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    I bought the tickets to watch all the Pool E matches of the WGP. The stadium which will host Pool E matches is just a short drive away from my house and I'll be able to see Brazil, USA and Italy NT playing right before my very eyes. The volleyball-marathon will start on Friday! I barely can't wait for the weekend! I hope all teams could show a good level of playing and I hope Brazil could win all its matches in straight sets! LOL! Just kidding! I hope I could see great volleyball no matter the result.

    I'm happy to hear that ^^ Please enjoy these matches!!
    I hope Brazil will play as A-Team vs. A-team USA !!!! ( GO USA : hahaha ) :olympia:

    I need your help NOW!
    I'm sorry to post in this forum ( I hope some one can read Turkish )

    my friend wants to go to Turky to watch Japanese player MIKI SASAKI, but when I read the airticle
    MIKI is leaving from the team??? it means fire??

    Do anyone translate it into English or Japanese please?
    ( sorry to post here )…sine-gonderildi-h105.html

    ÇERKEZKÖY MANŞET - Barutlar İnşaat Çerkezköyspor’un Japonya’nın Red Wings tamından büyük umutlarla transfer ettiği Miki Sasaki ile yollar ayrıldı. Çerkezköyspor Kulübü Başkanı Ahmet Korkmaz, Miki Sasaki’nin takıma katkısının istedikleri seviyede gerçekleşmediğini söyleyerek ‘’1.Lig hedefi doğrultusunda kendisini takıma kazandırdık. Ancak ligde geride kalan haftalara bakıldığında kendisinden beklediğimiz performansı alamadık. Bundan dolayı da kendisi ile yollarımızı ayırdık’’ dedi.

    Mattias said her injury is not that serious as it looked. so She will probably play for WGP :thumbsup: Thanks Matthias!

    Mattias and emil-kei , thank you for telling me. I'm happy to hear that :-). looking forward to watching her play and I hope this WGP will be good step for her new season in Chieri ^^

    great to see kim back in business ! this wnvl ist the new american female volleyball league , right ?

    please give me more information about NEW American VB league...
    how many teams are they ??
    Great USA players will help NEW league a lot !!

    Yeah, Pesaro has gotten miles weaker...without Guiggi,Flier,Usic. but some young stars came such as Brinker,Okuniewska,Ortolani...
    Maren Brinker said thorugh an interview "I'm a very emotional player, so it will be very entertaining to watch my play on the court. There are many OHs in Pesaro, but I'm not scared at all. I want to do my best to be on the court."

    Forza Pesaro :drink:

    it gonna be interesting Serei-A next season!!
    Forza Pesaro!! no.4 :-)

    Great to see Christiane Fürst finally has her shape from before her shoulder injury again :)
    Regina Burchardt played very convincing whenever Guidetti put her in the game, and Friederike Thieme also made her debut in NT today with some great work in backrow :thumbup:
    Heike Beier was awful today, 2 points in attack and something like 10 errors :roll: I hope tomorrow Burchardt and Thieme will get more time to play!
    Maren Brinker has exactly 2 options in attack: hard attack cross-court to position 5 or tip behind the block. I don't remember ever seeing her attack longline...Any good team will easily control her, but at least her reception makes a much better impression than in German league season.

    It is just my opinion!
    German OH players have to learn straight attack! always they hit to cross cross even opposite players stand to block. they should use feint attack or block out or attack to straight point!!
    Beier and Brinker always just attack to block isn't important jut need strong spikes...(sorry my English)

    Kazakhstan plays for Asia in volleyball.

    sorry, I mean the Kazakhstan is too far from Macau...because other pool are Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan.
    if USA,ITA,GER and PUR will qualified for the final round, the team must be hard to make a good conddition than other teams. ( jet lag etc )

    Ah oh maybe poll I with Kazakhstan to Kazakhstan again and pool J to Hong Kong.

    But I think , all 3rd round host should be in Asia, because the final round is in Macau, then KAZ is EU area right?
    so it is unfair..( long travel, jet lag etc...)