. The way they beat Priaia last time they met was very telling...

    Dont get dramatic lol. I expressed an opinion. Its ok not to agree with me but the personal attack about 'talk down stuff, being negative' blah blah - those are your own issues - don't project them. All you had to say was you actually agree with it. Or maybe ask why I don't agree, as is meant to be done in a discussion forum.

    This doesn't happen all the time - it doesn't even happen with champions league - nor did it happen with the men. I have always assumed it was, rightfully so, respecting all players, rather than celebrating a country- as you say, that WOULD be team effort. I have no ill feeling towards Vakifbank - I actually really like what Guidetti does with that team - he is a model in that respect. I quite like Zhu Ting as well, who wouldn't, she is an amazing layer raising the profile of a sport I love. So no, I wont be dragged into YOUR negativity. clearly you can't have a rational discussion about this - and really that's ok too:-)



    If you just think hard enough you might realize..

    While it may 'apparently' be obvious, it just strikes me as not really appropriate for club competitions like this one. They 'key players' are not Turkish. Yes it is Turkish money that has made the club happen - A national anthem is paying homage to an achievement from a national team - players native or transfered to that country.

    So no, it isn't obvious actually

    For me it's wrong in so many ways to have someone praising Zhu Ting on the mic during the match. This is an official FIVB championship. Absurd!

    A lot of the commentators on volleyball Tv are not necessarily knowledgeable about the players. They know what they BRIEFLY read about, so they find it really difficult to be impartial. Even Clayton Lucas, who is the best commentator from the lot, has an obvious bias towards USA volleyball, and so sometimes the other teams are 'ignored' and not much is said about them. They obviously now about Zhu Ting's greatness, and this naturally transfers to their match commentating. The worse ones don't even seem to understand what is going on during play, and make some really terrible mistakes. But I suppose like most things, this will in time become better, especially with more dedicated channels etc - they will start to know more

    This competition though is really all about Zhu Ting, she is playing at home, so its inevitable..