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    I think that if Simona Gioli didn't get the best spiker award, she might have gotten the MVP one instead. But since she got this one, I guess they gave Manon the MVP as sort of a consolation price. But IMO she did deserve it even despite the last not so good game.

    Hello all Manon Flier fans!!! I think that after the European Championships in Poland Manon really became my favorite non-Polish player :D She was just the sweetest when talking to the fans, giving autographs and posing for pictures. After the final match yesterday she was the last player to leave the arena!!! I hope we'll get to see her and the Dutch team in Poland again!!

    Thanks so much for the new interview with Manon! She's sooo cool!! :)

    Well, in the Olympics we didn't have Del Core. And there was the sad story of Tai Aguero's mom, who died when the Olympics had already started (Aguero flied back and forth from Germany to Cuba a couple of times hoping to get a visa to see her mother, but they granted her a visa only after her mother had died).
    So...I don't know. Many little things happened, that had a negative effect on the girls' morale. I bet today we'd win that quarter final. But in sports like volleyball, the nerves are very important. If your head isn't completely in the game, you'll probably lose. That's what happened to Italy during the Olympics, I guess. :(

    Yeah, sometimes even with best teams and best players something just doesn't click. I guess that's what happened at the Olympics. But the Italian team proved that right now they are the best team in Europe!! I was a little sad that the Dutch didn't even try to fight back in the final. I don't know if it was because they didn't have the strength anymore, or they were so afraid of Italy or something. Of course Italy played a perfect game, but I still thought that the Dutch team would show more power!! Oh well, not this time I guess. But the silver medal is very well deserved and I'm very happy for them!

    As much as I love Flier, I was surprised when she got MVP as well. That was probably due to her performance in the final.

    Yeah, I think after her performance in the final, which was unfortunately very poor, it was kind of weird to see her get MVP. But I believe that through the entire tournament she really did play fantastic volleyball and deserved that award, even after the final game with Italy. So I'm happy for her!!

    I can't stop looking at pictures from yesterday!! What a wonderful night that was!! :)

    I came back from Lodz about two hours ago and I can't stop looking at pictures and watching videos from the wonderful match that Poland played against Germany and of course from the awarding ceremony!!! I'm so proud of our girls!!!!!!!!!! :) It was an amazing experience to be there and see them win that bronze medal!! GO POLAND!!!!!!

    I was so sad the Netherlands didn't manage to beat Italy :( I have nothing against Italy and they are a wonderful team, but the Dutch girls are my favorite after the Polish ones of course.Congrats to Italy though for winning the championships! Great game!!!

    Oh and BTW, Manon Flier is the sweetest girl ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) She was soooo good to the Polish fans when we asked for autographs and pictures and she was the one who stayed the longest with the audience!! I didn't think it was possible for me to love her more, but after her behaviour at the final, I do!!! She's awesome!!! And congrats to her for winning MVP - she soooo deserved it IMO!!!
    Once again, I'm so happy I was there to see all the magic happen!! :)

    Oh I think Zagumny is a genius! Seriously! He's a fantastic player and we are so happy to have him! :)

    I feel bad for Swiderski though that he couldn't be there! Zagumny wearing his shirt at the end was a wonderful gesture :)

    I'm a bit sad our team didn't win yesterday, but the Netherlands played a wonderful game and our girls seemed to have forgotten how to play volleyball in the first two sets. I'm glad they remembered in the 3rd set and won it. However overall the Netherlands was a better team alltogether in this match and they won. And as much as I love our girls and rooted for them, after seeing the Dutch girls in this competition, I really had very little doubt that they will be competing in the final. My heart will be with them and my red T-shirt will be changed to an orange one after the bronze medal match :D I really do hope our girls manage to beat Germany and that the Netherlands will win the gold medal!!

    I can't wait for the matches - no doubt a wonderful show for volleyball fans!! I'm leaving for Lodz in about half an hour :)

    I feel so bad for not commenting in this thread earlier, but I just wanted to congratulate our fabulous guys for winning the European Championship. It was quite unexpected I must admit, and the taste of victory was definitely very sweet :) They are absolutely fantastic and it really is amazing how well they did considering our key players were missing. Great job!!

    I haven't posted on this forum forever, but with Poland qualifying to the semi-final I just couldn't stay away, hehe :D I'm so proud of our girls and I wish them all the best!! I can't wait for the game to start!!

    I love the national team of the Netherlands and I always root for them, but of course not when they are playing against Poland :D

    BTW, is anyone going to Lodz tomorrow to see the final two matches??? I am and I absolutely can't wait!! I'm so glad that Poland will be playing tomorrow :)

    Yeah, knowing Kasia, making us happy makes her happy too :) She's the sweetest girl and I will definitely tell her how awesome she is if I ever get a chance to meet her! :)

    I know it may sound weird, but it's true - I didn't go to Rzeszow because due to the condition of Polish roads, I would never be able to go to Rzeszow and come back in one day. The distance to Halle is bigger, but the roads are a lot better, so I was able to make the trip faster. I'm sure anybody who traveled on Polish and German roads will agree with me! LOL

    As for the tickets, last year it didn't look like there was a full house in Rzeszow, so it probably wasn't that hard to get tickets. Not sure about this year, because I don't know how big the Wroclaw venue is comparing to the Rzeszow one. I still hope it won't be that difficult to get tickets. I would hate to miss the US team in Poland :D

    Trust me, I would have stayed if I could, but we had 700km to travel and work the next morning, so we really had to leave almost immediately after the match was over. I'm gonna have to try and meet Kasia in Wroclaw and hopefully I'll get lucky! It would be awesome to at least say hi to her and tell her how great she is! :)

    I'm kind of mad at myself sometimes, because I never made an effort to go and talk to Kasia when she played in Poznan and now is so uch more busy that I don't know if I'd ever be able to meet her. I would love to though! She seems like she's so much fun! :)

    Sykora is back ;)
    She played a bit at the World Cup already, who knows maybe she will be 1st Libero at the GP 2008 and Olympics then.

    and Ania,
    Rzeszow was too far away for you? Halle not? :lol:

    If you count the kilometers, it might sound funny to say so. BUT just think about the shitty Polish roads leading to Rzeszow versus the beautiful German highways leading to Halle :D So maybe technically it's not farther, but it would take muuuuuch more time to get there :D

    I'm so glad Stacy is back, I would looove to see her in Wroclaw!! :)