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    Perugia take the first set despite a shaky performance. Leon seems obsessed at the moment with hitting the ball as hard and steep as he can - he can normally hit deep into the court but he is allowing a lot of blocks and defence touches on his hits - he might need to adjust this a bit because Kazan are controlling him. Kazan still feel like favourites... hopefully Butko is ok

    I think a lot of Perugia's chances will be determined by how players like Podrascanin and Lanza will play. Leon will give his best, but he will be targeted a lot so he does need their help. Podrascanin hasnt played as well so far...

    on another note, couldn't have had the worst commentator for this match...

    LOl was the same - fell asleep because it was already 3am this side! Sada seemed to have taken control- their serving in particular seemed to be the decisive factor, at least in sets 2 and 3. Visotto, who I thought outplayed himself the first game seemed to be back to his normal ineffective self this match. I was really surprised that despite Sada having Williiam on court, Taubate couldn't serve on him at all during the sets they lost, and insisted on serving on Sander, and also serving out a lot because they were really trying to go for power.

    I think Taubate might have a better chance this time round. Sada don't have Leal who was a dominant force for them, and Lucarelli is playing better I think, plus they have Douglas as an extra weapon. It will surely be exciting to watch and see...

    Cant wait to see how this win unfolded if someone knows of a replay link.

    Diouf is having one of her worst games in their most important match today. Tiffany is being shut down like in the last game. I don't understand why Anderson doesn't put Edinara in earlier, and when he does, as soon as she makes a single mistake he takes her out! She may not always hit powerful spikes but she is much more useful on court...

    It was a little bit strange to see Taubate playing consistently pretty much from the beginning to the end of that match. I guess Renan might be having some impact - the one thing he seems to do well is making the right substitutions. I Always like the low key battle going on - Marcelo as the undisputed coach in many people's eyes, with Renan who many are still trying to decide whether he is the best coach or not lol. Renan in the end got this first one.

    I still cant work out the Douglas/ Conte substitution deal. They seem to contribute equally most of the time, so I guess its more about deciding who fits more for which match. Conte made 7 or 8 points in this match, and the passing was so-so.. Lucarelli really showed his class in this match as the dependable and effective outside hitter he has been in the national team.

    As good as Dececco was, he made a few crucial setting mistakes when his team was in the ascendancy. He somehow kept making the same sets when Samoylenko was in the front court. Its hard to be too critical for such a match which had a fast pace an intensity to it, but these mistakes could have made the difference in such a close match.

    I think it’s also worth remembering that volleyball is a team game. Tiffany didn’t win that match, Fabiola organised her offence very well and played to her strengths with precision setting- Roberta on the other side was a mess. Diouf also contributed a lot, so did the Libero in covering and defending, and the middle players did their job well. Rezende couldn’t come up with a game plan to respond. We may give a lot of excuses and suggestions, but for that match and that game, that was the issue really. Sesi hasn’t been playing well, and lost a lot of matches prior to this, during which time Tiffany hasn’t been an issue. It’s important to think of context, rather than focusing on one individual in a team game, especially one who hasn’t exactly taken the volleyball world by storm because of her ‘apparent physical prowess’- there is a long list of better volleyball girls in Brazil.

    Speaking of Brazilian league, Flávio (MB), who should have some playing time with the NT this year (hopefully!), will move from Minas to Sesc-Rio. Also confirmed in a broadcast.

    Good move I think. And his setter is moving with him- they have good chemistry. If Flávio is not called to the NT, and Octavio doesn’t make a return, then there’s something very wrong. Personally I’d like to see Mauricio Souza ‘rested’ from the team lol. The outside player position is too packed otherwise Honorato also deserves a shot..

    They both went to a volleyball school and are coached by parents. Both have excellent technique. They have a unique style where they don’t necessarily strategise their block/ defence, it’s all instinct!