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    Group B
    Italy- Russia- 3:1:win: (25:20, 17:25, 25:16, 25:23). I'm very, very happy, this game was very important.
    "We have made full preparation for the match, psychologically and physically," said Italian captain Eleonora Lo Bianco. "We are sorry Aguero can't be here, but her absence actually drive us to be more united and work even harder."
    "It was the first match so of course it was important. I felt some nerves. I think we played well at the beginning, but our defence was not good enough," said Sheshenina. "We had been playing hard and we will try the best at the rest matches."- we'll see on Monday- Russians will play with Brazil.
    Algeria- Brazil- 0:3 (11:25, 11:25, 10:25)
    Serbia- Kazakhstan- 3:1 (25:21, 25:17, 23:25, 25:21)

    Aguero's mother is dying and she risks to be arrested or worse and you are having fun of this situation. :down:

    You know what, I don't care if Aguero returns for the Quarterfinals. What is important for me is that her mother is going to be better and that Tay will have the possibility to return safe in Italy (possibly with her mother). As I hope Del Core's health is going to be better.

    Some things are more important than volleyball matches, I support Aguero, she took the right decision.

    I second that. I'm sure all'll understand Aguero's decision. And Italy, with or without Aguero, will surely very good play.

    In my opinion Poljak, Barazza and Grün are the best- always surprise serves and always difficult to estimate. :serve: I like too Lo Bianco, Podolec and Glinka serves- theoretical very easy but very dangerous in fact.

    Italian NT for WGP 2008:

    Sara Anzanello, Paola Cardullo (Asystel Novara); Valentina Arrighetti, Jenny Barazza (yes, yes- I'm so glade :super:) , Paoletta Croce, Valentina Fiorin, Leo Lo Bianco, Francesca Piccinini (Foppapedretti Bergamo); Nadia Centoni (Cannes – Fra); Taismary Aguero (Tur Telekom - Tur); Francesca Ferretti, Martina Guiggi (Scavolini Pesaro); Manu Secolo (Famila Chieri); Serena Ortolani (Yamamay Busto Arsizio); Antonella Del Core e Simona Gioli (Despar Sirio Perugia); Lubia Bosetti (Unicom Starker Sassuolo); Giulia Rondon (Magic Pack Cremona).

    Play Off A1 2007/08
    2nd Round Semifinal

    Today at 8:30 pm team from Bergamo defeated Despar Perugia 3:0 :win: (25:15, 25:17, 25:19).
    Foppapedretti Bergamo: Tasca n.e., Gruen 13, Croce (L), Rosner n.e., Gujska n.e., Camarda (L) n.e., Sorokaite 8, Piccinini 13, Arrighetti 13 (MVP), Lo Bianco 2, Fiorin n.e., Poljak 11.
    Despar Perugia: Pachale 2, Grbac, Crisanti 8, Marinova 1, Decordi, Arcangeli (L), Sacco, Pavlovic n.e., Francia 10, Del Core 3, Artmenko 3, Gioli 7.

    Tomorrow at 6:30 pm surely a very good game- Scavolini Pesaro and Asystel Volley Novara.

    Some players that's a complete surprise ?( Sadurek- Mikołajczyk, Zenik, Liktoras, Dziękiewicz, Skowrońska- Dolata, Glinka- Mogentale, Podolec, Rosner- these names were to be expected, but Woźniakowska or Ciaszkiewicz or Kaczor ?( Hmmm... I'm not so sure about that choice. We can only hope that, coach Bonitta knows what he does. I say so- we've 8/9 very good players, which playing on high level and others players are a secret weapon from Marco Bonitta :D

    Italy (alphabetical) :win::

    Taismary Aguero, Sara Anzanello, Jenny Barazza (I hope so and I'll keep my fingers crossed for she), Leo Lo Bianco, Paola Croce (L), Stefania Dall' Igna, Antonella Del Core, Simona Gioli, Martina Guiggi, Paola Paggi, Francesca Piccinini and Manuela Secolo


    Carol, Fabi (L), Fabiana, Fofão, Jaqueline, Mari, Natália, Paula, Sassá, Sheilla, Thaisa, Walewska


    Arredondo, Barros, Calderon, Carrillo, Herrera, Gonzales, Mesa, Ortiz (L), Ramirez, Ruiz, Sanchez, Santos,


    Akulova, Alimova, Borodakova, Gamova, Godina, Kosheleva, Kryuchkova (L), Merkulova, Safronova, Sedova, Sheshenina, Sokolova,


    Ah Mow-Santos, Berg, Bown, Busse, Davis (L), Haneef-Park, Hunter, Joines, Klineman, Metcalf, Nnamani, Tom

    Is there a Polish singer who songs in English?

    The Delgados were the band from Scotland (formed in 1994/ disbanded, unfortunately ;( , in 2005; music genre- Indie rock).
    Mecano were the band from Spanien ( years active- 1981-1993, 1998, they play also not together :( ; m.g.- new wave, synthpop)
    Kate Havnevik is a Norwegian singer (m.g.- Electronica/Alternative/Pop), Sia is an Australian pop singer, Jemma Griffiths- Jem is from UK (folk, pop, rock), Ana Torroja is Spanish vocalist (a singer of the trio Mecano), Fluke- the band from UK (techno, house), Mono is a British pop duo, Tegan and Sara Quin (twin from Canada) playing folk pop, indie pop. :whistle:
    Only Nosowska, Stankiewicz and Preisner are a Polish singer. [ if you want, I can you send mp3]

    Tegan and Sara have played in Munich (Backstage- 07.03.2008) a brilliant concert :thumbup: (I just want back in your head :whistle: ).
    Jem wrote on the website "I won't say any more as I want it to be a delicious surprise for you all, just hoping to get you as excited as I am about the release! It'll be dropping end of summer so keep your eyes and ears open"-I like suprise, well I will wait to summer