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    There is no thread for it so I'll comment here: today is the Copa Libertadores voley final between Bolívar and SESC (the winner qualifies for Club WCh, maybe?).

    Bolívar has been very impressive beating several top brazilian clubs in their way to this final.

    This cup was a great idea and I hope it replaces for good the dumb south american championship which basically gifted the title to Sada almost every year.

    This was an embarrassing event for Taubate, being the hosts. Everything just needs to change for that team - its an absolute mess.....

    Feel sorry for Lube... It was good they were not steamrolled and they made this good match. They still need to figure out how to deal with the big moments and also they still need the stability to be able to hold on to the leads they have in matches. This was what really cost them today. It was sometimes the bad reception, the bad set, etc but all in all, its their seeming inability to just continue playing with the same intensity and focus when they are in leading positions. Yes Leon made the difference at crucial times, but it was really because Lube kept giving away their advantage throughout the match. Hopefully this will improve moving forwards. It might be that the coach needs to be quicker with substitutions just to get the focus up - substitute even when its not a desperate situation, but just to keep momentum....

    There is also the phenomenon that is Leon...

    Dont forget Mauricio on the outside... he has been a really steady addition to the outside position. He may not be spectacular in attack but he is a very steady influence , especially in his passing. He is slowly coming back from a bad injury.

    I share the same sentiments about Alan - He is ok, but not really quite on the level I feel. But its all about training and teamwork I guess...

    Right now they have the worst possible combination on court. A very slow Diouf, and two outsides who cannot pass and struggle with attack... Added to not having Tiffany, It'll take a meltdown from Praia to win this set let alone the match

    lol, Arlene came in as a back court specialist sub and pretty much gave away the set with defensive errors... Shame Edinara doesnt play outside, Sesi are missing another outside hitter at the moment. Tiffany is pretty much the offensive player for Sesi but she is under too much pressure.

    Lube did to Trentino what they did to them in the world club champs - it was all about the serve reception. Good for Lube I guess to get the revenge and get their confidence back, especially after the bad Perugia match last week.

    Praia seem to only have Garay for offence. Fawcett is like a non existent opposite, Carli doesn’t even seem to trust her to kill the ball. Macris is definitely miles better than Roberta at the moment, she’s very good at controlling the match, and strangely, quicker.

    Sesc having one of those games where everything is going well and everyone's contributing. I really love watching Brazilian middles...Walewska, Mayhara, Juiciely... just really great. Walewska is still such a good player- her international experience really shows.

    Taubate V Sada

    This forum is a bit dead, but had to contribute concerning this match, which I was looking forward to.

    Was really looking forward to watch this given how Taubate played last match - but what a mess!! Castellani either failed to realise (or didn't want to) that Uriate was single handedly destroying the attackers - never seen Lucarelli losing his attacking confidence, then Douglas, and Lucao was just a shadow and in the end couldn't even block. He waited till set 3 to change Uriate - like why?????? Yes the passing was suspect at best, but even with good passes Uriate just had zero connection and virtually no consistency at all. I felt quite angry on behalf of Lucarelli and the hitters.

    Facundo played well. albeit with his few trademark really bad moments. Abuba was the real hero. As much as I am not a fan of Rapha, it was a HUGE relief to see him on court today, just for some kind of stability.

    Between Uriate's inconsistency, and Visotto who always seems to be on another planet, this team is frustrating to watch!!!

    That's all from my little rant lol

    Shame for Randazzo - he went out a hero in this match because he was playing very well and he was fired up for the match. Feel sorry for him. He wont be with the national team this year then..

    Stoychev was watching the matches at the club worlds.. I saw him in the stands. Is he not coaching any team at the moment? Maybe Bruno should try Sada.. but he seems to prefer playing in Italy.

    I agree that one or two of those need to go. Maybe start with the basics and work on restoring stability in passing and attacking.

    But who would they get at this time of the season... cant imagine there are free players out there of the calibre they want.. They need someone like a Kubiak, but he's not leaving Japan to come to Lube

    So what are the likely scenarios for Lube? On one hand this is their first? loss in the league, despite having struggled throughout so it may just be chalked to a return match after the club world champs...

    On the other hand it is clear the team int working. I am not so sure its a good idea to struggle through to the end

    like this and hope things will improve?

    Ofcourse they could suppose it is the coach who cant find a way to make a 'good' team work -so new coach??

    I'm interested to hear what people in this forum think...