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    Yes. They confirmed it. This is the link for the first two matches (ITA x RUS and USA x ARG): this one.

    You could also check their schedulehere. There they show which matches will be broadcasted. I know, it is in Spanish, but thanks to the pictograms you could recognize the volleyball tab. Each tab includes the link for the matches.

    what country should my VPN connect to? Tried mexico, argentina, spain, etc. didn’t work. Thanks!

    Startseva, Romanova, Goncharova, Koroleva, Fetisova, Galkina, Voronkova, Parubets, Malova. Those players are core players and they will definitely participate in OGQ and ECH. We have 5 free spot, and Kurilo officially is invited today, it means one spot or gap is filled in this case. Honestly, I wasn't sure about her case. But that news is officially confirmed by Lokomotiv Kaliningrad's official site.

    We have 4 free spot for the rest of players. Probably 2 of them will be MBs and one OH and one OPP.

    Russia's NT is so weak compared to the other teams today. It's so sad and frustrating because they used to be very strong and I have been a big fan. But now I'm following Serbia and Italy more closely instead. I also don't see any young players in the team who are at par with Zhu Ting, Boskovic, Egonu, etc. :-(

    Here's an interesting thought. In the event China places 4th in Pool B, will Brazil/Russia tank their last day match to avoid facing China in the quarters? I would certainly prefer having a chance to play a weakened Netherlands versus a guaranteed knockout match with China. Of couse this changes if China manages to win one of either Serbia or the US.

    I have been thinking of the same possibility since Netherlands won over China! The upset wins will definitely mess up the pooling come knock-out rounds! Remember Russia vs Brazil in London?

    welcome back, you have been away from here for so long,
    she is absent due to heart problem. and this was not news any more.

    welcome back, you have been away from here for so long,
    she is absent due to heart problem. and this was not news any more.

    Thanks! I have always been here checking out news but never really logged in nor commented since 2012.

    I also like that Alisheva is in the first roster, because she have been playing well so far this season, and even if she is 28 yrs. old I belive she can be better in the future since she had problems with injuries the last seasons. But her chances to go further to the OG-squad is very small, because since they will just choose 2 OPP, then the places should be given to Goncharova and Gamova, anything else would be a major sensation.

    I belive the 12-roster and also the line-up is pretty obvious exept the MB´s and maybe the libero. Kryuchkova was the WCH champion-libero but Kabeshova plays better than her now. Morozova is the best MB for me in Russia with Borisenko, and Perepelkina isnt as impressive this season as before, so I will go with Borisenko/Morozova. Looks very strong, hopefully they will be more used than before. The setter should be Startseva. Goncharova is playing better than Gamova this season, but I still dont belive anything else than Gamova as starting OPP, the place is hers, it doesnt matter if she will play 10 bad games in a row from now.

    Anyway, what do u guys think is a realistic target for Russia in OG? I think gold, but Brazil and USA looks honestly a bit stronger for me.

    The 3rd OH slot is also not filled in yet. I really hope Estes would get it.

    For me, the roster for the Olympics should be this:

    S: Startseva, Ulyakina
    MB: Borodakova, Perepelkina, Morozova
    OPP: Gamova, Goncharova
    OH: Sokolova, Kosheleva, Estes
    L: Kryuchkova, Kabeshova

    Merkulova is exaggeratedly slow which makes her height useless. She is not even excellent in offense.

    Makhno's role in NT in 2010 was to replace Kosheleva to help out defending the backrow. If Estes, who is better in defending the backrow than Makhno, decides to go back to NT, Makhno is no longer needed. Estes does not have to be part of the starting 6 since the team already has Kosheleva but her defense is still needed.

    I believe the team needs 2 liberos. Floor defense is the weakness of the tall Russian team so bringing 2 liberos may help in making the team's floor defense more consistent. If the main libero is having a bad day, at least there is another one who can replace her for the day.

    I thinks Sazhina is also a good receiver and is also young I think, though she suffered an injury recently. She can play like Plotnikova maybe.

    But now, I think we have to settle for Kosheleva-Goncharova-Makno. Makhno may be good if she will have more international exposure - do some combination plays with the middle player.

    But Makhno isn't young anymore. I think she was born in 1982. Same with Sazhina, she was born in 1984. It would be better if the team would have another very reliable player in her early 20's...someone who was born in 1988 onwards.

    I seriously think Russia NT should find another young player like Kosheleva in order to assure its great future. Right now, Kosheleva is the only reliable young attacker in the team. Goncharova is just not ready yet. After Gamova and Sokolova leave the team, I dont think Kosheleva and Goncharova can replace them so another promising player would be great.