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    I was very impressed with Siatkarz Wieluń today. They really played a great game and managed to win 3:0 even though Olsztyn seemed to have control in the beginnings of sets 1 and 2. Overall a really good match, despite the 3:0 result.
    I can't wait for Delecta Bydgoszcz - AZS Częstochowa which I will be watching live in Bydgoszcz! :) Even though I'm not specifically a Delecta Bydgoszcz fan, I decided to make the trip, because it's not very far and it seems like it might be an interesting game.

    Fantastic Interview!
    Thanks to all 3(?) of you in the background who were "pulling the strings" to make this video ;)

    That was a cute bit, wasn't it?? :D I was LMAO! Sanja was just adorable!! :)

    @ Ania

    This week you couldn't see any match of the ladies on internet, shows a match of the mens- league this saturday. Next weekend( 24-10) you could the match: TVCA- Sliedrecht Sport.

    Thanks so much for the info! I believe I will be a frequent visitor to :D I didn't even know the site existed!

    I was so sad for Olsztyn! They used to be one of my favorite teams and it's so sad to see so many great players leave because of financial problems. Nobody blames them, after all they do have to be able to make money, but I really do feel bad for the club. It seems like they are one of the weakest teams in PlusLiga this season.

    You could see whole match on, watch Supercup 2009

    Awww, thanks soooo much!!! I love the fact that so many people here on this forum are so helpful!! I am kind of new to watching volleyball online (I only watch on Polish TV or what people post in the multimedia section), so I'm grateful for everyone being so patient with me, hehe :D

    As far as I remember, the Netherlands played only with Turkey, Poland and Germany. And didn't managed to get to the semi-finals.
    Maybe you're looking for WGP qualification in Omsk?

    I guess I might be, but I could have sworn the links were in the Halle tournament thread and that's why I was convinced that they were from there, but I didn't really remember who the Netherlands played against (except Poland, which I do remember). Anyway, I know that the matches from Omsk are uploaded to megaupload, so I guess I don't have any more requests here :D Thanks for clearing that out, I was sure those games with Italy and Serbia were from Halle, but I went with what the thread said and not common sense. And to think I even went to Halle for that tournament... LOL Only for the final though, but still :D

    Hey guys!
    I know that the tournament was a while ago, but I thought that somebody might be able to help me out! I found links for a couple of matches (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!), but two of them were on rapidshare and are no longer working:
    Serbia - The Netherlands
    Italy - The Netherlands
    Somebody reuploaded some other matches to megaupload, but not these two. I would appreciate it very very much if someone could post those games again!
    And once again, thank you so much for all the games you are posting here! I hope you know how much we all appreciate it :)

    Jadar Radom - Resovia Rzeszów 0:3 (21:25, 18:25, 18:25) stats
    Jadar: Salas, Prygiel, Terlecki, Kosok, Hernandez, Pawliński, Stańczak (libero) and Maciończyk, Kaczmarek, Bucki, Żaliński
    Resovia: Redwitz, Oivanen, Grzyb, Gawryszewski, Wika, Akhrem, Ignaczak (libero)
    MVP: Marcin Wika

    Tomorrow last match of 1st round AZS Częstochowa-AZS Olsztyn

    I can't wait for this one!! I'm looking forward to seeing the shape both teams are in after selling so many of their players.