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    Hola, mucho gusto :) Que tal? :D Me gusto muchissimo el espanol y Espana y me gustaria regresar alli alguna dia :) Es un pais maravilloso! Barcelona es una cuidad muy linda :)

    Welcome to the forum and have fun!!! :)

    Czesc Mateusz!! :) It's great to see so many fans from Poland here! But it doesn't surprise me, volleyball is pretty popular here, hehe :D

    Unfortunately I couldn't make it to Rzeszow, as it is pretty far from Poznan. Wroclaw, however, is a lot closer, so there is no way I'm gonna miss it this time :D

    I really do like the American team and I'm so excited that they'll be playing so close to me here in Poland! :) Of course I will be cheering for our girls, but I like the American girls as well :) BTW, is Stacy Sykora ever coming back??? I love this girl!

    I think our team is doing really great with Marco Bonitta and I'm looking forward to all the success in the future :) And of course the girls are as beautiful as ever! :)

    I know I already said that, but I siomply adore Kasia! She is first and foremost a fantastic player, but she's also beautiful, sweet, generous towards her fans and a little bit crazy :D She rocks!! :)

    Congrats to Maria Sharapova!!! :) I personally like Henin, but it's obvious it's not her tournament. She didn't play well, and Maria played great, hence the 6:0 result. The semi-final with Jankovic should be interesting!

    My favorite team is Polish NT :) I don't think I have a favorite club.

    And my favorite player is Kasia Skowronska :) I liked her ever since she played in my home town (Poznan) and now even though she's a star, a 2-time European Champion and plays for Italian Serie A, she's still the sweetest girl!! :) I just love her!

    I'm really excited about the GP this year, because I'm finally going to see the US team in Wroclaw!!! That is if eveerything goes according to plan :)

    Thanks so much for sharing the pics Nastja!! I have a couple from the final, so I'll try to upload them later and share. But like you mentioned, we were too busy cheering for our team to take pics, hehe :D

    Hey, welcome to the forum! I'm a newbie myself, but I'm falling in love with this place!

    I like Italian teams, especially that a lot of our wonderful girls play there :) Asystel Novara is one of my favorite Italian teams, since my absolutely favorite players either played or play there :)

    are you blonde? :lol: (not so many polish supporters on your side so i remember some polish fans cheering there.... ehehhe)

    As a matter of fact I am blonde, hehe :D There were 3 of us - me and my parents. Our family is volleyball-obsessed, although this was the first time we went to a game abroad. Who knows, maybe you actually did see us, hehe :D


    i was sitting on the other side (block c) but around me were also just so few polish supporters. i had the russians behind me eheheh but i did my job as well :D

    see you in Poland ECH 2009 then :D

    Definitely!! Not sure how the budget's gonna be in 2009, but I if it's tight, I will just stop eating to have money to go to those games! LOL Probably not all of them, but definitely one game in the first stage and of course the semi-final and final :D :D

    Thanks for the welcome Justyna!! I can't believe I didn't discover this forum earlier!!

    Yeah, it had to hurt to lose 2:3, after such a fight to win the 2 previous sets! It was a moment of weakness, but sadly it was in such an important moment of the match and they didn't manage to catch up to the Russians... I strongly believe that they will qualify from the intercontinental tournament, but still it's gonna be a lot of stress and all. They could already be training for the Olympic now, instead of preparing for the May tournament and then again for the Olympic games. Oh well, they are fantastic players so they will manage :D They have to!!!! :)