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    Thank you so much for sharing!
    I really think that both teams are good teams
    I hope both of them could go to the Olympic!!

    In my point of view, there are 4 strong teams that are qualified to go to Beijing-Rus, Ned,Serbia,and Poland
    However, there might only at most 3 vacancies for them.
    It is really sad to see any of these 4 good teams loses the opportunity

    hi, samba, yeah, i'm back, give me a hug :)

    by the way, liu yanan is chosen to play opposite cos her reception is good and play differently, if you have seen the russian yeltsin cup

    her play was unbeliebably quicker than zhou :)

    It is quite interesting that Chen does not choose opposite players from those who play this position in the club
    He wants this player could be good both in receiving and in quick attack. Thus he is fond of choosing central player and then training them to play this position. In 2005, he picked Wong KeKe(188 cm) and Wang Ting(190cm) for this position. He abandoned them soon late in year 2005 then tried to train Chu Chin Lin(190cm) and Li Chun(188cm), who played wing spiker in their club, year after and once again dismissed this "project". While Li comes back to her previous position, Chu, changing to play opposite this season in her club, is rejected in the 2008 team roaster. Cheng decides to use his previous player, Zhou Su Hon, Liu Ya Nan, & Li Shan for this position.

    It is really heart-rending for those who were deemed once promising then soon deserted within a year. ;(

    Thanks so much for sharing the game
    It is really a precious new- year-sensation
    Thanks again for ur sharing :heart:

    By the way, do you have more games or videos of Brazil National Team in year 92-95
    I really appreciate Venturnini, Moser , Hilma, and Cunha
    They are really really great players and I really miss their matches :P