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    Yeah but on the other hand it was really interesting to see Ana Ramirez as OH and Sara Gonzalez doing backrow attacks :D
    Romina Lamas played fantastic once again. I really think she is one of the best setters in Europe now.

    I was actually pretty impressed with her during the European Championships. This was the first time I ever saw the women's NT from Spain and I thought Romina Lamas was really good. And I think the entire team played a really good tournament. Hey, they almost won with Poland in that first game! LOL No offence to the Spanish team, but I would have taken that reaaally hard :D

    Thank you so much for all the information!!! :) Unfortunately I won't be home to see the game live, but hopefully I will get to catch the 18:45 showing on Popular TV. Fingers crossed!!
    BTW, I just looked at the teams' rosters and I was really surprised that so many English-speaking players play in Spanish league, hehe :D In general there are a lot of foreign players, which I personally didn't know.

    From what I heard Eurosport 2 is still supposed to air Serie A1 matches this season. But even if not, they gotta be shown somewhere in the world (most likely Italy :D) on other channels, so if anyone can record some games it would be really awesome to see them here :)

    although I don't understand what kozuch says on the video, she's speaking polish with her german accent. haha =]

    Actually she doesn't have that much of an accent. I mean she made a mistake or two in grammar, but other than that her Polish was really good and she has very decent pronunciation of the difficult Polish consonants :D

    I didn't understand a word of what kozuch said. :aww:
    Can somebody tell me of what she's talking about? No need to translate, just say the main subject of the interview.

    She said that it was great playing in Poland, even though they lost the bronze medal match. She said that Poland just turned out to be better that day and deserved the medal. The German team had done great up until the last two matched when they seemed to have lost some strength and didn't manage to win with Italy or Poland. She also stressed that she is very much aware of her Polish roots and that she visits her family in Poland as aften as she can, but with her volleyball schedule sometimes it's just once a year.
    That's what I remember from watching the interview yesterday, I hope that's enough :)

    It was sooo great to finally see a new PlusLiga game!! :) I can't wait for tomorrow and Sunday, I have certainly missed this :)
    I really enjoyed Skra's match with Wielun today and I was pleasantly surprised that the new team managed to win a set. But it was clear that Skra didn't play their best game today. Still a good match!

    That's the reason why we had attendance 236,960 at women's Eurovolley with average 5,151/match.I didn't saw women's championship tournament in basketball or handball with so big attendance.

    Yeah, I guess right now volleyball seems to be the most popular women's team sport here in Poland. I couldn't be more happy about it :) Of course when it comes to men, soccer/football is still #1, but it's the volleyball players who are current world vice-champions and European champions!! :) I love the fact that my favorite sport is so popular in Poland!!
    PlusLiga started today - bring on those 4 matches a week!!! :)

    Yeah, I gotta admit that we get very good volleyball coverage here in Poland. Of course such a crazy volleyball fan like me would still like more sometimes, but most of the time I'm happy with what we get.

    I saw on ipla that they are gonna put ECH whole matches.I don`t know what they wrote there in Polish.Can anyone explain to me what`s up?

    Can you give me a direct link to the information? I checked their website and the only info I found is that the matches from ECH are available, but since I don't have ipla, I don't know where to check which matches exactly are available etc. So if you found any info that is more details, just give me a link and I'll see what it's all about.
    ETA: OK, I just checked their guide and right now the only matches they offer are the ones with the Polish team.