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    Anders Mol and Christian Sorum win Eurovolley beach volleyball and become European champions for the second time in a row. This makes it their 8th in of the season!! With the quality of beach volleyball players at the moment this is beyond impressive. More should be made of this in the volleyball world I think. also considering their ages and how they are backing up their stellar season last year, it's just great. I'm really rooting for them to win the finals in Rome too

    They have certainly elevated the game. It really is a shame they had that let down for the gold at the world championships- but they could still go for most record wins in a season and tie the Brazilians if they win Rome.

    Some observations...

    Lorenne, Mara and Ana Paula are like carbon copies of each other in their movement and technique... slow to the ball and slow long arm swings to the ball. Could be because they are taller... contrast with Tandara, Gabi, Fe Garay, Jacqueline etc... quite different style

    Also Brazilian outside hitters have had quite a lot of one on one or fractured block situations because of Macris's setting. She may not always be precise, but she has left them sometimes without even a block. She has good disguise in her setting.

    Sidebar--- anyone know if or when Tandara and Carol will join the team?

    There have been to many reshuffles with the Brazilian men, and it is showing at the moment. It's very hard to actually pick out which duo is likely to be the best of the rest, they are so similar in their inconsistencies in play. It''s quite frustrating to watch. On the other hand I am excited to see how the volleyball vikings will bounce back after the injury to Andes Mol, which delayed their start to the season. 5th place was not so bad for them, and losing to the Spanish veterans is never a bad thing..

    It is maybe time to retire for Osmany .

    Osmany needs to start adding more to his game to both preserve his body, and also to make points easier. A few times he is being blocked one on one because he is trying to bury the ball all the time. Because he likes to play the very fast tempo ball his hitting options are quite limited, and his opponents know ho to block him. He is a very good player, but he does need to add more variety to his game now - especially given that there has been talk that he has knee injuries, etc. It's obviously not easy to do, and players like Kubiak and Uros play like that naturally - but he could really try to start hitting high off the block, wipe offs etc, which he could do. Lube can also go through a lot of phases playing out of system, this would help him a lot....

    I just can't with Lube's libero. He is quite a weak link and sometimes very frustrating to watch. I am not so sure that he is the most talented of upcoming young Italian Liberos, because that would be tragic.....

    Apart form Fe Garay, the other Praia players will need to improve their serving to unsettle Minas, because as long as Macris has a consistent ball, they will struggle to win over them. A strong point of both these teams is their blocking and defence though, so they can cancel each other out in this. Hopefully Mayanay can join at some point in the series.

    I really like the trio of Garay, Carol and Fabiana, but I really like how Minas plays.. tough to choose.

    More news from Brazilian league:

    Uriarte (S/ARG) and Otávio (MB/BRA) are moving from Taubaté to Sada Cruzeiro. Uriarte will be returning to the team after only one season.

    Rogerinho (L/BRA) is moving from Minas to Taubaté.

    Is Le Roux leaving? I think this is a good move for Otavio actually. I hope Uriate and Cachopa have equal time, Cachopa has been doing well. I actually prefer him over Thaigo from Sesc - he is more steady and consistent. Waiting to see if Lucarelli accepts Sada's offer and he leaves... not sure if Renan will let him go though.

    Sada will need a foreigner - maybe opposite if they can get Lucarelli, otherwise they will struggle at the club champs.

    Both teams in the final have been playing some really good volleyball, that's really what you want to see. Hopefully they can bring the best out of each other. Good to see Piccinini in the final!!

    To be fair the ball could only have gone to Zhu Ting. Its the way they have always played. Zhu Ting was doing well, but as it sometimes goes, it was in the end her error that was decisive.

    Kovar is looking strong but it's still against Skra's second team.

    His performance is key to Lube if Leal reverts to his pre-second half form or if Juantorena gives another stinker in a finale.:gone:

    Kovar played really well. Leal seems to be more confident and has been very steady. However Kazan function at a much higher leveI.

    Personally I think in the final the person who is going to determine lot for Lube is actually Balaso. He will need to be at his passing and defending best because Kazan will target him and both outsides. His reception in particular can be very shaky and this will make a difference.

    I have been watching the men's. It was a dominant display by Lube. Won first two sets then brought substitutes in at different points to finish the match. Will be a repeat of last year's final. Should be a good final. Lube are playing much better now than at the beginning

    While me and other several users in this forum are busy watching Novara-Vakif, Lube won 3-0 and reached Zenit in the final. I just saw the score, nothing more :saint:

    Perugia take the first set despite a shaky performance. Leon seems obsessed at the moment with hitting the ball as hard and steep as he can - he can normally hit deep into the court but he is allowing a lot of blocks and defence touches on his hits - he might need to adjust this a bit because Kazan are controlling him. Kazan still feel like favourites... hopefully Butko is ok

    I think a lot of Perugia's chances will be determined by how players like Podrascanin and Lanza will play. Leon will give his best, but he will be targeted a lot so he does need their help. Podrascanin hasnt played as well so far...

    on another note, couldn't have had the worst commentator for this match...

    LOl was the same - fell asleep because it was already 3am this side! Sada seemed to have taken control- their serving in particular seemed to be the decisive factor, at least in sets 2 and 3. Visotto, who I thought outplayed himself the first game seemed to be back to his normal ineffective self this match. I was really surprised that despite Sada having Williiam on court, Taubate couldn't serve on him at all during the sets they lost, and insisted on serving on Sander, and also serving out a lot because they were really trying to go for power.

    I think Taubate might have a better chance this time round. Sada don't have Leal who was a dominant force for them, and Lucarelli is playing better I think, plus they have Douglas as an extra weapon. It will surely be exciting to watch and see...

    Cant wait to see how this win unfolded if someone knows of a replay link.