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    Awwww, I'm so glad I found this game here!!!!! :) I had it recorded on a VHS tape, but when I went to watch it today (just cause I love the Dutch team so much :D ), I found out that somebody taped over the match!! I was sooo mad, but was very happy to see the links here :) Thanks so much!!

    I wanted to thank everyone who posted links to the GP matches here! I was on vacation when the games were played and I didn't see any of them. Thanks to you guys I was able to see so many wonderful matches from my favorite teams :) Thanks!!

    Manon will play with Asystel Novara in Muszyna on 15/16/17 december (Champions League).

    I KNOW!!! But it's an 8-hour drive from me and it's in the middle of the week, so I highly doubt I will be able to make it!! Plus it's the week before Christmas, so the money is probably gonna be tight :( I would absolutely love to go to root for our team and see Manon (even though she'll be playing against us, hehe :D ), but it doesn't look too good.

    Oh we do, we do!!! They are my favorite team, right after the Polish girls of course! :D And I'm sure you could see that the red/white crowd became a little orange for the final! :) I, for one, changed my red T-shirt to an orange one, and my red/white scarf to an orange one as well :D My heart was with the Dutch team, but unfortunately it wasn't enough. But it was still so wonderful to see them being so nice to the fans and interact with us even though they lost the game. What class acts those girls are!! Manon Flier was THE LAST player to leave the arena after the ceremony after giving probably a thousand of autograpgh and posing for hundreds of pictures. She was a sweetheart! I hope to see the Dutch team back in Poland soon. I know Manon will be coming to Muszyna (at least I think she will be) with her new team to play the Champions League, but it would be wonderful to see the whole Dutch team again! I guess we'll see :)

    Thank you for your reports about the Dutch volleyball community. I'm glad everyone thinks so well about Poland and the Championships that we organized :) Hopefully that means that we will get more tournaments in the future, besides the men's world championships in 2014.

    I think all of your interviews were great! I feel so sad that I kind of took a break from the forum and couldn't participate more in preparing those questions and all that. Hopefully we will get a chance to interview some more great players in the future!!! :)

    Great interview!!! Debby is one of my favorite players and it was great to see her last night, even though she was very tired after the entire tournament.

    My congratulations for the winners: unbreakable Italy, great Holland ( I'm glad that Manon Flier get a MVP award), and POLAND FOR BRONZE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Being there, watching Polish Team when they won with Germany, feeling with them and 13,000 people those happy nest makes me proud. The fact that ME was in Poland with great organization, with so many people watching matches, :obey: that our girls did something so
    For me those bronze medals shining like gold ;)

    A lot of people keep saying that and it really couldn't be more true!! I don't think I would have been any happier if we won the gold medal!! Being there and seeing our team get that cup and stand on that podium was something absolutely amazing! I will never forget it!!

    i made this clip because for Polish fans this bronze medal is like a golden one in such circumstances!

    I just watched the clip and I loved it!! I didn't even know you made it :D I'm still high after last night and after the entire tournament!! And I'm so proud of our team and of the volleyball fans in Poland! And I'm even proud of the organizers :D

    Ros, thanks for your input from Italy!! I'm glad the Italians appreciated our efforts to organize such a huge volleyball event for the first time in history! And I'm sure the Italian team is gonna remember this tournament for a long time, hehe :D

    Yes it was! Of course I might be saying that because I'm from Poland and I was there, but I think it really was a great tournament. Can you guys tell me what your commentators in other countries had to say about the tournament? In Poland it's a little hard to be objective :D

    Ania, do you have maybe some pictures of her taken on EC 2009 ?

    I have a crappy camera, so I don't really have any good pictures :( I know my mom took some last night when Manon was interacting with the fans, so if she took any decent ones I'll upload them and post them here.

    Hey Piotr, welcome to the board!!! I've been a member for a while now, but I had a huuuuge break in posting here. I kind of forgot how awesome the forum is - it's always so much fun to talk to other volleyball fans in the world! :) I hope you have fun here!!

    Today Małgorzata Kożuch in interview for Polish TV said, that he hopes to return soon to Poland, Polish hall and maybe playing in our legaue.Interesting thing. Perhaps she got some offer

    Honestly it wouldn't be a surprise. Throughout the entire Championship many Polish commentators and experts said what a great player she was, so maybe when they found out she doesn't have a coontract yet, someone decided to make an offer. I think it would be interesting to see her play in Poland :D

    I'm glad Muszyna is playing against Novara, because I love the Novara team and it will be great to have them in our country. Should be a great match!!

    I can't wait for the new season!!!