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    Oh Starnight and brcu You are so emotional Babys :lol:
    Relax Babys ^^ take it easy ^^
    I know that in Turkey is now 12.50 am so I only want to make You sweet and calm dreams :lol:
    Russia won't win Gold for sure but for sure will play in London ^^
    Goodnight Sweetys :D

    u are the one who needs to take it easy, it's just sports and what you trying to do is provocation! oh and so clever to know in which time zone Turkey is, congrats.

    Starnight maybe Turkey will beat Russia but it doesn't change one thing that Turkey won't win the Gold here ^^
    If even Croatia can win against Turkey ..

    why so much hate? With your logic, if even croatia can beat Turkey and Turkey can beat Italy, what to expect from Italy?? doesn't make sense right? So, we'll wait and see if Turkey can make progress during the tournament or not..

    Italy's reception is so shaky.. I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed by their perform, let's say A LOT disappointed. On the other hand it's a good opportunity for Turkey on Sunday

    I really liked the sets of serbian setter today!! compared to the very bad setting of özge today, she was the main reason that Glinka had so much blocks. the sets are somehow very short and low so the player can just hit diagonal. anyway I would like to learn about her more

    SUPER STUPID GAME BY TURKEY! How can we lose sets in which we are 8point leading?? Such idiot mistakes in the set ends in both 1-2-3!! They were like 'no we don't really want/need this match, please take it our Polish friends'. This made me so mad! Now we have to face Italy or USA, very nice opponents ha?? Girls, congrats for being so brave :!: :!:

    I have prediction that Turkey will be in Semi-final. I think Poland can beat Turkey but not beat China.

    well but if Turkey wants to be in semis, they have to win all games in this group. Then we should also be lucky with other teams results. That means if we lose to Poland, then the dream is gone!
    Oh I keep now my fingers crossed for China!! Go girls please kick Japan!

    it was really hard to watch the tie-break set, they were close till the end. But I am now really happy. Happy for Poland, they did what Turkey couldnt do. Happy that Poland kept our little chance for semis still alive with this defeat of Korea.

    I feel really sad about Turkey. Horrible start to tie break (6-0) and also good come back but was not enough. There were some big tactical errors which caused the really bad start. I feel so sorry like everyone in our team right now, I dont want to congratulate Korea an NO I dont wish them the best for the rest of the Tournament. We lost our chance to semis by this game, but team like Korea also dont deserve semis.

    And I have to say that last 2 wins in tie break was not by chance, especially Canada, we were much better than them in every aspect of game, the same with Dominic, maybe there were some lucky mistakes by opponent but it doesnt mean that we are on the same level with those teams because we play five-setter with them.

    Playoffs 12

    17.02.2010 / 18:00 Universitet BELGOROD - VakifGunesTTelekom ISTANBUL 1-3
    16.02.2010 / 20:30 Asystel NOVARA - Enion Energia DABROWA GORNICZA 3-1
    18.02.2010 / 19:00 Zarechie ODINTSOVO - Dinamo MOSCOW 0-3
    18.02.2010 / 19:30 FenerbahceAcibadem ISTANBUL - Metal GALATI 3-0
    18.02.2010 / 18:00 Bank BPS Fakro MUSZYNIANKA - Volley BERGAMO 1-3
    18.02.2010 / 20:30 Scavolini PESARO - Modranská PROSTEJOV 3-0

    11.02.2010 18:00 VakifGunesTTelekom ISTANBUL - Universitet BELGOROD : 3 - 1

    09.02.2010 18:00 Enion Energia DABROWA GORNICZA - Asystel NOVARA : 0 - 3

    09.02.2010 19:00 Dinamo MOSCOW - Zarechie ODINTSOVO : 2 - 3

    10.02.2010 17:00 Metal GALATI FenerbahceAcibadem ISTANBUL : 0 - 3

    11.02.2010 20:30 Volley BERGAMO - Bank BPS Fakro MUSZYNIANKA : 3 - 0

    11.02.2010 18:00 Modranská PROSTEJOV - Scavolini PESARO: 0 - 3

    Pool A

    12.01.2010 19:00 ZOK RIJEKA - RC CANNES 0-3

    13.01.2010 20:00 Universitet BELGOROD - Volley BERGAMO 0-3

    Pool B

    13.01.2010 19:00 ASPTT MULHOUSE - Enion Energia DABROWA GORNICZA 1-3

    14.01.2010 20:30 Scavolini PESARO - VakifGunesTTelekom ISTANBUL 3-1

    Pool C

    12.01.2010 18:00 Aluprof BIELSKO-BIALA Modranská PROSTEJOV 3-2

    14.01.2010 19:30 FenerbahceAcibadem ISTANBUL Dinamo MOSCOW 3-0

    Pool D

    13.01.2010 18:00 Zarechie ODINTSOVO - Bank BPS Fakro MUSZYNIANKA 3-2

    13.01.2010 17:00 Metal GALATI - Asystel NOVARA 1-3

    Pool A
    06.01.2010 20:30 Volley BERGAMO - RC CANNES 2-3
    07.01.2010 19:00 ZOK RIJEKA - Universitet BELGOROD 0-3

    Pool B
    06.01.2010 18:00 VakifGunesTTelekom ISTANBUL - Enion Energia DABROWA GORNICZA 3-0
    05.01.2010 20:30 ASPTT MULHOUSE - Scavolini PESARO 0-3

    Pool C
    06.01.2010 17:00 Dinamo MOSCOW - Modranská PROSTEJOV 3-1
    05.01.2010 18:00 Aluprof BIELSKO-BIALA - FenerbahceAcibadem ISTANBUL 0-3

    Pool D
    06.01.2010 18:00 Asystel NOVARA - Bank BPS Fakro MUSZYNIANKA 3-1
    07.01.2010 17:00 Zarechie ODINTSOVO - Metal GALATI 3-2